Review: Hexed by Kevin Hearne (Iron Druid #2)


Hexed by Kevin HearneHexed (Iron Druid #2)
Kevin Hearne
Published: June 7, 2011 (Del Rey)
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Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Note: This review is spoiler-free, but may reference events of the first novel Hounded. If you’re new to the Iron Druid series, we suggest you read that review first.

There are a number of things I like about Hexed‘s main character Atticus O’Sullivan. I like that he’s confident and actually backs it up with competency. I like that he takes care of the widow in his neighborhood and doesn’t begrudge her a 10 a.m. glass of whiskey. I like that he tells his hound Oberon epic stories. And I really like that even when times are dark and the road ahead murky, he can make me laugh.

Yes, our 2,100-year-old Irish Druid is back in action, and he’s every bit as fantastic as you remembered. In Hounded, Atticus managed to kill gods and played a role in cutting the local coven in half. Now everyone is knocking on his door wanting him to do a little wet works on their behalf. Actually, most want him to kill Thor, and he doesn’t want a thing to do with that mess. He does, however, have to deal with the local fallout from the big showdown out in the Superstition Mountains. First, there are demons on the loose, which escaped during the big battle at the end of Hounded.

Expect the ultimate trickster Coyote to strong-arm our boy into taking out a big bad with nothing but a few arrows. Then, there’s the situation with the witches. They’ve been in talks for a peace treaty, but things get sped up when maenads decide to turn Scottsdale into their new orgy central and another coven comes to town with their sights on taking out both Atticus and the East Valley coven.

In the midst of all that fighting and negotiating, Atticus has to deal with his own gods. Brighid may have promised great things to Atticus, but when she comes knocking with a too-good offer he tells her exactly how it is. He may still worship the old ways, but he’s always been good at looking out for himself and his friends.

One of the great things about reading the Iron Druid series is Kevin Hearne has written this character so masterfully that we know he’s ancient and wise, but he still comes across youthful — exactly as he intends. The dialog is punchy and there is never a lull in the plot.

I’m particularly excited to see the showdown foreshadowed for Hammered (Iron Druid #3). Until then, I assure you Hexed is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

Sexual content: Very light sex scene

9 Responses to “Review: Hexed by Kevin Hearne (Iron Druid #2)”

  1. drey says:

    I just noticed these books, and am glad I found your review… Most of the books I read have female protagonists (except for Harry Dresden!), so it’s nice to see one with a male main character.

  2. Rebecca R says:

    I keep seeing these books everywhere, and they sound really good, but I’m still not sure if I want to add these to my wish list.

  3. hal lilburn says:

    These look great, thanks for introducing me to them. Yes, I also enjoy a male lead, there is not enough of them. I’m working on a male lead manuscript right now and it is easier than I thought. Maybe it’s because I have only brothers.

  4. Julie says:

    Love love love love love. That is all. No wait, one more thing. LOVE!

  5. Kristin says:

    They also remind me of The Dresden Files. Yeah, Kevin Hearne is THAT good.

  6. Dee says:

    Just finished book 1, really enjoying this series and the hero 🙂
    KEvin, the author, needs to be a whole lot more famous!!

  7. Marcia says:

    It took me a while to thoroughly enjoy Hounded, but this second novel, Hexed, accelerated my reading pace immensely! I’ve also read the third one in this series, Hammered, and it is a great read, too! Kevin Hearne’s writing really shines. He is a very good storyteller!

  8. Carol says:

    I just finished Hammered, which is just as good as the first two of the series, but a little more serious (and kind of sad). I really enjoy Atticus. He’s hilarious. I’m glad the author has been contracted for a few more books.

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