Preparing for J.R. Ward’s Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood #9)


2011 Winter Book Preview: Vampire Book ClubWe’ve been powering through the Black Dagger Brotherhood series here the last few weeks. It’s excellent paranormal romance with a thrilling blend of romance, action and fantasy world-building.

Lover Unleashed, the ninth book in J.R. Ward’s series of warrior vampires, will be released on March 29, 2011, and we’re pretty sure we’ll love it. As a matter of fact, you might want to just go add it to your Goodreads to-read shelf now. (We’ll wait.)

Instead of just giving you the synopsis of the upcoming book, we want to talk about the men of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Oh yes.

Zsadist tops our list of favorites. The scary, powerful and dangerous brother who only makes himself vulnerable to his female makes us swoon.

Which brother or warrior (some of the series story lines focus on warriors who are not members of the Brotherhood) tops your BDB book boyfriend list? Vote in the poll below and then comment and tell us why.

21 Responses to “Preparing for J.R. Ward’s Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood #9)”

  1. Cindy McCune says:

    I love the BDB…love, love, love Rhage! Who wouldn’t love a man who could morph into a dragon and EAT the bad guys *burp* }:)

  2. Tracey D says:

    Wrath used to be my favorite until I read Z’s story, then he became my favorite. Z has such a tortures soul and I just felt sorry for him.

    Phury got on my nerves, he’s my least favorite so far! LOL

    I am behind on two books, though, so I need to catch up.

  3. I am a newbie here so I should introduce myself,( why in a black dagger thread? ) Because since I started reading books for pleasure about 2 years ago I have read almost 400 books. I started with Twilight and from there went to Black Dagger, talk about trading up, it was like trading in a schwinn bicycle with a banana seat for a fully dressed out Electoglide Harley !! JR Ward is still my all time fav and Zadist is the beast that makes all of us beauties fall for him.I cried so many times in Lover Awakened and Father Mine I thought I was going to have to invest in Kleenex stock. My favorite Zadist line is in the very first book.

    “The front door swung open, and Zsadist strode into the house.
    Wrath glared. “Nice of you to show up, Z. Busy tonight with the females?”
    “How about you get off my dick?”
    — J.R. Ward (Dark Lover)

    I have never joined a book club before and am looking forward to exchanging thoughts and even drools with all of you and yes I do design canopy beds for a living. I am a true romantic at heart. Dee

  4. Kathy says:

    My favorite brother is Vishous, and although they are all yummy, my favorite book has to be Lover Avenged about Rehvenge. Wow…talk about unconditional love and acceptance. I think what makes this series to good is that each of the heros and heroins are each vulnerable in their own way…much like we non fictional folks are.

  5. Tia says:

    I am so glad that this book is finally coming out.
    Not saying that I haven’t enjoyed the other serious J.R. Ward has written, they just haven’t had the same impact on me as the Black Dagger Brotherhood has.

  6. Asheeka says:

    I love all of her books. She is literary CRACK!!! I am a teacher and I look forward to my time with these books. I can’t wait for the new book!!!

  7. Allie says:

    Lol, literary crack is exactly how I would describe her too! She is by far one of my favorite authors, and has yet to disappoint with a book!

  8. Holly says:

    I am in total agreement with you Ladies, I LOVE THIS SERRIES! =) I’ve been re-reading the serries because I can’t find anything else that even comes close to her writing style or anything as captivating. Can’t wait for the next book! I’ve read her other stuff as well; can anyone suggest another serries that can at least come close to BDB? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  9. LaToya says:

    So I never heard of J.R Ward until I was in the book section in Wal-Mart and a lady was in my way and of course I said excuse me to get by she was reading another book standing in the aisle. Well I asked her what she was reading and she told me (another author) and I asked her what it was about and she responded “You wouldn’t like this book, it’s about vampires.” I was like I LOVE books like that. Her whole attitude changed, and she told me about the BDB series and guess what my local library had all the books!! YAY!!!! Since January 31, 2011 I have read all of them…well I’m reading Lover Mine right now. I can’t wait for the new one to come out!!! Also I broke down and bought the box set and got my best friend to buy it also. She is waiting for hers in the mail so she can start to read them. She wants me to tell her what happens in the first book, but I’m making her wait!!lol

