Love letter to Raffe (Angelfall by Susan Ee)


Those YA heroes know how to bring us to our knees, so of course we have a few Character Love Letters to those younger book boyfriends. Laura from Little Read Riding Hood is about to convince us all of her love for Raffe from Susan Ee’s Angelfall.

Angelfall by Susan EeDearest Raffe,

When I first saw you, fighting with the other angels, I thought you are a god compared to them. I mean it took five of them to take you down! I tried to run out there to help you once your wings were cut, but that stupid crying bitch Penryn got to you first. Something about her sister being taken, I am not sure, I was focused on you. I followed you, and by default her, to the office building where she kept you trapped. I don’t know why you allowed her to keep you tied up, when you could have easily broken free. It’s almost like you have a soft spot for her.

I followed you all the way to the resistance camp, where I blended in with the other occupants. I kept a close eye on you from the kitchens. I was so worried they would find out what you are! I was ready to set that place on fire when you left, with HER. I lost you after that. But I never forgot you. I hope you are OK, and SHE is … not. I heard there was an explosion somewhere in the west, and I can only hope SHE was there.

Because then we would be together.

Because I love you.

Because we are meant to be.

Love, Laura

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5 Responses to “Love letter to Raffe (Angelfall by Susan Ee)”

  1. Angela says:

    Oh yes, Raffe please come back soon – it’s been too long. We might need to send this letter to Susan Ee’s publisher πŸ™‚

  2. guifresh says:

    Great news to see Raffe come back πŸ™‚

  3. Lee says:

    Great letter (though it feels a little scary, too)! LOL! I haven’t read this one but Raffe sounds like someone I need to get to know. If that’s ok with you, Laura! πŸ˜‰

  4. Colleen says:

    Seems like I have been waiting FOREVER for Raffe to return. Is there a date?

  5. Laura says:

    πŸ™‚ thanks folks! I can get a little … possessive … over my men. Last I heard book 2 is actually due out late summer/early fall. AND IT IS BEING MADE INTO A MOVIE. I am nervous and excited.

    If you haven’t met Raffe, you need to read Angelfall. It is the first book I re-read within a week. It is amazing.

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