Review: Beauty and the Bastard by David Bridger


Beauty and the Bastard by David BridgerBeauty and the Bastard
David Bridger
Published: July 19, 2010
Purchase at: Liquid Silver Books

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

David Bridger reminds us of the redeeming power of love in his paranormal romance novella Beauty and the Bastard.

Rebecca is less than pleased about being sent to work for her uncle. Not because she hates the job or her uncle, in fact he’s her favorite. The problem is the demon heiress’ life was threatened by some desert demons after they were run out of Las Vegas by her dad. She thinks she can handle herself and doesn’t see the need for the temporary relocation. When her uncle hires Saul the Bastard as her bodyguard, Rebecca is incensed.

Saul the Bastard is a fallen angel. He takes each day in penance, hoping the next will be the day he’s allowed to return to heaven. To survive he works as a bounty hunter, and while he isn’t much for working with demons or for bodyguard duty, he trusts Rebecca’s uncle and agrees to take the job.

Saul’s so wounded yet full of hope that it is hard for the reader not to feel for him, and it doesn’t take that long until Rebecca feels strongly for the handsome angel. The more time Saul stays protecting her, he finds himself focused on more than just returning to heaven.

Bringing the two together ignites surprising feelings for both sides and reminds us of what it’s like when you find the one.

I have to confess a love/hate relationship with novellas. I love the intensity and the option to read it all in a single sitting without foregoing a night’s sleep. But often I find the book is either all plot with no characterization or so heavy on the character development that an energizing storyline is missing.

Maybe this is why I was so stunned when I finished Beauty and the Bastard. I felt satisfied (and the ending left me happy). A complete tale — with two characters I both connected with and cared about and a strong plot with enough suspense to keep me flipping the pages — was encapsulated in those 59 pages.

Bridger writes love scenes that will warm your heart, and the connection made between Rebecca and Saul feels honest and genuine. It’s hard to ask for more from a romance.

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