Palate cleanser, anyone?

Coming Undone by Lauren Dane

Some nights you just need a good contemporary romance. And boys with tattoos.

As an avid reader, I’ve been known to fall into a reading rut every now and then. Sometimes a great new book (hint hint) will put me back into book-devour mode. But it isn’t always about a rut. There are times when I find myself reading several books in a row with similar tone (dark, dark, dark) or with so much sexy I stop blushing when hitting something really graphic. When those things happen, I need a palate cleanser.

I need a reading experience that is nothing like my current string of books. I need something I might not review for this blog (it happens!). I need something that gives me a mental break.

For me, novellas often end up being my quick escape. I use them to give my mind a break from the dark or sexy or dark and sexy overload. Maybe I read a shifter story from Vivi Andrews, get my fae royalty on with Julie Kagawa or even dip into a contemporary romance from Lauren Dane (love her).

A quick refresher read helps me get back on track with that towering to be read and reviewed pile in my office. Last night I read a contemporary romance novella. (I know!) Tonight I’m eager to dive into a novel full of werewolves (to review for this blog).

Am I alone here, readers? Hit the comments and let me know if you need a palate cleanser every now and then. Does it work to break you from a reading funk? And if you have a go-to refresher read, please let me know. I’m always eager to add to the list.

13 Responses to “Palate cleanser, anyone?”

  1. Sooz says:

    I’m with you. I usually will read some UF or PNR and then cleanse it with a light hearted historical romance, or vice versa. However, sometimes I have to read some Harlan Coben or Michael Connelly to really mix it up!

  2. CdnMrs says:

    Absolutely! I reach for the historical romance when PNR and UF leave me feeling moody.

  3. Jillian B says:

    I recently hit my first reading rut. but it was more like, I kept reading mediocre books, and i just didn’t get excited about them. Then i tapped into Julie kagawa’s The Immortal Rules and forgot how much I love reading exciting books! I haven’t tried changing genres (I know what I like and I stick with it) but maybe I should since it’s so hard to find epic books. *shrug* it’ll only hurt my bank account to try =p

  4. Gwen says:

    I try to shift genres every three books but I do get stuck in a rut sometimes as well. I love reading Lindsay Buroker when this happens. She is able to write an intersting story but keep it light at the same time. I have yet to find a writer like her.Re-reading some old favorites always helps as well.

  5. Dianne says:

    I do this as well – usually I turn to a YA book as the palate cleanser since they are always fast reads and there are so many great ones out these days.

  6. KieraPSI says:

    I usually go for one of the Janet Evanovich series when I need the “palate cleanser”. A good laugh with Stephanie Plum and Grandma Mazur is especially fun.

  7. Viki S. says:

    I have to admit I read about 90% paranormal but it is nice the throw in a different genre every once in a while. I really like this quick little mystery Aunt Dimity series. It’s fun.

  8. Hannah says:

    I completely agree! Otherwise it’s impossible to distinguish between worlds and stories aren’t fully appreciated. For me it’s a straightforward mystery set in Alaska.

  9. Romantic Suspense by Shiloh Walker, Cynthia Eden or Contemporary Romance by Carolyn Brown, Megan Hart or Historical Romance by Paula Quinn those are good palate cleansers to get me back in the groove of enjoying my steady diet of Paranormal reading.

  10. JenM says:

    I don’t consciously pick palate cleansers, but I switch pretty frequently between UF, PNR, historical, and contemporary romance, so I never get bogged down in any one genre.

  11. Book Huntress says:

    Too funny that this is your post today because I am the midst of having to do this in a BIG way right now. I have been immersed in Special Forces, a series by Alekandr Voinov, it was very much an all consuming read, especially since I did all 3 books back-to-back. (I highly recommend it, especially since it is free(!) on his site)

    Typically I can change genre (PNF to UF or YA) or world with little issue, or do a reread to pull myself out but I couldn’t even think about what I should do next, I picked up V’s book last night thinking I could go easily in the BDB world, and although it was good still not sure it has pulled me all the way out yet. I may need to just do something lite…

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