Review: The Genie Ignites by Kellyann Zuzulo (Zubis Chronicles #1)


The Genie Ignites by Kellyann Zuzulo // VBC reviewThe Genie Ignites (Zubis Chronicles #1)
Kellyann Zuzulo
Published: March 2012 (Boroughs Publishing Group)
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Reviewed by: Mary

Rating (out of 5): 3 stars

I’m a newbie to the genre of the Genie, a virgenie, if you will.  As is Bethany O’Brian, but that doesn’t keep her from having some 3D dreams about a mysterious lover.  As a reporter specializing in Middle Eastern diplomats and affairs she prepares to attend what she thinks will be another boring cocktail party. It is, until her mystery dream lover shows up in a tuxedo and leaves her reeling.

In the space of one night, Bethany finds out that she is a reincarnated priestess from King Solomon’s court, she is the only one who can kill a genie, a secret organization called the Veil of Thoth exists and wants to help, and she has been framed for murder and is wanted by the authorities in several countries.  She really wore the wrong shoes for that kind of night.

Get ready for jet setting, a high body count, and never having the right clothes for the situation or country.  Poor Bethany is never sure who to trust, herself included.  She is constantly reminded that her job is to kill the genie, but every time he shows up, their passion overrides any other objective.

I’m not a big fan of adventure or espionage novels, and that is where this one lost me. My complaint about this book, and the reason I rated it as low as I did, was that there was way too much page time spent discussing political motives for this reader.  If you enjoy the occasional “around the world” romp, this is your book.  If you are a die-hard romantic, be prepared to skip around to get the good parts.  Like a Bedouin wandering in the desert you will only find parts of this book that will whet your romantic whistle.

Overall, the moments between Bethany and Zubis were touching and poignant.  However, they were far too fleeting.  I think that was actually the author’s intent.  They have been separated by time, distance, and cultural prejudice. This book is the first in a series, so where’s the fun in letting the couple get together at the start of a multi book series (except when they are in the shower and that one time in Zubis’s lair).

I did like that the book ended with quite a hook for the next installment. The author knows how to pull a switcheroo that left me wanting to read the next book, just to see what happens.  Even though this wasn’t my kind of book and I won’t reread it (I reread all my faves), I want to know what happens next. You have to respect that in a book.

Sexual content: Graphic, corporeal and incorporeal, coupling.

One Response to “Review: The Genie Ignites by Kellyann Zuzulo (Zubis Chronicles #1)”

  1. Thanks, Mary! I really enjoyed your review. And you’re absolutely right about the thriller elements of the book…I wrote it more as a romantic suspense. Each book in the series ultimately pulls back more and more from the intrigue around Bethany and Zubis to close in on the intimate connection between the two of them. So, not to worry, there will be a lot more heat in the next book; The Genie Smolders.
    Thanks again! Well done.

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