Read a line from Crimson Sunrise, more exclusives from J.A. Saare


Last night, author J.A. Saare joined us for our Crimson Moon chat on Twitter (#VBC01). While we talked about that book — including how the love scene at the quarry wasn’t in the original manuscript (gasp!) — we convinced her to give up some tidbits on what’s in store for Emma, Caleb and Trent in the sequels.

Saare first told us that Crimson Sunrise begins “right after Crimson Moon ends (4 weeks later) and Emma and Caleb are planning time alone. But when Sammie goes missing, Caleb is forced to leave Emma with his parents while he travels to Miami to investigate.”

She then revealed there is a whole chapter in book 2 written from Caleb’s perspective. An excerpt from that chapter:

“Emma. The mere resonance of her name in my mind, those two syllables, changed everything I was.”

What about Trent? We wanted to hate the guy, but ended up feeling bad for him. We like him. Fellow blogger Bells wants to be written into a bedroom scene with him.

On Trent, Saare said, “You’ll learn more about him. There is a confrontation with Emma. It’s brutal, harsh, and was hell to write.”

As we all suspected/hoped, Emma will have to choose if she wants to become a vampire or a werewolf in book 2 Crimson Sunrise. Plus, in the third installment Crimson Sunset, which Saare is currently penning, we’ll find female wolves challenging Emma and Caleb’s bond.

To recap in Saare’s own words:

So as for surprises, you can expect more Trent, a missing Sammie, Caleb on a mission, problems with Sarah & Derek and a lot of changes.

Need more from J.A. Saare? Her novel Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between is a hit with several Vampire Book Club readers. Also, she promises to keep everyone up-to-date on releases and new works via her website.

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  1. J.A. Saare says:

    Thank you again for all your support, for hosting my book, for having the chat — everything. It’s been amazing and I’ve had a wonderful time sharing!

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