PSA: There is help for your True Blood Withdrawal


Because this was just too clever to not share, we give you HBO’s latest PSA promoting the TBWithdrawal.com site (and, in conjunction, the season 4 premiere on Sunday, June 26.):

And don’t forget to join us in the June group read of Charlaine Harris’ Dead to the World, the novel on which season 4 is based.

8 Responses to “PSA: There is help for your True Blood Withdrawal”

  1. Oh that’s brilliant!

  2. Denise Z says:

    Thanks for making me chuckle and smile.

  3. Smash Attack says:

    Love it! Why the hell is there no Eric? 🙂 There was plenty of Joe though. 🙂

  4. Dugasvitale says:

    LOVE IT!!! And a little upset that Eric isn’t in it!!!

  5. Joani S says:

    That was great, but I can’t believe there was no Eric!!

  6. Natalia says:

    Haha. That was really good. I like how they still do other things for the fans. It really nice. (: (: (:

  7. Sonya Clark says:

    I’ve never heard Jason Stackhouse speak in his native accent before – that was awesome!

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