Love letter to Terrible (Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series)


The VBC team has made no secret of our love for Terrible from Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series. Tough guy with heart? So there. It was hard to let anyone else write about the guy who gives us a case of Terrible Fever, but if we took all the book boyfriends Character Love Letters would be a bit boring. We’ve entrusted Jennifer from The Book Nympho to do our man justice. You approve, aye?

Catch Terrible FeverDear Terrible,

Let me lay some knowledge on ye. Ain’t no one can pull on my heart strings or panties harder than you, aye. With your strong and silent vibe you can say more with your eyes and actions than anyone of the fools on the Downside streets could say with all their chatter.

When I first saw you in Unholy Ghosts I thought who the fuck is this rockabilly street thug. See you may come off a thug only good for putting the hurt on people, but you’ve got a heart under there. And while you might not be a pretty boy like some other guys on the other side of Downside you are raw sex and power wrapped up in a tall, dark and sexy package that works.

Just thinking about that package in all its proportional size to your 6’4″ powerhouse of a body just makes me all kinds of high. I don’t need no pills to make me happy, all I need is a little time with my Terrible and all would be right-up.

Any dame would be lucky to call you her guy. So give me a ring-up some time and I’ll make it worth your while.

Forever yours,
Jennifer aka The Book Nympho

13 Responses to “Love letter to Terrible (Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series)”

  1. I love Terrible so hard! The wait for the novella is KILLING ME!!

  2. Alison Robinson says:

    BTW I love Terrible too, wish he’d call me Allie babes

  3. LOVE TERRIBLE!! Nice letter Jennifer! 🙂 I love the way you talk Downside. haha!

    I’m guessing that first fool is SPAM! -_-

  4. Laura says:

    Hell yes. Jen you do Terrible right up proud. I dig.

  5. Thanks!

    I thought the fool she was talking about was Jen (Red Hot Books). LOL

  6. You can’t see me right now, Jennifer, but I am giving you the finger.

  7. Angela says:

    Great letter. Love Terrible so so much :-X

  8. I was also super confused by Jenese’s comment. Thought she was talking about Jen too, LMAO!

    You guys know I love me some Terrible, right up! I’ll always be his any times he wants me!

  9. That was great Jennifer! LMAO, you got the lingo down!

  10. kitlina says:

    :)) that was great, I also have Terrible Fever, way to hot for me, please land me some ice, or some liquid nitrogen :)))) that would be better 😛
    that letter rocked

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