Poll: Favorite Vampire Academy book?


With so many readers participating in the Vampire Academy series re-read challenge, we’ve been talking about Richelle Mead’s young adult series more than usual. Yesterday, we chatted with a few of you on Twitter about favorite lines from the series and the like, but we were surprised when more than one person said they aren’t looking forward to re-reading Blood Promise, the fourth book.

Blood Promise (Vampire Academy #4)This was crazy, as it’s our favorite book in the series (actually one of our favorite novels all together). We get that Blood Promise is intense. (SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU HAVE YET TO READ BLOOD PROMISE.) It’ll make you cry. Then, you’ll be angry and want to throw the book. Then it gets your hopes up, and it dashes them. Blood Promise is everything that’s excellent about Mead’s writing. The emotional intensity is in direct correlation to our connection to Rose, the protagonist. We love her. We really love Dimitri. And watching her battle to save him, then herself from him is gut-wrenching.

All Mead’s novels provoke those visceral reactions, and it’s why she remains on our favorite authors list. We can only imagine what she has in store for us in the final Vampire Academy installment Last Sacrifice.

Your turn: Tell us which Vampire Academy novel is your favorite?

5 Responses to “Poll: Favorite Vampire Academy book?”

  1. Nachtangel says:

    This was really tough for me to decide, I chose Blood Promise in the end, but it was really close between that and Vampire Academy, and really out of all of them I’m not looking forward to reading 2&3 (3 more than 2 of course) cause they’re the sad ones!! Reading Frostbite at the moment and I kinda just want to not read it so that what happens doesn’t happen, and I’m sure I’ll be the same with Shadow Kiss XD

  2. moroiangel says:

    Everyone says that me and my best friend are exactly like Rose and Lissa. Thats why i like the first book so much. It really shows the meaning of our friendship. Most of the other books just show me floating farther off to Christian and Rose floating farther to Guardian Belikov and my wonderful(completely sarcastic) cusin Adrian. I just don’t like the thought of Rose and I tearing apart.

  3. BelikovLove says:

    This was such an easy choice for me. Shadow Kiss has always ben my favourite! It really shows Rose’s and Dimitri’s relationship in it and the ending was spectacular!

  4. DaNa says:

    my favourite is Spirit Bound cause I’m team ivashkov and my lovely Moroi apears more in that one XD jajaj and i lovee the quotes of that book , from the adicted Adrian’s personality to the imaginary conversation between Rose and Dimitri in her trials =D

  5. darcy hyatt says:

    Rose is in red
    But never in blue
    Shes sharp as a thorn
    And fights like one too


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