Review: Demon Ensnared by Jenn Stark (Demon Enforcers #4)

Demon Ensnared by Jenn Stark // VBC Review

Demon Ensnared (Demon Enforcers #4)
Jenn Stark
Published: Nov. 12, 2019 (Elewyn Publishing)
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Review Source: Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for and honest review

Reviewed by: Amy

Rating (out of 5): 3.5 stars

Note: While this book will be spoiler free, it will reference events from its prequel series, if you haven’t yet started check out VBC’s review of Getting Wilde.

Before the Fall, after the Fall, upon becoming a demon and member of the Syx—a demon group of enforcers—Gregori has carried one thing through all iterations of his life: He is an empath. It’s something that he’s kept to himself, and it is also the reason why he prefers his own company to that of his brethren. But on the quest for redemption, when the Archangel Michael gives you a task, you obey.

Gregori’s task leads him to Junior Congresswoman Angela Stanton whose mysterious appointment to a new legislative committee has piqued her interest. But Angela’s life is already full of mystery, including an incident from childhood that she’s managed to block from her memory almost entirely. Despite not knowing why she was chosen, she’s determined to make a positive difference in the world. That is, until she and Gregori find out what’s really lurking beneath the surface.

I’m as surprised as anyone that Demon Ensnared got a 3.5 stars out of me. By the end of the read it was sooooo close to a 4, but looking back there were things that just didn’t fully click for me this time around.

One thing: the relationship. The quickness of the turn of the relationship between Angela and Gregori just happened too fast. I felt like this is one pairing I would have liked it to stretch out a bit. Have more of a slow-burn than insta-attraction.

Another thing, the “bad guy” of the story didn’t have the gut-punch reveal that I felt it should have warranted. Coupled with a slight fogginess on their intent and it felt a bit weak for me.

The strengths however were so close to out weighing the weaknesses.

Gregori and Angela individually are interesting and compelling characters.

I liked the way Jenn Stark acknowledges Angela’s past trauma. How it has affected her and the coping techniques she has put in place in order to keep moving. She grew up to be a strong, intelligent, determined woman, and she has gotten there all on her own merits. With Gregori’s empathic abilities I think it’s safe to assume that he offers her an amount of healing she’s never been able to reach before. At these moments I could feel the lightness of her character, the freeing deep breath she was able to take after so many years.

I loved that Gregori is empathic. He almost has to deal with dual curses in that he’s Fallen, yet also has everyone in his vicinity’s feelings on a non-stop basis. A barrage of happiness, joy, guilt, sadness, anger that he can’t turn off. But it’s also this ability that provides a true eye-opening and beautiful compassion for the human spirit that we haven’t seen from others of the Syx before.

I think Gregori and Angela’s storyline(s) have the most impact on where the series will go next. I almost felt like their story is too big to fit into one book, and maybe that’s where some of my problems lie, because Demon Ensnared gives readers some very awe-inspiring moments and interesting twists but they felt rushed and sometimes unfinished.

I can only hope that some of their threads will be picked up in the next book which is blatantly told to us to be Hugh’s. Because the entire group’s redemption rests upon each individual getting their own, it gets harder and harder to have them so separate from one another. I hope that we’ll see a bit more interaction between the group in these final two books.

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