Review: Oracle’s Moon by Thea Harrison (Elder Races #4)


Oracle's Moon by Thea Harrison (Elder Races #4)Oracle’s Moon (Elder Races #4)
Thea Harrison
Published: March 6, 2012 (Berkley)
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Review by: Candace

Rating (out of 5): 5 stars

I started counting time for you.
I want to change who I am for you.
You are my Grace.
He was too full and there weren’t enough words.
He said, “I did not know I needed grace until I met you.”

A few select titles count as blockbusters this year. These stories could reinvent and resell a series if the books before hadn’t done the job. Oracle’s Moon is one of those books.

If you have not been fortunate enough to discover the Elder Races series before now, do whatever you have to do to start them now. Thea gave us a phenomenal intro to Elder Races with Dragos and Pia in Dragon Bound, kept the ball rolling with Tiago and Tricks in Storm’s Heart, continued her paranormal romance mastery with Rune and Carling in Serpent’s Kiss and now she did the unthinkable and wrote the hottest character yet — hotter than Tiago.

When I opened Oracle’s Moon, I asked my husband (who has a certain amount of paranormal knowledge) exactly what he knew about Djinn. He said, “Scary jokers, bad news, part demon, not to be messed with. Why?” Because we have the hero of Oracle’s Moon Khalil is a Djinn. For fans of the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost, Khalil’s power reminded me a lot of Mencheres. Immortal, has been around since the beginning of time, otherworldly beauty. And Khalil has found himself to be enamored with the Oracle.

Grace has inherited the position of Oracle when she woke after a car wreck and found herself to be the lone survivor. Her brother-in-law and sister, the prior Oracle, were killed. Along with the Oracle’s power, Grace inherited a high-spirited niece and nephew, who are genetically-predisposed to the family’s power as well.

So how does a Djinn/Demonkind prince from one of the higher houses figure into all of this? You don’t want us to spoil it, but the important part is that he does. As big and badass as Khalil is, a mere 23-year-old mortal holds his heart in her hands. He literally makes the earth move for Grace. From the first kiss, the sex between Grace and Khalil smolders. When they engage in the act Khalil-style, he uses his powers to make Grace feel sensations all over her body. You’re going to need a cold shower after this one, kids. Honestly, Oracle’s Moon has hands-down one of the best sex scenes I have ever read.

How powerful is he? A few vampires walk up to Grace’s door and she asks Khalil for help. He appears by her feet in the form of black smoke and sends the vampires away in a hurry, like the Red Cross was offering a buy one get one free special on O positive and they had to get there quick.

How powerful is she? Dragos shows up at the house to ask Grace a few questions. The Oracle speaks through Grace. When Grace regains consciousness, Dragos’ response was “What the unholy fuck was that?”

Nobody does wit like Thea Harrison. She could teach classes on it. I read this on Easter Sunday and became extremely aggravated that I had to put it down to go fix something to eat (stupid growling stomach). I can not emphasize enough how phenomenal this book is. Four names – Dragos, Tiago, Rune and Khalil – the heroes of the print books of Elder Races. It will be hard to top these four guys, but if anyone can, I’d put money on Thea.

Sexual content: Graphic sex

8 Responses to “Review: Oracle’s Moon by Thea Harrison (Elder Races #4)”

  1. sooz says:

    An awesome book in an awesome series!

  2. j9 says:

    Totally agree! Grace & Khalil are candidates for my top 10 couples of ALL TIME!

  3. shannonB. says:

    I don’t know why, but I thought I wouldn’t like this one as much as the other 3. Maybe b/c I really loved Rune? I don’t know. Anyway…OMG I loved this book!! Khalil is so freakin’ hot! This is one of my favorite series right now.

  4. Marina says:

    Oh fuck, my TBR just got 4 more books!

  5. CdnMrs says:

    It’s like Thea Harrison can do no wrong. Her stories and male characters, just seem to get better and better with each new book.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  6. Candace says:

    You aren’t kidding, my friend. Each time Khalil and Dragos met, I was thinking that K may be the alpha male it would take to match Dragos. And THAT is coming from a Tiago girl.

  7. I have heard such wonderful things about this series. Adds this one to the pile.

  8. WHY OH WHY haven’t I read this yet? I need a good kick in the tuckus. And one of the best sex scenes you’ve ever read? Say no more!

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