Shiloh Walker Q&A: Veils, Syn & Xan and Morne being a bastard


Veil of Shadows by Shiloh WalkerShiloh Walker weaves strong characters, real romance and fantasy together constantly. There’s a reason her titles will span a full shelf at your local bookstore.

Earlier this month, the second book in her Veil series was released. We liked Veil of Shadows (read our review) even more than it’s predecessor Through the Veil (read our review). So, we’re super excited to bring you an interview with the paranormal romance bestseller Shiloh Walker!

Vampire Book Club: For those who are haven’t met the rebels in the Veil books, could you tell our readers about the Veil series and this latest entry, Veil of Shadows?

Shiloh Walker: The Veil series is based on three worlds… our world, a ‘middle’ world, called Ishtan, and Anqar, the third world.  Each of the worlds are separated by a ‘veil’ and normally, they can’t be crossed.  But the people in Anqar-specifically, Warlords, were able to develop the magic needed to manipulate the energy that creates the veil and they can cross over, using what they call Gate magic.  They’ve made Ishtan their personal breeding playpen, so to speak, raiding it for female slaves. They’ve done this for centuries.  The rebels in Ishtan, as you can imagine, aren’t very happy.  They fight back, and they fight back hard.  In the first book, Through the Veil, they managed to do enough damage to the veil that the gates are destroyed.  But now they have to deal with the aftermath.

Vampire Book Club: Many of your characters have supernatural gifts that are more mental, like magic and telepathy. Is it a conscious decision to keep their powers cerebral?

Shiloh Walker: No, not a conscious decision, at least.  The all-powerful character just gets rather tiring to read about, for me, and to write about.  I like mixing things up.

Vampire Book Club: What draws you to these less finite preternatural abilities? Do you think they are more easily relatable?

Shiloh Walker: Well, again, the all-powerful creature just gets so boring after a while…but yeah, I do think when there’s something more ‘human’, it’s easier for me to get inside their heads, and maybe that’s easier for them to come alive for the readers.

Vampire Book Club: We had a long lag between Through the Veil and Veil of Shadows. You were definitely busy in the interim, but what brought you back to Ishtan and its rebel fighters?

Shiloh Walker: Well, I’d always planned to write more in that world…it was basically a matter of timing with the publisher, deadlines and that sort of thing.  It wasn’t ever pushed to the side, it was just a matter of getting it done.

Vampire Book Club: We’ve made the assertion that Lee and Kalen’s relationship in the first book felt more like love at first sight, while Syn and Xan’s relationship felt more realistic by spawning out of what they (at first) thought was lust. Is that a fair assessment? What did you want readers to take away from each of the couples?

Through the Veil (Veil #1) by Shiloh WalkerShiloh Walker: Those who’ve read Lee & Kalen’s story know that Lee & Kalen actually had a history…she just didn’t remember much of it.  And yes, once they were actually able to be together, it was a pretty immediate thing.  I didn’t consciously plan any specific for either book, though… I had the characters in mind, started writing the book and then they take over.

Vampire Book Club: Which of the Veil couples was the most fun to write? Lee and Kalen or Syn and Xan?

Shiloh Walker: Probably Syn & Xan.  I was a little more comfortable in that world this time around-it was more solid in my head and I wasn’t worried as much about the world-building, so I could just enjoy the story.

Vampire Book Club: Will we get a third book in the Veil series? And, if so, can it be about Elina and Morne?

Shiloh Walker: I do have a third book planned, and unless Morne decides to be a bastard again, it’s going to be Elina and Morne, but no promises.  They were actually supposed to be book 2, but Morne wasn’t cooperating.

Vampire Book Club: You always have something new coming out. What are your working on right now and what’s next on your release schedule?

Shiloh Walker: I’m working on the fifth book in my Grimm series and the third book in my romantic suspense trilogy that’s scheduled with Ballantine.

Vampire Book Club: A huge thanks to Shiloh for answering our questions (with paranormal speed no less). She really does always have something new in the works or about to release, so keep an eye on her website for updates.

If you haven’t ordered Veil of Shadows, now is an excellent time. You can find it at The Book Depository or Amazon.

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  1. Viki S. says:

    Very nice interview. I’m awaiting Veil of Shadows right now.

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