Review: Know Thine Enemy by Rosalie Stanton


Know Thine Enemy by Rosalie StantonKnow Thine Enemy
Rosalie Stanton

Published: Oct. 2011 (Noble Romance)
Purchase at: Amazon

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

I always enjoy a heroine who thinks for herself. That’s the case with Izzie. She’s a demon hunter without a reason to kill vampires and the like. She does it because she’s good at it, because the man who saved her from the streets has a vendetta. She knows humans can be just as vicious and cruel, and she only attacks those who make a move on her. And that makes her incredibly interesting to Ryker.

Ryker’s an old vampire and, really, he just wants to be left to live his life. He’s not really the eat a bunny kind of vampire, but isn’t out hunting to kill either. Humans haven’t really interested him, but there’s something about a vampire slayer who doesn’t see every one of them as evil that catches his eye. And, well, he’s a good guy. When is past catches up with him, and pulls Izzie into a dark place with him, he’ll do whatever he can to change things. To save her.

Their romance blossoms under awful circumstances — lab rat style, folks — so they both have to question if their feelings are real, safe or even right. Rosalie Stanton manages to craft an intense relationship borne of a mix of lust, shared survival and a bit of fate for her hero and heroine. The journey is intense and complex, but also damn hot.

I can appreciate love coming from a dark place, and that’s what we have here. The journey isn’t simple. Points of the plot horrify the characters as well as the reader, but it’s done with purpose. Know Thine Enemy is dark, incredibly sexy and boasts a mile of twists.

Sexual content: Sex and sexual interactions under dubious situation

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