Review: Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione (Demonica #1)


Pleasure Unbound by Larissa IonePleasure Unbound (Demonica #1)
Larissa Ione
Published: 2008 (Forever)
Purchase at: Book Depository or Amazon

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Tayla hunts demons. While out taking out some particular underworld nasties, she’s injured and knocked unconscious. She’s taken to the Underworld General Hospital, where all things underworld are taken to get patched up. She awakens in enemy territory with a super hot doctor taking care of her. She’s all about it until she realizes those taking care of her are the demons, vampires and shifters she kills on sight.

Eidolon built UGH from the ground up, including putting in policies that say no one comes to harm within its walls. And when a slayer comes in, well, that doesn’t make him the most popular guy. A type of incubus, he’s been searching for a mate, because in the near future he’ll come into a new stage of maturity. The new stage will have him trying to procreate constantly, unless he finds someone to bind with for life. And, so far, that hasn’t been going well. He really doesn’t need the drama of saving a slayer and being incredibly attracted to the lethal woman.

Tayla has a false view of demons. Blinded by hatred it’s so hard for her to accept that Eidolon might be doing something for altruistic reasons. As she catches him in moments of care and sincerity, her faith in her demon slaying Order is shaken. She had a dark past that bolster her outlook that all demons are evil. The undeniable sexual chemistry between the two continually brings them back together to help open Tayla’s eyes. I do wish we saw more growth and challenged ideals for Eidolon, but Tayla had enough on her plate to make the Pleasure Unbound a robust tale.

While these two do immediately fall into bed together, there’s still a strong relationship story arc that shows the two slowly — almost begrudgingly on Tayla’s side — learning to trust one another. It’s hard not to enjoy a novel that provides hot bedroom scenes, characters you can care about and relationship growth.

Larissa Ione’s Pleasure Unbound will give you goosebumps and keep you turning pages for more. As we’ve said before, the Demonica series is perfect for fans of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Sexual content: Piles of it.

9 Responses to “Review: Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione (Demonica #1)”

  1. shannonB. says:

    I love this series! E’s book was my favorite until Sin Undone came out. I just finished Eternal Rider last week and it was just as awesome!

  2. I absolutely love this series and E’s book is what sucked me in so it will always be my fave.

  3. This book is sitting at the top of my TBR stack but I keep ignoring it to read other books. Why?!? Thanks for the review. 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    I totally love the Demonica series and this is a great review, of course I’m a big fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I’m curious why only 4 stars? I’ve read all her books so far and I just started reading Eternal Rider the first in the Lords of Deliverance series. I don’t have an opinion on it yet. I love your site, I look forward to more reviews.

  5. Smash Attack says:

    Piles of sexual content! woot! 🙂
    I just read Eternal Rider, and it was my first Ione book. I bought the first 4 Demonica books in a Used bookstore. I plan to devour them one day! Tooooooooo many books!

  6. Hi,,,found your blog while on reading between the wines,,book club..and I like it..mucho…I am currently reading the Demonica Series..Im on book #3 Wraith…hubba hubba…havent had a chance to start it yet but really looking foward to it..I did enjoy the first 2 …eidolon was sweet hot and sexy,,,and Shade well maybe not so sweet but just as hot and sexy…
    anyway,,hope you dont mind that i become a follower,,,
    thanks for sharing

  7. Ren Puspita says:

    I love Eidolon..Such alpha, a sexy doctor *lol*
    I know there so many fans of Wraith from Passion Unleashed, but I always love Eidolon *g*
    This series is so addictive, I remember after finished Sin Undone (the last book), I can’t read anything, cause I’m still stunned, this fabulous series had end.. Then clapped my hand when I know about Eternal Rider *lol*
    I have Eternal Rider in my TBR, I want to read it, but know that Immortal Rider (the 2nd book) came out at December, maybe I’ll read it slowly
    Thanks for the review. I hope so many readers that not read Demonica yet, will read this ASAP

  8. Natalia says:

    This series has always been on my to read list so I figured it must be time when book 1 came up as the May read.
    I’m glad that when I purchased book 1 that I was able to get the next 2 at the same time. I doubt I would have pursued the series based on the first book. They’re interestig reads but didn’t really catch me or pull me in. I didn’t feel that normal pull of getting to know the characters, perhaps too much going on from one part of the story to the next to have much time to develop a character attachment.
    I just finished reading the series up to book 3 Passion Unleashed, now that book did get me interested, hooked and connected with the major players in the Demonica world. I don’t know if that is because by book 3 I’ve gotten to know them more or just that book 3 had more depth of character, for all 3 brothers and smaller role characters even though the book was centered on Wraith.
    I’m actually biting at the bit to go purchase and read the rest of the series, am not just killing time reading any old book as it seemed with books 1 and 2. I hope Ms Ione doesn’t disappoint and that the remainder of the series will be as much of a page turner and I can’t put the book down as Passion Unleashed was. I may even go back and re-read the first 2, see if the trick is because I’ve become further envolved in the Demonica world.
    All in all… Thanks for the referral to read this series!

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