Love letter to Zsadist (J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood)


From VBC: It’s Valentine’s Day, and since my favorite book boyfriend is Zsadist, we’re talking about him today. I like ’em broody and conflicted. Out of the kindness of my heart (and my woefully full schedule), I agreed to let Louise borrow Zsadist for the day in the name of Character Love Letters. In her love letter to the scarred Black Dagger Brotherhood member, she’ll remind you why he’s a constant favorite and just what draws us to him. She may also offer herself up as a replacement for Bella. To which I say, you know, Z could like blondes, too.

Zsadist from JR Ward's Black Dagger BrotherhoodDear Zsadist:

*pets pretty picture of Z, lovingly tracing my name across his chest*

My love for you is well known among my peeps, but many don’t understand the attraction. I mean, I’m cheerful and almost perky… with the exception of mornings, which doesn’t count. And you are… *bites lip and tries to find an appropriate, not hurtful word* well, sometimes you are a wee bit grumpy, and it can hide the utterly squishable teddy bear you really are inside. So I think it’s time to explain all the things I love about you.

From your first appearance in Dark Lover and your oh, so succinct suggestion to Wrath that he, er… slow his roll, your inner bad boy was showing, and like a moth to a flame I was drawn in. I loved how you refused to explain yourself when you were accused of doing the unthinkable. There is something incredibly sexy about a male who refuses to cave to others’ opinion of him. It takes a great deal of strength to stand firm and be sure of yourself when everyone you care about constantly doubts you. And you are such a good sport, not rubbing anyone’s *cough* Wrath’s *cough* nose in the fact that they were completely wrong about you.

Then in Lover Eternal, when your past rears its ugly head in the tomb, your refusal to be party to hurting one of your brothers, your desire to never see anyone else suffer what you had. *sniffles* The care you showed Rhage, staying with him and singing to calm him. Your kind heart showed through. And though you are *makes overly dramatic air quotes* rumored to be a woman hater, in truth you show all of the shellans respect from the moment you see they are true to their males. They have your loyalty just as surely as your brothers do. *thinks Wrath should put that in a taco and munch on it*

In Lover Awakened you underwent a total transformation, becoming the male you were always meant to be. Bella is perfect for you. *grumbles about super model pretty vamps getting all the hotties* She challenges you to step outside the dark little world you’ve become so comfortable in, dares you to build a life, to do more than just exist. And you accept the challenge with your usual charm and grace. *shakes head, recalling the skank-tastic bimbo in the alley and your suggestion that Bella hook up with your twin*

Over time your actions make it clear that you are a true male of worth. But in the beginning I think it was a little less clear that your continual use of the F bomb was just your way of saying ‘Hi!’ and ‘Have a nice day!’ Though those of us who loved you from the beginning always understood the Z speak.

Hugs and kisses and oodles of snuggles,

Your most devoted female fan… who just happens to be a blue-eyed brunette perfectly willing to wear heels high enough to make her almost 6’ tall should Bella ever find herself unable to fulfill any of her shellan-y duties,

Between the Covers

Haven’t met Zsadist?
What are you waiting for?! As Louise mentions above, you first meet Zsadist in the first Black Dagger Brotherhood novel, Dark Lover. It’s in Lover Awakened that you’ll truly fall for this vampire antihero.

11 Responses to “Love letter to Zsadist (J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood)”

  1. Oh, Lou! I love it! Poor conflicted Z. His book still kills me dead every time I read it. *sniffle*
    Love the letter. Love, love, love it!

  2. Ning says:

    I love your letter. Poor Z. I can’t wait to read his book again in my DBD catch-up lol

    My TT


  3. *sighs and sniffles too” Z is my favourite of all the brothers, your letter just reminded me I havent re-read Lover Awakened for ermmmm about a month now, so must dash…

  4. ohhhh perfect letter to Z #heartshim he’s up there with my favourites, i adore ADORE his book. Father Mine broke my heart and made me gushy with love all at the same time. t

  5. Lilian (Wicked Leel) says:

    I always knew Z was a huggable teddy bear. *whipes tears from a LOL moment reading this letter*.

    Z is not my book boyfriend (Vishous is my loverboy), but I gotta respect the guy. He’s unique on his own way. And in a certain way, I love him too. He’s authentic. *smiles*

    Loved this book character idea! ^^

  6. Bearsy: YES!!!! Father Mine is so swoon worthy it is ridiculous!

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