Join VBC at Reading Until Dawn Con Next October

Join VBC at Reading Until Dawn Con Next October I love reader conventions. The initial draw of reader conventions is the chance to meet your favorite authors. This is always such a blast, especially as many authors aren’t able to do book tours. Meeting them in person and getting a book signed is a treat, but at conventions centered on authors interacting with readers you get the opportunity to actually hang out with them. The first time I attended a...

Alpha Showdown 2013 Bracket

Alpha Showdown 2013 Bracket Alpha Showdown will return for its third year on May 15. We’re already getting excited here. I spent several hours tallying your nominations, and the official bracket for Alpha Showdown 2013 is below (you’ll want to click to make it bigger). We have more urban fantasy characters than usual, and it’s nice to see some fresh blood in the mix. In addition to the normal voting melee, I’m adding a contest with...

Fangirl squeals and Authors After Dark

Fangirl squeals and Authors After Dark I’m heading out to the Authors After Dark convention in New Orleans today. I even bought two cute new dresses for the occasion. I’m that kind of excited. There are a ton of perks to events like this. For me, it’s mostly about getting to spend time with some of my favorite online friends — authors and bloggers alike. Expect photos. However, it also means finally getting to meet favorite authors. At AAD, I...

Find us on Shadowkissed.com today

Lily from Shadowkissed.com, a Vampire Academy fan site, has asked us to suggest great books for fans of VA on her blog each month. How could we say no? Our first recommendation — for Evernight by Claudia Gray — is up today. Here’s a snippet: As they fall for each other, their secrets begin to surface. She’s what he’s been taught to hate. He is out to take her away from everything she knows. Add a second...

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