Review: To Hell and Back by Juliana Stone (League of Guardians #1.5)


To Hell and Back by Juliana Stone // VBC ReviewTo Hell and Back (League of Guardians #1.5)
Juliana Stone
Published: Oct. 30, 2012 (Avon)
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Reviewed by: Chelsea

Rating (out of 5): 3.5 stars

Only 10 pages into To Hell and Back I wondered how I had never read a Juliana Stone book. Her voice and characters are the types I enjoy so much. (Wondering about that 3.5 up there? It’s probably more my fault for starting with a shorter novel that featured already-established characters.)

Logan, a hell hound, saved Kira from purgatory. (This is from previous books, I gather.) Now they’re on the run as underworld denizens are less than thrilled about him absconding her and, you know, falling in love. They’re fiercely protective of one another and it’s clear from the beginning these two have a strong connection. This isn’t a novella about characters falling in love. It’s a book about a couple fighting to stay together when everyone wants to pull them apart.

Logan is ripped away from his lady’s side. She’s forced to run without him. He’s tortured. They’re able to meet in a dream world where dirty, sexy things happen. If you want a taste of Stone’s ultra alpha characters—Logan does crazy things to get back to Kira—and her engaging writing, To Hell and Back is a quick way to do so. Though, I wish I had started with Wrong Side of Hell or, better yet, the first full-length in the League of Guardians series Wicked Road to Hell.

Fans of Pamela Palmer and Jeaniene Frost will find a kindred spirit in Stone’s writing. I plan to read more. Soon.

Sexual content: Sex

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