Round 13: Ryodan vs. Christian MacKeltar [Alpha Showdown 2013]


VBC: Home of Alpha ShowdownThings are advancing in the Alpha Showdown 2013. We’ve hit the second tier of the event. Winners will start battling winners. Expect the stakes to be raised and the smack talk to increase.

This round could be called the Fever Battle. Which complicated anti-hero from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever World is the most alpha: Ryodan or Christian? You decide.

Read the pitches, then make the call. Who should advance to the next round in the Alpha Showdown? The poll at the end of this post will be open for two days. Remember, alphas don’t share titles. Your votes decide who advances in the Alpha Showdown 2013.

New for 2013! Every (non-spam) comment on an Alpha Showdown post will enter you to win books featuring the final four alphas. So make sure to join the discussion and cheer on your favorite alphas.



Iced by Karen Marie Moning


You know him from: The Fever Series and Iced by Karen Marie Moning
First appeared in: Vocally in Bloodfever, physically in Dreamfever
Supernatural status: We’re too scared to ask

Championed by: Krista from Vampire Book Club

Every once in a while a character comes along who terrifies you, while at the same time obsessively intrigues you. You know you shouldn’t be attracted to them, but you just can’t help be dragged under their spell. Ryodan is this and so much more. The words alpha and omega should be defined by the standard he sets. So the final outcome of the Alpha Showdown 2013 is a foregone conclusion. To paraphrase Ryodan’s own words, if they’re stupid enough to show up, they’re stupid enough to die.

Some may argue that Ryodan is a more civilized version of Barron’s or the beta to Barron’s alpha but they would be wrong. This thin veneer only makes him more dangerous.

“She thinks he’s not an animal like Barrons. That he’s more civilized. She’s right, he is more polished. But it only makes him more dangerous. With Barrons you expect to get fucked up royally. With Ryodan you don’t see it coming.”

He’s the “devil in a business suit,” perceiving everything until finally making a decision. Then everyone who “pissed him off or offended him or just breathed wrong dies.” Ryodan isn’t the person who pushes you off the cliff. Instead he “allows” you to come to the conclusion that it was your own idea to jump off the cliff. Not that he couldn’t easily throw you off said cliff. It amuses him to do it this way.

“They don’t call him the master of manipulation for nothing. Barrons breaks heads. Ryodan turns them inside out. Barrons fucks you up. Ryodan makes you fuck yourself up. He pushes buttons and rearranges things to his own private, coolly sociopathic plan.”

He has the lethal magnificence of an ancient predator. He is at the top of the food chain and he revels in it. He has the crafted, impossible beauty of Greek statue, but the scars of a violent life. He doesn’t wear underwear because it chafes (“Too small and confining”). He likes sex for breakfast, “early and often.” He is the only man who can survive a fight with Barrons. The Nine (un-killable creatures like himself) are more loyal to him, than they are to Barrons.

Barrons calls him when he needs back up. He suffers no inner conflict on his choices, his needs or his actions. He is the ocean and everyone else is the earth that he shapes to his whims. He is everything which we should idolize and demonize at the same time.

There is no question in my mind and shouldn’t be in any other sane individual’s—Ryodan is the clear-cut winner of this Alpha Showdown. The rest are just pretenders. They may as well not even show up.

Ryodan says it best, “I’m King, Liege, Lord, and Master.” The rest of you are just cannon fodder.

Iced by Karen Marie MoningChristian MacKeltar

You know him from: The Highlander, Fever and Fever World series by Karen Marie Moning.
First appeared in: Kiss of the Highlander, by mention only, but got his feet wet in Darkfever (VBC review). He played a prominent role in Iced, but we won’t hold that against him. Other things will get held against him.
Supernatural Status: He is a super-powerful druid by birth and a walking lie detector.  However, a series of events, including a stint in dark fae prison, change him into Unseelie royality. Every girl wants a prince, right?

Championed by: Mary from Vampire Book Club

Ok, ladies. You know how sometimes the playoff games leading up to the Super Bowl are more interesting and suspenseful than the big game itself? The reason is usually this: rivalry. That’s what we have today. Christian MacKeltar, druid and Unseelie prince, faces off with Ryodan, unknown, bump-in-the-night, club owner, in one of the biggest rivalries on and off the page.  Fans of these two are about as cordial to each other as the characters are during their confrontations in Iced.  So who is the ultimate Alpha?  I’m in Camp MacKeltar, so here is my opinion on why Christian is the better choice.

Christian comes from a long line of men who have devoted their lives to protecting humanity and their loved ones. In the Fever series, Christian and his uncles are trying to help protect humanity by keeping the walls between our world and the Fae realm in place. Unfortunately, they fail and Christian pays the price. This event starts his change into the next Unseelie Prince.  He did not knowingly choose to become Unseelie royalty, but his sacrifice to save humanity cost him his own human side. Like any good Alpha, Christian came through all of this stronger and still with his goal in sight.

In Iced, he is still trying to help humanity survive. He works with Dani (we won’t hold that against him), the other sidhe seers, and on his own to help what is left of Earth’s population.  This to me makes him the ultimate Alpha. He is the most powerful and uses that power to try and help those who are weak. He recognizes the position that he is in and uses his abilities to make the world a better place.

Now, Ryodan is not Barrons. I think this is a very important distinction. Barrons loves MacKayla.  Ryodan loves being powerful. He ushers humans into his club each night, and gets rid of the bodies the next morning. He only protects things and people he thinks are valuable to him. He’s an opportunist, not an alpha.

