Review: Archangel’s Viper by Nalini Singh (Guild Hunter #10)


Archangel's Viper by Nalini Singh // VBCArchangel’s Viper (Guild Hunter #10)
Nalini Singh

Published: Sept. 26, 2017 (Berkley)
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Review Source: Copy received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Chelsea

Rating (out of 5): 5 stars

When Archangel’s Enigma hit my Kindle a couple years ago, I was convinced it was my new favorite Guild Hunter book. Naasir was so other, and Andi complemented him so well. Look, Nalini Singh just keeps one-upping herself with each new installment in this series. I didn’t know I needed Venom’s book, but here we are, and Archangel’s Viper is my new favorite Guild Hunter novel. 

We’ve seen Holly in previous books—including the period where she was trying to get everyone to call her Sorrow. She was one of Uram’s victims and was turned by force. She isn’t fully vampire, though. They aren’t sure what was done to her, but her eyes can glow an acidic green and she’s lethal in other, unique ways. She also still needs food in addition to blood. This works as a nice note in Archangel’s Viper, because hot, lethal, vampire cooking for you is pretty enticing. And, shocker, Venom is absolutely doing whatever it takes to take care of his Hollyberry.

There is a strong enemies to lovers trope here, but not in a “let’s kill each other” out the gate way. There’s so much similarity in the way that Holly and Venom are different from the rest of the vampires that they butt heads. He doesn’t give her the same leeway others do. He challenges her constantly, because he isn’t about to use kid gloves. While this riles her, it eventually falls into someone seeing her for who she actually is, someone trusting her, and understanding that her needs are unique. Plus, the banter between these two is downright hilarious.

It’s that banter, and the sharp verbal jabs they constantly throw at one another that evolves into this heady chemistry that seeps from the pages. Even as they’re feeling the pull toward one another, they’re trying to create space, to stop it. Until you have two snake-like vampires who just want to curl up on a sunstone together. I could read a dozen books of Holly and Venom and never get tired of watching the two of them interact. 

The story isn’t just about these two falling in love, though. Like most Guild Hunter tales, we’re solving a crime. In this case, there is a bounty out on Holly and the further we dig into it, the more we learn about her past and her future. Who and what she is. The main plot, Holly’s growth, and the igniting romance between Holly and Venom are woven together with such expertise that each plot balances the other.

If you like the side couple novels in Guild Hunter, be prepared for this to be your new favorite. If you like oodles of chemistry and enemies-to-lovers goodness, this is for you. Understanding the backstory will make this read stronger, but if you’re a newbie to Guild Hunter, I think you could still fall hard and fast for the core romance here. Just know the bigger machinations of the world and the ongoing arc might throw you a bit.

Sexual content: Sex

5 Responses to “Review: Archangel’s Viper by Nalini Singh (Guild Hunter #10)”

  1. AmyM says:

    I’ve been waiting for Venom’s story since Nalini Singh started writing stories for the Seven (beginning with Dimitri’s). Venom is by far my favorite of the Seven and I was so happy with how he and Holly’s story played out. The banter between them was fantastic!

  2. Sarah says:

    This book – I just can’t…words fail me. This is a close competitor to the sheer emotion-dump of Dimitri and Honor’s book and that’s saying something. Way to knock it out of the park AGAIN, Ms. Singh!

  3. Donna Bossert says:

    OMG i can read this series every day an never get tired of it!! I LOVE Venom!! I havent started this yet but I know its going to be amazing! Nalini is Phenomenal!!

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