  10. Stacy Lynn says:


  11. Sirius Salvatore says:

    i read twilight and then then i found the black dagger brotherhood and itsmy favorite and best vampire series that ive ever found my favorite is Vishous hes brilliant and ruthless

  12. vndpls says:

    BDB is the best Vampire series that I have read so far.

    If you want another vampire series that is good, try this series. Nothing is going to be as good as BDB, but the Midnight breed series by Lara Adrian was very good.


    There are 9 books in this series so far.

    Very good…

  13. pgrose2001 says:

    I don’t know I can’t make a choice I love them all and if not for their “shellans” well you know lol. I can not choose a fave nor would I want to because they all go through so much and bring so much to the table it just would’nt be right.

  14. teresa says:

    I absolutely love the black dagger brotherhood series. I have been waiting for this new book since i finished book 8. When i finished the first book about Wrath i was hooked and read all the others (very quickly) and passed them on to 3 of my friends. I got them hooked as well.

  15. babychicky14 says:

    OMFG THERE AREE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THE PURE AMAZINESS THAT ARE THE BROTHERS!!! lolz Rhage is my absolute favorite aong with JM before he changed and Qhuinn and Blaylock they are my comic relief hahaha but Revs book was my absolute fav book he just soo unique like all the brothers and his story is soo amazing!! gosh at a loss for words JUST ALL OF THEM ARE AMAZING I GET TO GET LOVER UNLEASHED THIS WEEKEND!!1 WHOHOO cant wait for Payne and Manny!!!

  16. Savannah :) says:

    JR Ward is probably my all-time favorite author but another paranormal writer who is Amazing is Kresley Cole. She does write about more than just vampires but you get used to it. Also let’s be honest, we our vampires/other lore creatures hot and she’s pretty good at accomplishing that 🙂 I like series, not just random books and she keeps it together but different. You should deffinently check her out! 🙂
    Kresley Cole: the immortals after dark series
    First book in series: A Hunger Like No Other

  17. Yaoigirl says:

    Vishous – Because he is HOT and bisexual like John Matthew’s personal guard (would have picked him if he had been listed). Modern authors need to stick close to J.R. Ward’s ground breaking trail by including all sexual orientations in there books. Makes for cooler alpha men and hotter scenes!

  18. sana khan says:

    i am so crazy about vampires i read almost all authors then i discovered j.r ward and i havent turned back since i love the chemistry and the loyalty and possessiveness the brotherhood has for each other and their shellans… since im an insomniac i love reading these books over and over again in the dark and dream what it would be like to be the center of that kind of attention. frankly miss ward u are making me raise my standards in men and i must say they were already high lol 🙂 love them all please dont stop writing

  19. Rita says:

    I needed something new to read and a co worker told me to read this book called “Dark Lover” by Jr Ward. Being that I have great affection for vampires..LOL.. I decided to give it a chance. That was back in April and I just finished “Lover Unleashed” I also read the novella “Father Mine” I tried reading another book in between and that didn’t last long as I began reading one right after the other. I am currently in withdrawl. AND I loveee Z!

  20. Shanice Littlejohn says:

    I must say, Rehvenge was my favorite. Something about how much of a bad boy he is. Plus what girl wouldn’t want to be the first one to give a guy his first hard on and orgasm! on top of that, he cares so much for his family and friends its amazing that such a hard guy cud be so compassionate.
    He is the ultimate of everything that I want in a man… JR Watd hit the mark on everything, from the nature of all of the vampires, to the way the males love their females all the way down to the amazing sex that we all wish we could have but know will never happen unless we find ourselves a vishous, rehvenge, phury, or john matthew… GOD! why can’t men like that really exist???


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