So you think you want a couples showdown?

Which fiction couples are the supernatural equivalent to the Beckhams?

Which fiction couples are the supernatural equivalent to the Beckhams?

Throughout this year’s Alpha Showdown, I’ve had requests for a Couples Alpha Showdown. I like the idea, but there’s just one problem.

Everyone thinks it’s a great idea with Kate and Curran up against Cat and Bones, but no one has suggested any other couples for this potential melee.

How many other paranormal power couples can you think of that you’d really enjoy seeing in battle? Both would need to be fighters — magical or otherwise — for a tag-team style ring match.

If I can get enough suggestions — in the comments below — for power couples, I’ll see about making the Couples Showdown happen.

Obviously, the Kate Daniels duo and Night Huntress married folk are on the list. Who else?

201 Responses to “So you think you want a couples showdown?”

  1. cherry rendel says:

    rose and dimitri. HELL YEAH!!

  2. jennifer says:

    kitty and jeff Katherine “Kitty” Katt

  3. Tgarfield says:

    If you are going to do daddy issues you have to include J.D. Robb’s Dallas and Roark .

  4. Vergi says:

    Eric and Sookie
    Mac and Barrons
    Reyes and Charly (Charlotte)

  5. Betty says:

    Hawke and Sienna
    Rafael and Elena
    Mac and Barrons
    Clay and Elena
    Hope and Karl Marsten
    Jean Claude and Anita Blake
    Richard and Anita Blake
    Mercy Thompson and Adam
    Cat and Bones
    Kate and Curran
    Sookie and Eric

  6. Sandsh says:

    Mircea and Cassie Palmer
    Rule and Lily Yu
    Cullen and Cynna
    Charles and Anna
    Gin Blanco and Owen Grayson

  7. The Bitten series by Kelley Armstrong

    Elena Michaels and Clayton Danvers

  8. Jaysophine says:

    ooohhh all about Mac and Barrons vs Kate and Curran…

  9. Monica says:

    I think to put
    Edward & Bella (twilight)
    Alice & Jasper (twilight)
    Rosalie & Emmett (twilight)
    Carlisle & Esme (twilight)
    Rose & Dimitri (vampire academy)
    Lissa & Christian (vampire academy)
    Sydney & Adrian (vampire academy/bloodlines)
    Angel & Gabriel (vampire heart, taste of royal blood)
    Angel & Logan (vampire heart, taste of royal blood)

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