Round 8: Reyes Farrow vs. Trehan Daciano [Alpha Showdown 2013]


VBC: Home of Alpha ShowdownIt’s officially time for Alpha Showdown 2013!  You made your nominations and we have 16 of the most badass, alpha characters from urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels locked into the bracket. Only one will be named champion and today’s first bout is sure to end in a knockout.

Round eight brings the son of Satan against one mighty vampire. Will Darynda Jones’ Reyes be able to take down Kresley Cole’s Trehan? You decide.

Read the pitches, then make the call. Who should advance to the next round in the Alpha Showdown? The poll at the end of this post will be open for two days. Remember, alphas don’t share titles. Your votes decide who advances in the Alpha Showdown 2013.

New for 2013! Every (non-spam) comment on an Alpha Showdown post will enter you to win books featuring the final four alphas. So make sure to join the discussion and cheer on your favorite alphas.


First Grave on the Right by Darynda JonesReyes Farrow

You know him from: The Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones
First appearance is: First Grave on the Right (VBC review)
Supernatural Status: The Son of Satan

Championed by: Jo from Vampire Book Club | @Jo_VBC

I see a lot of vampires, some weres and even a dragon in this year’s Alpha Showdown… but only one son of Satan. That’s right, VBC readers, make way for the one, the only Reyes Farrows.

Born from the heat of supernova, he grew to be the General of Hell, leading thousands of soldiers in countless wars… and he gave it all up for a girl. That’s right, Rey’aziel (he’s name literally means the Beautiful One!) said a big FU to his dad and became Hell’s public enemy No. 1 to spend a mortal lifetime with Charley. He didn’t just turn his back on Hell though, he decided to stand directly in the path of what his father wants most, fighting on the front line to keep Heaven and Earth safe.

Inhumanly fast, bordering on indestructible and with an immeasurable IQ, he can take just about anything on. He can fight in his corporeal and incorporeal forms AT THE SAME TIME (yep, he can be in two places at once). When corporeal he’ll use that lethal body to take you out, but when incorporeal he’ll severe your spine without so much as a mark. He’s literally badass enough to scare the dead.

But it isn’t just all about the fighting, oh no. He can be compassionate and kind, he loves with his whole heart and would die in a heartbeat for those he holds close. He’s always willing to make himself look like the bad guy (or in some cases to actually be the bad guy) in order to protect someone else. His Alpha energy may intimidate people on an instinctual level, but for those who truly know him, he inspires unwavering loyalty.

Oh and he does all this looking like tattooed sex on legs, rendering most women speechless when he walks in a room.

Ultimate Alpha = Reyes Farrows. ‘Nough said.

Shadow's Claim by Kresley ColeTrehan Daciano

You know him from: Shadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole
First appeared in: Shadow’s Claim (VBC review)
Supernatural status: Vampire

Championed by: Laura from Little Read Riding Hood | @littleread1

Trehan, the last living member of the House of Shadow; the assassins of Dacia, often referred to as “the sword of the kingdom”, is sexy as hell – six-and-a-half feet tall, black hair, green eyes that fade to black when feeling extreme emotion; unable to lie, and has made his living quarters in a library (marry me now). And he is 900 years old, give or take. Which means he’s never lost a fight. Ever.

“That’s the thing about an assassin – with each kill, he risks capture or death himself. A long lived assassin means he wins every single time.”

Death and killing isn’t just something he can do, it is something he is required to do, and enjoys doing.

Our first real chance to watch his muscles flex is during a melee. And flex they do.

“Arm muscles bulging beneath his shirt, Daciano shifted his grip. Without so much as a sound – or even a change of expression – he twisted the demon’s head on its neck.”

Just another day at the office.

“Trehan Daciano’s trade was killing. And he was a master of his trade.”

And that is without a weapon. Give him something sharp and he can kill anything, and do it quickly. If he chooses.

I don’t care who he is fighting this round, because no matter who or what they are, how badass they think they are, or what magical powers they think they wield, they can’t win. Other vampires pose no challenge. Shifters don’t even make him break a sweat. Humans? Don’t make me laugh. Fae aren’t even a blip on his radar. Demons and Angels are a warm up. “Daciano had dispatched his opponent with one blow, and not a drop of blood on his immaculate clothing.”

And remember how I said his eyes turn black with extreme emotion?

“Your eyes were green the whole time.”

“Why is that noteworthy?”

“All that killing and blood, all those screams and flames, and you’re unaffected.”

“I’m accustomed to death and all its faces.”

I would wish his opponent luck, but it won’t help you. All I can wish is for you is for Trehan to have plans later, so he is in a hurry and makes it quick. Otherwise may whatever god or devil you worship have mercy on your soul.


This poll will be open for 48 hours. Alpha with the most votes will advance.

77 Responses to “Round 8: Reyes Farrow vs. Trehan Daciano [Alpha Showdown 2013]”

  1. Renee says:

    Reyes is ALL Alpha baby!! Cannot beat that!

  2. Sandy Walters says:

    Reyes all the way! I mean his the son of satan, a general of hell, and he has a scythe hands down no competition at all.

  3. Trehan. Trehan Trehan TREHAN TREHAN TREHAN!!!!

    Not only is he sexy as hell, and an excellent assassin (understatement I think), but this usually cool-under-pressure guy totally melts for his bride. The ways he tries win her over, goes to great lengths to ensure her happiness and protect her future – PLUS make sure to face her fears and love everything about her. Just, GAH.


  4. Liz S says:

    Reyes definitely. Hard to beat the son of Satan.

  5. Stephanie says:

    So, I clearly need to read the Charley Davidson series…never heard of it until now. My vote goes to Reyes!

  6. BookLady says:

    Trehan is a winner!

  7. Susan H. says:


  8. Janie McGaugh says:

    I really love Trehan, but I’ll have to go with Reyes based on the info in his pitch.

  9. DeAnna P says:

    Trehan is a fierce assassin! I love Reyes but he doesn’t really have to do a lot because he is the son of Satan, so I am voting for Trehan.

  10. Susan A. says:

    I haven’t read either one of these, but the pitch for Reyes won me over. He sounds totally badass. I really need to read the Charlie Davidson series now.

  11. Sarah says:


  12. Theressa says:

    Going with Trehan—he has had to actually work to become the amazing assassin he is…Reyes is powerful yes but he was BORN that way which to me makes Trehan more of an alpha character then Reyes (not that I don’t think they are both awesome because they are) 🙂

  13. Chelsea says:

    Reyes is so going to win, he is the Alpha of all Alphas…

  14. Joani S says:

    I LOVE the Darynda Jones books and I LOVE Reyes!!

  15. Nancy Marsh says:

    Love Reyes!!!! All alpha male!!!!

  16. Pyper541 says:

    I’m thinking the son of Satan would be hard to beat.

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