Reading Binge: Serengeti Shifters by Vivi Andrews


Serengeti Heat by Vivi AndrewsLast weekend it was gross outside in North Texas. It was rainy and humid and, generally, gloomy. Basically, it was a weekend of prime reading weather. After I’d finished Archangel’s Blade on Friday night I wanted something new and short.

There are times when novellas are a good thing. I thought I’d have a couple hours at most to read, and really wanted something I could finish that quickly. I enjoyed another short I read by Vivi Andrews before, and decided to give her Serengeti Shifters series a try. The novellas (around 80 pages each) are hot paranormal romance with lion shifters finding their mates and dealing with their emotional hangups in the process.

I finished the first one, Serengeti Heat, in about an hour and just kept downloading the next one and the next one to my Kindle. Really, the immediate gratification of instant purchases on novellas is dangerous. While the first book is still my favorite, I kept enjoying the books. I always appreciate a sexy read with real character development and a strong plot. Serengeti Shifters gave me both.

Usually when I go on a book binge, it’s full-length novels and takes at least a week to make it through. (That happened with Black Dagger Brotherhood and Fever series.) But this novella bender was new for me, and allowed me to devour those books on a long Saturday.

What about you? Do you enjoy novellas? What was your last reading binge?

4 Responses to “Reading Binge: Serengeti Shifters by Vivi Andrews”

  1. Jess F. says:

    I loved ‘Serengeti Heat’ when I read it!! And yes … depending on the price of them … I do enjoy novellas. Since they are a nice quick read that you are able to enjoy for a night.

  2. Hillary says:

    I recently rediscovered novellas and love them. I used to read a novel a day, but am just too busy now. Novels have to wait for the weekend, or I end up with workday narcolepsy (unless they’re really, really good, in which case no force on Earth could make me stop reading). But novellas are perfect for the work week or quick trips. They take no more than an hour and a half to read, and there’s just enough space for some depth, development and convincing surprise.

  3. I love novellas. They’re short and sweet and, if the author does it right, a completely encapsulated little world. <3

    Serengeti Heat was my favorite of the bunch, too. Ava and Landon! Rawr!

  4. Keira says:

    The Edge series by Ilona Andrews was my last binge.

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