Review: Blood Kissed by Keri Arthur (Lizzy Grace #1)


Blood Kissed by Keri Arthur // VBC ReviewBlood Kissed (Lizzy Grace #1)
Keri Arthur
Published: May 9, 2017 (Keri Arthur)
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Reviewed by: Margaret

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Lizzie Grace is the black sheep of a blueblood witch family. She fled her family and the witch establishment at sixteen after her younger sister’s death. Most of the time she denies having any magic abilities at all, claiming to simply be a psychic. She and Belle, her BFF and familiar, have been bouncing around Australia looking for the perfect spot to open a café. They’ve recently landed in Castle Rock, a town within the Faelan werewolf reservation.

In addition to their food and beverage offerings, the Psychic Café specializes in finding lost things, usually keys and family heirlooms, with Lizzie’s psychometry talents. When a new client asks Lizzie to find her missing daughter she tries to refuse, afraid of exposing her magical skills and her real identity, but the money is just too good.

Lizzie finds the girl, but gets drawn in to the hunt for the vampire that took her. Working with the Rangers, the reservation cops, is bad enough. Lizzie’s inexplicably attracted to the head ranger Aidan, who hates witches. But when a vampire’s involved that means calling in the Interspecies Investigation Team. The federal agents are much more likely to recognize her magical abilities and her family heritage.

I love seeing a witch heroine from Keri Arthur! I’ve read four series from her with shifter-hybrid heroines and felt like she was kind of in a rut. I also loved the bond between Lizzie and Belle. They have a Charley and Cookie kind of relationship, which is fun to see. I’m interested in learning more about their history and how their magic works.

I always associate Arthur with sexy urban fantasy, those series that some people try to tell you belong in the romance section because of all the steamy scenes. While Blood Kissed has many familiar elements, like a werewolf love interest, it might be rated PG if not for all the blood. Between Lizzie Grace and her post-apocalyptic Outcast series, which I highly recommend, Arthur’s breaking out of her self-made mold and I couldn’t be happier.

I may have mentioned (about a hundred times) before how much I love a small-town paranormal mystery. Castle Rock has so much potential. I want to know more about the three werewolf packs that share the reservation and the town’s resident vampire. Arthur also leaves an important question unanswered. And there’s this one thing that seems obvious to me, but none of the characters seem to have figured out. I’m excited to see how it all plays out in the next book.

Sexual content: none

4 Responses to “Review: Blood Kissed by Keri Arthur (Lizzy Grace #1)”

  1. Julie says:

    I love Kerri Arthur and picked this up a couple of days ago. I’m looking forward to diving inot it! Thanks for the review.

  2. Alison R says:

    I had stopped reading Keri Arthur because I too thought she had gone a bit ‘rinse and repeat’ but this sounds intriguing … another one to add to the TBR pile

    • Margaret says:

      I really liked City of Light too. Even though it has some of those repetitive elements, the world is so different that it feels fresh.

  3. Amy M says:

    I bought this one as soon as I heard it was available based on the fact that it’s by Keri Arthur and it’s at a really good price.

    I’m happy to read your review and learn that it’s a worth-while read!

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