Review: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles


Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill MylesGentlemen Prefer Succubi (The Succubus Diaries #1)
Jill Myles

Published: 2009 (Pocket)
Purchase at: Book Depository or Amazon

Rating (out of 5): 4.5 stars

Jackie woke up in a dumpster with a homeless guy claiming the only reason he took her purse was she was dead. For a day. The formerly frumpy museum docent (a.k.a. tour guide) finds herself transforming into sexual catnip.

Struggling with her new need for sex and being forever bound to the Serim (fallen angel) and vampire who brought about her immortal existence may have Jackie distracted, but it isn’t long before she is bogged down in a preternatural political quagmire, endangering her friends, her masters and her life.

You know, making a succubus story super romantic isn’t an easy thing. Succubi need to feed off sexual energy of men. Ergo it’s not unusual for a tale featuring these unique demonesses to have men diluted to their base instincts. And, sure, that’s true for the humans in Jill Myles’ Gentlemen Prefer Succubi, but the two leading men both work to treat our heroine Jackie with nonstop respect. Neither of the polar opposite guys wants to take advantage of her Itch.

It’s just damn hard not to like vampire Zane’s playful nature or to let loose wistful sighs at Serim Noah’s protective and doting nature. Basically, Myles has given us two of the fallen — bad boys who could be users — working to be good and, well, gentlemanly.

Jackie is likable and her interactions with fellow succubus and new BFF Remy can be outright funny. But more impressive is the strong chemistry with vastly varied tones we find between Jackie and each of her love interests.

I couldn’t put down Gentlemen Prefer Succubi. It’s an accessible, sexy and, despite some of the darker events in the second half of the book, is still a genuinely fun read. I plan to start the second book Succubi Like It Hot very soon.

Sexual content: Graphic sexual content…and flashbacks…and piles of innuendo.

5 Responses to “Review: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles”

  1. Nachtangel says:

    Been wanting to read another Succubus series with the lack of Geogina at the moment, thanks for the recommendation 😀

  2. I’ve never heard of this one but it sounds really good…and is it bad that I wanna lick the cover? (wow he’s hot!)

  3. I’ve got this one and am starting it this weekend! I need some good smexy smut!

  4. Tami Jackson says:

    I hadn’t heard of this one either. Really am fascinated by the intro … waking up in a dumpster with a bum? That just creates so much potential for hilarious realization. I hope to check it out (after I read the new books I already purchased this week).

  5. cindyg says:

    I have read this series and I loved it. I love Jackie, Zane and Noah. Great review.


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