Vampire Academy Poll: Moroi, dhampir or strigoi?


Vampire Book Club Group ReadEarly on in the first Vampire Academy book we learn about the different types of vampires in the VA world. First we have the moroi, who are the living vampires. They don’t kill to feed, but do drink human blood to survive. Moroi are slender and very pale. Think model-like with boyish figures. Also, these living vampires can wield elemental magic.

Then we have the dhampirs, who are half vampire, half human. (Yes, this is their make up even if their parents are dhampir and moroi. Rose doesn’t get it, neither do we.) The dhampirs have curves and are more muscular — which makes sense as they are the guardians for moroi. While not vampires, dhampirs get to have heightened speed, strength and endurance.

Finally, we have the strigoi. Dead vampires. Evil vampires. They kill to feed and are remorseless. (We’re only including them on this poll because we know some of you want to be evil.)

So, which would you want to be: moroi, dhampir or strigoi?

Don’t forget, Vampire Academy is this month’s group read to help get everyone started on our Vampire Academy series reading challenge (which has awesome prizes).

11 Responses to “Vampire Academy Poll: Moroi, dhampir or strigoi?”

  1. Dhampir all the way! <3

  2. Tynga says:

    Dhampir all the way. Is there another way to go honestly?

  3. Jenny says:

    I love this series. I can’t wait for Last Sacrifice! I need my Dimitri fix:)

  4. Cem says:

    Dhampir, no question.

    @Jenny me too!! <3 Dimitri

  5. Nachtangel says:

    I was tempted to be a Moroi, because of the magic, but they don’t get to use it -.- so Dhampir all the way <3
    Also I'd miss my boobs way too much if I was a Moroi XD

    • Agreed on that last bit. I think we both already have the dhampir bodies — now if we could just get the superior strength, etc.

      • Nachtangel says:

        Haha definitely, I wouldn’t mind being completely kick-ass although I’m wondering, Rose is pretty busty, but what if she was even more so, wouldn’t that get in the way of fighting? I mean mine hurt after running down the stairs! XD (too much info sorry XD)

  6. I’m with you ladies — dhampir. And, no, it doesn’t hurt that Dimitri is also dhampir…

  7. Aashna says:

    Dhampirs all the way! I LOVE Dimitri! <3

  8. Kate says:

    BN would not let me post my review of Vampire Academy so here it is

    Now, I have read many vampire book/series over the years and none of them I enjoyed as much as this one. The main thing that I loved about it is how the characters are so relateable. Rose and Lissa are a great example of the meaning “Best Friend”. They are always there for each other. the bond between them brings a very interesting twist to the story.

    OH and then there is the whole Student/Teacher relationship conflict between Rose and Dimitri; the sexy, badass Russian school guardian. This whole subplot makes the story edgy and exiting.

    Another thing is the consepts of Moroi- Living Vampire, Dehampire- Half human and half vampire and that happens when a Moroi vampire mates with a human or dehampire. oh and Strigoi- undead vampires; they are made and live to destroy the Moroi race. It is the job of the Dehampires to learn to be guardians and protect the Moroi form the Strigoi and that is what Rose is learning to be for Lissa( a Moroi)


  9. moroiangel says:

    I’m a moroi. I beg to differ with that comment that says we CANT use our magic. We CAN we’re just not SUPOSED to. There is a diffrence. It’s nice to know there are so many dhampirs out there. My brother is always complaining about how his guardian and my best friends are the only dhampirs he gets to see in action and thats only when their sparing. As you can tell my whole family are huge Va supporters. I live in a house full of winey Moroi LOL.


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