Love letter to Vlad (Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress & Night Prince series)


From VBC: I’ve always had a thing for Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series, but our new reviewer Candace is all about Vlad. She’s not alone. The guy’s getting his own spinoff series and, I must admit, I’m excited to see him in the hero role, too. Read on as Candace lets the historic vampire know just how she feels.

Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost (Night Prince #1)My Darling Vlad,

I’m writing you in regards to the talk we had. The book that is coming out this year, Once Burned by the lovely and quite talented Jeaniene Frost. She depicts you as having another female in your life. Leila. Blah. While this hurts deeply, we both hold Jeaniene in high regard and can’t blame her for writing a book about you. That horrid Stoker fellow did not do you justice, not that I am in any way making a reference to you with the word Dracula. Never that. I know better.

I’m so very sorry that so much attention has been paid to the street peasant. But really, my love, if Jeaniene hadn’t written an account of Bones and his love Cat, the Reaper, she wouldn’t have written you, and the world would not be aware of how incredibly sexy you are. On second thought, the world better damned well not be fully aware of that. Your sexiness is my little secret. And yes, I promise I took the video off of YouTube.

June will be a busy month for us. We’ll have to meet in secret as all the little Tepesh lover wannabes will come out of the wood works. Don’t worry, I have plenty of distractions for them. I’ve left plenty of copies of One Foot in the Grave in the woods around your house, so they can be distracted by Chapter 32. I’ve left sticky notes in all the books so the little heathens can find it easily enough. No copies of At Grave’s End though. I want you (and your introduction into the Night Huntress series) all to myself.

I’m not entirely happy about sharing you with others, mind you, but if Night Huntress fans are interested in chatting up the others (Bones, Cat, Mencheres, Spade, Ian, etc., etc.), then they are more than welcome to join the forum at Frost Fans. As long as they understand that you are mine.

I’m heading to the airport now and boarding a plane, fully loaded up on iron-supplements. Yes, I’ve been eating my leafy greens too. Just make sure your fangs are sharp and be ready when I tap on the dragon door knockers.

Eternally Yours,

12 Responses to “Love letter to Vlad (Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress & Night Prince series)”

  1. CdnMrs says:

    As if anyone if brave enough to even look sideways at Vlad when Candace is in the vicinity.

  2. I fucking love you, Candace! If not for your epic awesome love letter, I might challenge you in a duel. However, I am quite sure that Vlad is enough man for us both. I will play nice and look away when asked…lol

  3. Mel says:

    LOL Love the letter Candace!! You keep Vlad, I’ll keep Bones ~.^

  4. China Doll says:

    That message was sooo devilishly sweet.

  5. JamieLeaM says:

    You crack me up! Anyone worth their wits will not challenge you. I find it hilarious you mention chapter 32 and leaving the books around his house as a distraction. You are fabulous lol.

  6. ForeverReading1 says:

    I LMAO you’re so cute! Lady you’ve got it bad! The letter was disturbing obsessive and sweet, but no worries, I don’t think anyone will challenge you over Dracula, oh and bring back the YouTube video, it is quite a treat to see a sexy vamp promote depends.:)

  7. wont says:

    Candace: Nice. It’s good to stake a claim early. However, I’m more than a bit miffed at no mention at who’s knee you learned the art of possession and protecting what’s yours. Sniff.

  8. Kathy Nigro says:

    I love Vlad and want him all to myself. He’s so hot and a great personality. I’m looking forward to reading this book. Him and I will be up all night long.

  9. Candace says:

    My sincerest apologies, Wont, for not giving you credit. But I did mention Mencheres and that has to count for something, right?

    Ash, you made me cackle with that comment.

    Isn’t June going to be fun? Once Burned will be out in just over 3 months and I can not wait!

  10. Stephanie says:

    What she doesn’t realize is that when she has wifely or motherly duties to perform, Vlad is with me. Let’s see how long it takes her to break out the rocket launcher! I just love yanking her chain!

  11. KaylaBoo says:

    Dear Candace, I am formally telling you that I am declaring war against you for Vlad. I may be short and only 15, but I will not let a man like that slip from my fingers into a gooey little trap set by a black widow. Come and get me little princess. I dare you.

    So says the darkness’s lover. Farewell fellow lovers of Jeaniene Frost. Until next time.

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