Review: My Lord Vampire by Alexandra Ivy (Immortal Rogues #1)


My Lord Vampire by Alexandra Ivy (Immortal Rogues #1)My Lord Vampire (Immortal Rogues #1)
Alexandra Ivy
Published: 2003 (Zebra), re-released in Feb. 2012 (Zebra)
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Reviewed by: Candace

Rating (out of 5): 4.5 stars

“I would ask you to believe that there are mysteries in the world that are not easily explained. Mysteries that defy logic.”

“Mysteries such as you?” she charged.


My first thought before beginning this book were “Okay Alexandra. You gave us Viper. Now dazzle me.” Then I began reading and quickly discovered My Lord Vampire is a historical paranormal romance and those aren’t the easiest sells. However, Kathryn Smith won me over with her Brotherhood of Blood series, so I’m willing to give historical PNRs a try.

Basic set up is that all vampires ceased to live among humans two centuries before the timeline of My Lord Vampire begins. The vampires live behind the Veil, separating themselves from the humans so they can go through a sort of evolution. They sacrifice powers such as shape-shifting and mist walking because they no longer hunt. Until three vampires crossed the Veil to the mortal world and it was up to our hero Gideon and his two counterparts Lucien and Sebastian to destroy the three who crossed over. Their mission was to keep those three from reaching the Medallion, an ancient artifact that keeps the Veil intact.

The Medallion was split into three pieces and given to three separate women. This is where Simone, a.k.a. Lady Gilbert, comes into play. Gideon has to protect her because she holds one of the Medallion pieces. But she also will grow to mean much more to the vampire.

But Alexandra is starting a new series. The Guardians of Eternity is well established, but we need to be hooked on this new series. With Gideon Ravel, we have a winner. Ivy gives us a strong lead that makes us want to continue. Not only that, his words smolder as they leave his lips and sizzle as they sit on the page. The chemistry between Gideon and Simone is so hot, I needed a fan to get through some parts. This isn’t a book about paranormal sex, this is two characters who have an attraction that is palpable.

“You wrap yourself in mystery in the hopes of beguiling me.”

The dark brows rose in a taunting fashion. “I need no mystery to beguile you, my love. There are far more pleasurable means of doing so, if I chose.”

Her teeth clenched. “Is that so?”

“Shall I demonstrate?”

This is, quite simply, writing that makes you feel the deep-seated love between Simone and Gideon. When he prowls the London streets to protect her and keep the Veil intact, the reader can feel his desperation. When the revelations are made (Simone lived in another century and Gideon was a vampire. There was no fascination of the supernatural, only fear.), then the reactions are believable. There isn’t a swooning maiden offering up her artery and, hey, while you’re at it, other body parts too. No. You actually feel like you’re the third person in the room with these two watching it. Completely valid reactions to scary as hell circumstances.

Not to mention a bad guy who makes you want to take a shower after reading about him. Ick. I wish I had a better word, but ick sums it up pretty well. As well as a hunched-over old gypsy woman who may very well be the most powerful vampire in existence.

Here’s the deal: I’m giving 4.5 stars to a book where there is no sex. None. Gasp? Shriek? Fall over in a faint? Yeah, it just happened. You can, ladies and gentlemen (or not, if you’re gasping at the lack of sex), write a kick-ass book that sells you on the love story and not include sex. Alexandra Ivy just did it.

Sexual content: Kissing, references to sex

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