Top 3 couples who make us work for it


Blood Rights by Kristen PainterThis month’s group read — Kristen Painter’s Blood Rights — has characters with chemistry that pops off the page. Only they aren’t a couple.

Chrysabelle and Mal’s interactions ripple with tension and unspoken desire. They like each other, but both think it’s a bad idea. The complexity of their fight against intimacy is made exponentially complicated by the fact Chrysabelle needs Mal’s saliva to keep existing. Normally, she’d get that through a bite when he fed on her coveted Comarré blood, but Mal refuses to drink from anyone. That means they need to kiss. And pretend that doesn’t stir up emotions.

With action scenes — think fight training — and being locked away in a bedroom together, the electricity between these two continually increases. As a reader I kept wanting them to admit something, but they’re not ready. You see, Painter is like so many of my other favorite authors in giving us the slow build. I highly doubt she’ll let all that chemistry go to waste in the forthcoming books in the series, but Painter is going to make us wait for it. Chrysabelle and Mal are going to have to come to terms with their emotions before the sparks fly.

So many hero/heroine duos have stifling sexual tension and a handful have authors who know how to make us work for it.

Three of my favorite couples who made us work for it:

When everything changed for Ethan and Merit...

When everything changed for Ethan and Merit...

Merit and Ethan. Chloe Neill made a pair who constantly challenge one another in her Chicagoland Vampires series (first book: Some Girls Bite). Half the time they hate each other. And just like Merit, we keep thinking about Ethan being an asshole, but remembering those moments of honesty… and those stunning green eyes.

Rose and Dimitri. Richelle Mead made us wait three long books in a will they, won’t they battle in her Vampire Academy series (first book: Vampire Academy). He’s seven years her senior and while he’s admitted his interest, he recognized the importance of staying apart. But the chemistry sizzled, and it was undeniable that these two were kindred spirits. In solo sparring sessions, the electricity between the two was palpable. When these two finally come together every reader offers an audible “finally.”

MacKayla and Barrons. In Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series, her characters may eventually be in love, but they won’t say it. At first Barrons is cruel to MacKayla, finding her naive and only mildly useful. As things progress we see is affection in his reactions to her trip to Faery, his need to protect her and keep her safe. And, yet, he fights to keep his distance. He doesn’t want to be loved. (Also, apparently has issues with nice girls baking cakes for him.) All that said, their chemistry — even from the first book Darkfever — is undeniable. And when things finally come together for these two, it can only be described as explosive.

What about you? Which couples were worth the wait? Who frustrated you the most?

20 Responses to “Top 3 couples who make us work for it”

  1. Line says:

    Uhh I would definitely have to say Kate and Curran belong here. Ever since the “here kitty, kitty” you just knew those two would clash – with amazing chemistry. Also the attraction between Justine and Packard is palpable in the dissillusionist trilogy – Can’t wait to see what’s in store for those two in the final book. Finally I would very much like to see some alone time for Royce and Shia in the next novel from Jess Haines! Her last book had med speachless!

  2. Carol says:

    I agree with those top three, and would add Trent and Rachel. Kim Harrison is STILL making us work for it!!!

  3. Karen says:

    I agree with line – Kate & Curran. That took FOREVER!! lol

  4. But it was oh so fantastic once Kate & Curran got together. 🙂

  5. Missie says:

    One word: Qhuay!

    Will they ever get their HEA? I hope so.

  6. Read Phoenix says:

    I haven’t read Darkfever, but I completely agree with your top two! I too think Kate and Curran should be up there!
    Great stuff,

  7. cibele says:

    I don’t know if it will be worth the wait, but I can guarantee the wait is HUGE for Qhuay on my part.

  8. Airy says:

    I am still mad at Barrons for destroying that cake!

  9. denise says:

    yeeeeesaaahh mac and barrons! barrons rraaawwwrrrr 😉 i love these books so much <3 <3 <3

  10. Frances says:

    Two Words: Blaylock and Qhuinn
    And I know how some people are all anti QHUAY…But as for me…that will be the longest..making us all wait for it…romance of the decade!

  11. Andie says:

    My all-time favorite 3 couples are

    1) Cat & Bones (Night Huntress)
    2) Elena & Raphael (Guild Hunter)
    3) Mac &Barrons (Fever)

    Books about them are always worth the wait!!

  12. Danielle says:

    I have to agree Kate and Curran but Trent and Rachel have been killing me for a long long time talk about a build up.

  13. Noreen says:

    Reading a lot of Blaylock and Qhuinn comments and have to agree with them all. Like reading their story in all the BDB books but hoping they get a book of their own because there is just not enough of thier story in the little snippets we get in between everyone else stories. Can’t wait for them to finally get their HEA.

  14. I totally agree on Mac and Barrons, when I saw the beginning of this post my first thought was “Barrons” 😉 So glad I wasn’t the only one.. the sexual tension between those two drove me MAD! I also agree about Kate and Curran! I also think Adam and Mercy.. it wasn’t as long as some but it seemed like forever before she gave in and that drove me crazy!

  15. charlie p says:

    Rose and Dimitri are at the top of my list. I love Richelle’s work, but at times I almost felt physical pain thanks to her plot twists and cliff-hanger endings. Not only do you have to wait 3 books for the two of them to finally get together, you then have to deal with 1-Dimitri turning Strigoi and his hunting Rose down after her failed attempt to kill him, 2-Adrian, and 3-Dimitri’s amazing need to turn down anything that makes him happy. To make it worse, Adrian is such an amazing guy that I finally started thinking that Rose’s story without Dimitri would be acceptable, and then I had to deal with his heart breaking. Not to fear, though, i get the feeling Sydney can and will do something about that…

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