Poll: Help us select the September group read


With the Crimson Moon chat scheduled for tomorrow night (you’re joining us, right?), we’re ready to make the call for September’s group read.

The shortlist contains five series openers — two adult, three YA. This month we’re flashing to oft recommended series that we find many haven’t read yet. No more excuses!

Vote in the poll below to help us select the September group read. Choice will be announced at the end of Tuesday’s chat.

2 Responses to “Poll: Help us select the September group read”

  1. Nachtangel says:

    The Sweet Scent of Blood sounds good to me 🙂 and its avaliable on amazon.co.uk which is even better, I just double checked Crimson Moon by the way and they’ve got it as a Kindle download but not as a book to buy yet, but that’s still progress! (and I think my Dad has one so I could possibly borrow it XD)

  2. Mardel says:

    Wow – it was a toss up between The Sweet Scent of Blood and Magic Bites. Oh, my god – I loved both of them – quite a bit. And as debut novels – BOTH of them kicked ass.

    I voted for The Sweet Scent of Blood – great book.

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