Review: Lord’s Fall by Thea Harrison (Elder Races #5)


Lord's Fall by Thea Harrison // VBC ReviewLord’s Fall (Elder Races #5)
Thea Harrison
Published: Nov. 6, 2012 (Berkley)
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Reviewed by: Candace

Rating (out of 5): 4.5 stars

I’ve faced monsters and demons and nightmares that most people have never heard of, but you have always scared me the most. We might make a list of pretty words that we can call each other or use for our relationship, but I don’t feel pretty things for you. I feel things for you that are volcanic and dangerous, and I’m not safe at the best of times.

Lord’s Fall was a risky move for Thea Harrison. Couples’ popularity can wax and wane during the course of a series and Pia Giovanni and Dragos Cuelebre already had Dragon Bound devoted to telling their story. Harrison followed up with Tiago and Tricks in Storm’s Heart, Rune and Carling in Serpent’s Kiss, Grace and Khalil in Oracle’s Moon and a series of four smoldering novellas of the Elder Races. So returning to Pia and Dragos was a gamble.

A gamble that paid off. I picked up the book and quickly became engrossed in the world of the Wyr, and highly amused with everything. Pia is seven months pregnant with a child who makes his presence known to his mother in more ways than the occasional craving. She has a team of specially appointed Wyr warriors, dispatched by Dragos to keep his mate safe while she travels down the east coast to deal with the Elves. Dragos stays behind to oversee the Sentinel games (and because of the dispute with the Elves). Separation between the mates tests them both. Add pregnancy hormones and snarky disputes with Eva, captain of her guard, and the situation is a powder keg ready to blow.

Dragos has his own problems. The eyes of the Wyr, as well as the rest of the world, are trained on the Sentinel Games. Dragos still harbors a considerable amount of resentment towards Rune for abandoning him and he misses his mate to a point of distraction. However, Dragos knows that a lot rides on both the games and Pia’s mission, so he will stay put…for now.

If Dragos were less of an Alpha, this may not have worked. I use the term Alpha purposefully. If this year’s Alpha Showdown does not have Dragos Cuelebre among the finalists, there is a big problem. During the entirety of his book, Dragos all but screams I AM ALPHA, HEAR ME ROAR. Wyr cower in his wake, people exist just to obey his commands and his Wyr form is a gigantic dragon that is nearly infallible.

The only thing that brings Dragos to his knees is Pia. Ironically enough, the mighty beast may not mind being in such a position, if his mate were to ask that of him. With minimal effort, he leaves chaos and destruction in his wake, but he also weaves a dream world for Pia so they can be together in their sleep to make up for his physical absence while she is with the elves. Alpha, thy name is Dragos.

Harrison writes a phenomenal fight scene. The imagery is genius. But her writing shines particularly when dealing with the hero and heroine.

When it comes to Lord’s Fall, Dragos and Pia are a sure bet.

Sexual content: Graphic sex

3 Responses to “Review: Lord’s Fall by Thea Harrison (Elder Races #5)”

  1. Alison Robinson says:

    I too enjoyed the fact that an author went back to an existing couple – it shook up the genre expectations

  2. Candace says:

    I agree with the genre expectations comment. If Thea was going to revisit a couple with an entire book, I think it had to be Dragos and Pia. I’m excited to see what she has planned in the future for them.

  3. Imago_NYC says:

    I know I voted for Dragos during a prior Alpha Showdown and was shocked he didn’t make it through. BTW, glad to hear that’s coming back in 2013. As Dragos is the Beast, he is also the Alpha. Hopefully your reviews will get others to tune in to an excellent series. I hope Thea Harrison continues to revisit one of my favorite book couples.

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