Review: A Little Night Magic by Lucy March (Nodaway Falls #1)


A Little Night Magic by Lucy March // VBC ReviewA Little Night Magic (Nodaway Falls #1)
Lucy March
Published: Jan. 31, 2012 (St. Martin’s Griffin)
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Reviewed by: Jannelle

Rating (out of 5): 3.5 stars

Liv is a small-town girl working at the unchanged local diner in Nodaway Falls and hanging out with the same friends she’s known her entire life. Recently, Liv acted on her long-felt attraction toward her best friend, Tobias, and was turned down. In an attempt to shake up her predictable routine and get her mind off of Tobias’ rejection, Liv decides to book a one-way trip to Europe, voicing her belief that she won’t be coming back, as well as a desire to partake in a new experience.

Before she can even start packing though, Liv’s routine is interrupted. Davina Granville, a woman who initially claims to be kind of like her fairy godmother, walks into the diner, sprinkling some fairy dust and sparking Liv’s latent magical powers to life. With the new exposure to the power at her disposal, comes Liv’s natural protective instincts towards residents of Nodaway Falls—longtime family and friends—against those dark forces that reside within it.

The plot in A Little Night Magic wasn’t the fast-paced and action-packed kind I adore, but it was steady moving and constantly evolving into a new story from one revelation to the next. Of course, there is still some action, though in a slightly subtler version of the in-your-face kick-ass heroines I’m used to with other paranormal romance series, as the focus was more on Liv’s life and love life, and less about the world-building.

I loved the tense and somewhat subtle development in Liv and Tobias’ relationship. It was definitely rocky to start and the tension between those two is constantly present and steady throughout the novel. As A Little Night Magic is from Liv’s point of view, it is easy to see the progression of her feelings towards Tobias and how that affects her actions. Tobias, on the other hand, is a mystery and his motives and thoughts are never really shared. I can’t share too much for fear of spoilers, but I feel like there was a lot left unsaid about Tobias and his past, which I am hoping will be touched upon in future installments.

Aside from Tobias, there are many other characters’ backstories that I am hoping will be explored. Liv’s friend, Stacey, was my favorite character in the novel, with her sassy attitude and I’ve-got-nothing-to-hold-back mentality. I’m sad to say that on the flip side of that coin is Peach, who was too one-dimensional and uninteresting if I am completely honest. All-in-all, the character development was fantastic throughout; March did a great job at creating dynamic characters with history, adding to the overall steady-moving plot throughout.

I switched between reading and listening to this, and while I sincerely love Amanda Ronconi as a narrator (she also does Molly Harper’s various series), this wasn’t my favorite of her narrations—I think it was just the male voices that were a problem for me.

Overall, A Little Night Magic was a quick and easy read, dabbling in the paranormal romance genre with a definite contemporary feel. This isn’t the type of book you become soul-deep emotionally invested in; it’s a simple book with an interesting, humorous, and quirky storyline. If you’re coming from contemporary and want to try paranormal romance, A Little Night Magic might be a great pick for you.

Sexual content: sex

2 Responses to “Review: A Little Night Magic by Lucy March (Nodaway Falls #1)”

  1. I enjoyed this. I need to get back to the series and listen to book 2 and now there’s a 3rd book out that I didn’t know about until last week.

  2. Judy says:

    This totally looks like something I could have a good time with. I think I will get it in audio format though, since I already have so much on my reading plate.

    Great review!

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