When you are casting your vote, it might be easy to say that Ryodan is immortal, can kill the Fae, and is centuries older than Christian. But ask yourself this: If you were on the streets of Dublin after the walls fell, who would you rather run into on a dark night? 


This poll will be open for 48 hours. Alpha with the most votes will advance.

84 Responses to “Round 13: Ryodan vs. Christian MacKeltar [Alpha Showdown 2013]”

  1. Misty says:

    I am very happy Christian made it this far but Ryo is the dude!

  2. Suzie says:

    I had to go with Ryo. He’s definitely the more Alpha of the two. Not to mention if Barrons can take on a fae prince, I’m pretty sure Ryodan can too.

  3. Julie says:

    Christian is a mere pup compacted to Ryodan

  4. Theressa says:

    Ryodan…he can kill Fae easily…even previously unknown but oops now I am suddenly an Unseelie Prince Cheistian…enough said 🙂

  5. mia13 says:

    Christian is a boy compare to Ryodan:)

  6. angela trenholm says:

    Did anybody else noticed that it shouldn’t be them up against each over look at the board they are supposed to be with different people?

  7. BookLady says:

    No competition! Ryodan is the winner.

  8. Def Ryodan again, although I love Christian!

  9. Janie McGaugh says:

    Ryo would wipe the floor with Christian.

  10. Teti says:

    You know this conflict is bound to happen in the books too at some point, but sorry Christian no chance against Ryodan! I think Christian has so more growing to do.

  11. Jill B says:

    Ryo all the way!

  12. Lynsi says:

    Anyone who takes on the 9… are going down! I love Christian and he may be an Unseelie Prince now, but Ryo is one of the 9! They ARE weapons of mass-destruction, Ryo even killed a fae in ICED.. with his bare hands (I think he might have bit him tho… not sure)! They don’t need the spear or the sword… they just need themselves!

  13. Aliyah says:

    I don’t really care who wins. Most of my favorites are out.

  14. Rukigirl says:

    Why is this match still going on? Christian is so going down. And eating mud pies. With worms! 😛

  15. Eris says:

    Tough choice. You have creepy stalker Unseelie Prince vs creepy beasty who likes to beat Dani when she doesn’t fall in line with what he wants.

    To answer your question, I would rather meet Christian in a dark alley. I have a feeling Ryodan would more more likely to kill you without a second thought. At least with Christian you have a chance of living.

    • Sarah says:

      True but at least in my view, Christian isn’t in his right mind and maybe his changes can be helped in the future. Then you have creepy Ryo who likes to beat little girls and act inappropriate toward them. Why does he talk about his underwear or sex with a little girl?

  16. Natasha says:

    Ryodan is way more alpha than Christian!

  17. Jayne222 says:

    Ryodan all the way! Dude is the freakin man! Now that Curran is out (sigh) I’m throwing all my support to Ryo! Hopefully KMM will rally up some support with her fans – the voting numbers in the last Curran match were unbelievable compared to Ryo vs. Christian…

    • Mariya says:

      Yea! Me too! It would’ve been fun for Curran vs. Ryodan! I think these two authors are the best in the genre and it should’ve been those two battling it out at the end, but at least Curran has won the title already, I”m happy for that, but I really hope Ryo takes the title. He deserves it. I don’t think any of the others compare to Ryo now! It will be like WTF if he doesn’t win it all. 🙂

      • Sarah says:

        I enjoyed the Fever books but don’t think KMM at all compares to Ilona Andrews. Andrews is definitely better. In my opinion, there are better than KMM. And Ryo – child abusing, pedophile, bully. Just don’t get why anyone likes him.

      • Mariya says:

        Like you said, YOUR OPINION! My opinion is that they both are the best in the genre. and they are in the same league. Just b/c you don’t like the world of KMM, that is your opinion, so go with that. But Many love her world including me. There is a reason why KMM is a best times selling author!

  18. Margarita says:

    haha Ryo is the best, hands down

  19. Mariya says:

    I haven’t read ICED! I’ve only heard about it. But I love them both via from knowing them from original Fever Series, Christian and Ryo! But Barrons and his men! OMFG! They will win in EVERYTHING! I love Ryodan from what I”ve seen thus far! So I am voting for him! When this is all through, I hope Ryo takes the title! 😉

    • Sarah says:

      Just so you know, Ryo is totally creepy as we see in Iced. Not like Barrons. He beats the crap out of a 14 year old girl to get her to do what he wants and gives her creepy sexual vibes. Child abuser and pedophile. I like Barrons but can’t stand Ryo. Just saying, since you haven’t read it.

      • Mariya says:

        Like I said I heard what happens in Iced. As I”m concerned they’re both bad choices b/c Christian’s worse in my opinion. But I’m not gonna judge anything until I read the book, I still am like Ryodan better at this point. XP

  20. KPS says:

    I love Ryodan, his complexity and depth trumps Christian. I love the new Unseelie prince but Ryo just overshadows the rest with his personality. Team Ryodan for the win!

  21. Carol says:

    Tough choice for Fever fans: the junior Druid / Unseelie Prince or the Beastie Boy / one of the 9
    May need to flip a coin 😉

  22. Julie says:

    Ryodan all the way!!!!!

  23. Sarah says:

    Christian because he’s only messed up from the unseelie and may have hope for the future. Ryodan is just himself and is a child abusing pedophile and a bully. That’s not an alpha.

  24. Joanette Fountain says:

    It’s great that Christian has made it this far but their is no beating Ryodan…unless its Barrons!!

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