Review: Leopard’s Fury by Christine Feehan (Leopard People #9)


Leopard's Fury by Christine Feehan // VBC ReviewLeopard’s Fury (Leopard People #9)
Christine Feehan
Published: Nov. 6, 2016 (Jove)
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Reviewed by: Jenn

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Leopard’s Fury is a standalone book set in Christine Feehan’s Leopard world. It introduces us to Evangeline Tregre, a woman who just wants to run her bakery and be left alone. That is until a dangerous man walk through her door, and she can’t stop her attraction towards him. Alonzo, and his very powerful leopard, are everything that Eve had left behind. The world that she had run from to protect not only herself, but also the leopard who lives inside of her. Yes, Eve has a leopard living inside of her too.

Alonzo knows that he should leave Eve alone. He is attracted to her, wants her more than anything, but she doesn’t deserve to be brought into his life of crime. He tries to stay away, but finds that she is the only thing that makes him feel normal and not like a bloodthirsty killer. She calms him.

Soon, things become dangerous, and Eve and Alonzo find themselves having to battle their way to a happily ever after.

Where to start? I liked the story, the plot was easy to follow, the writing excellent. The Leopard world is brutal, just like you would expect it to be. The bad guys are bad. The good guys are, well, they’re complicated, and that’s a good thing in my opinion. It’s a simple contemporary world, in a town where the main character owns a small bakery that soon becomes the local mob boss central meeting place. There is some explanation into the background of the Leopard world. I think I would have known more if I had read any of the other books, but it was easy to follow without reading, so I wasn’t too lost.

My biggest hang up and the reason I didn’t give the book a full five stars was Eve and Alonzo. I love a strong female character, tough and in control. A female who doesn’t need a man to save her. I didn’t get that here. Eve was too wishy-washy for me. ‘I love him, I can’t stand him. I want to be with him, I need to run away from him.’ At one point I just wanted her to make a choice. Go or stay, but she had a constant back and forth in her internal thoughts about him.

Alonzo was everything you want in an alpha male, almost too much. ‘I am caveman, you will do what I want without question.’ You can imagine that didn’t go over well with our heroine, and that was their main conflict throughout the story. She fights him about everything, and I mean everything. It became tedious at times to listen to her argue with him when you knew he was going to get his way in the end. He’s a conflicted character with a lot of issues in his past, and it really shows in his actions. I guess you can say that I enjoyed his character more than Eve’s.

There are some steamy sex scenes once they finally get their stuff together and stop fighting the attraction they feel toward each other.

Overall, I enjoyed Leopard’s Fury. It didn’t take me long to figure out the world and the plot moved fast. This was the first book I’ve read by Christine Feehan, and probably won’t be the last.

Sexual content: graphic sex

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