Snippet Previews: Alyson Noel’s ‘Dark Flame’ (Immortals #4)


Last updated with latest snippet June 21. New line(s) is in bold.

For those who adore Alyson Noel’s Immortals series, we’ve been following her tweets and spotted excerpts from the forthcoming Dark Flame. (The book comes out next Tuesday, June 22.)

And now for the snippet previews:

“The door swings open and he stands there before me, all sparkly blue eyes, glistening white teeth, and suntanned skin.”

“He smiles, Ouroboros tattoo flashing in & out of view, its beady eyes seeking mine as its tongue slithers about.”

“Welcome to the dark side, Ever, I think you’ll be quite happy here.”

“Summerland contains the possibility of all things.”

“Smiling as I pull him back to me, back to that blazing red field of that long-ago day.”

“I clutch the amulet to my chest as I concentrate on the shimmering, golden veil.”

“So now you’ve seen him. The monster I used to be.”

“Instant Manifestation doesn’t work in these parts.”

We’re getting the impression she’s doing one a day, so we’ll update this post as more excerpts become available. Also, feel free to follow us on Twitter, too.

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