Readers’ Choice Nominations for Best Book of 2018 + Giveaway!


Tell Us Your Favorite Books!Is November flying by for everyone else? It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. on Thursday, and it caught me by surprise. (I mean, yay turkey and pie, but also where did November go?) If it’s already the third week of November, then it’s almost Christmas, which means it’s almost time for VBC’s annual list of the Best Books of 2018.

We need your help, though. Which books would you put on the list? Our editorial team will still narrow our picks to the ultimate top 10, but we’ll include the title that gets the most votes from readers on the list, too. Now is the time for you to help recommend the best read of 2018 to everyone.

…and you guys know by now I can’t resist a reason for a giveaway. So of course our nominations come with a side of winning stellar books.

Using the Rafflecopter form below, submit your picks—up to three—for the Best Book of 2018. Two notes:

  1. Yes, this needs to be a book published in this calendar year. (As in between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2018.)
  2. No, I don’t care if you pick a book coming out in December.
  3. There is a separate field for each book. #ProTip

The extra fun part of nominating your favorite books? Every person who nominates books will get entered to win this stellar series-starter VBC prize pack complete with:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

27 Responses to “Readers’ Choice Nominations for Best Book of 2018 + Giveaway!”

  1. Kelsey Cooper says:

    If there was a 4th nomination spot it would have to be Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas

  2. Mel says:

    Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews, Shades of Wicked by Jeaniene Frost, and Blood Fury by J.R. Ward were my top three new releases of 2018.

  3. Heather D says:

    That was hard. Pick just 3. Ugh!

  4. Bradley Franklin Mason says:

    I picked Magic Triumphs, Iron and Magic by Ilona Andrews, a long with Shades of Wicked by Jeanine Frost.

  5. Nemisha Khosa says:

    This year has been really good!..by the way sorry! I posted all the three names in the first nomination – my first nomination was Archangel’s Prophecy by Nalini Singh. Thanks!

  6. Beth C. says:

    I had one I was ready to nominate – then realized it doesn’t come out until next year. *sad face*

  7. Pam Gramlisch says:

    Thanks for giving us advance notice.

  8. Liz S says:

    Tough call. So many good books to choose from. Thanks for the contest and Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Kristan says:

    I need to read more books that came out this year!

  10. Rohnie Sullivan says:

    Jeaniene Frost Shades of Wicked

  11. Sherri Reynolds says:

    So hard to choose just 3 books!

  12. Eva Millien says:

    I read lots of great books this year, so it was a very tough decision. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Jana Leah says:

    This was tough. So many great books!

  14. Laura Lovejoy- Brunk says:

    There are a ton of books i know should be on your list, i just havent had the chance to read them….yet!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Only 3! That was rough.

  16. Betul says:

    It wasn’t that hard to nominate my top three.

  17. Chris Bails says:

    Shades of Wicked by Jeaniene Frost was great. Lots of great books thus year. Can’t wait for next year

  18. Charlie says:

    It was tough to only pick three. Lots of good books this year!

  19. Reese says:

    I thought it’s be easier, but I went back and forth a while over the 3rd book, because there were 2 very deserving ones and I just couldn’t decide!

  20. Donna Bossert says:


  21. Dawn Roberto says:

    So many really good ones came out this year so choosing three was sooo difficult. lol

  22. Pam James says:

    Love Undercover by LK Shaw, Rocked by Theresa Hissong and Ronan by Teresa Gabelman. Picking only three is hard….

  23. Aliyah says:

    So many awesome books, never enough nomination squares! There are a few on the giveaway list I have not read. Can’t wait until the Christmas break to read all the books!

  24. Shannon says:

    There were so many good books this year that it was hard to choose!

  25. Jennifer says:

    It was tough picking just 3. Thanks for the giveaway chance. Can’t wait to see what books make the list.

  26. Nikki Pearce says:

    Loved Ronan. The Protectors book 11 by Teresa Gabelman
    Forbidden secrets by Teresa Gabelman

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