VBC Beach Reads: Amber picks Melissa Marr, Charlaine Harris and Patricia Briggs


A Note from Chelsea / VBC: All the suggested poolside reading lists we see online point to cheeky contemporary novels or lighthearted romps. Well, at VBC we know there are plenty of books featuring paranormal elements, badass heroines and sexy heroes that are perfect for reading out under the sun. So, of course, we’ve decided to do our own Beach Reads picks. Each Friday for the next several weeks, we’ll share one VBC reviewers picks for the ultimate beach reads. Today Amber offers up some urban fantasy done right and a charming YA.

Wicked Lovely by Melissa MarrAMBER’S BEACH READ PICKS

Folks, let me tell you something: I do not tan; I burn. Badly. So on my summer camping trips you can be sure to find me under the shadiest tree with a cool breeze coming off the lake and a good book in hand. A good book like…

Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely #1) by Melissa Marr
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This book accompanied me on a camping trip a few years back and I read most of it while on the trip. While it may feature a frosted flower on the cover, this book is definitely what I’d call a summer read as Keenan, the Summer King, searches to find his Summer Queen so he may gain his full powers and finally throw off the Winter Queen’s chilly grip on the world.

Aislinn has always seen faeries, which tend to displease the mischievous and deadly fae. Her grandmother has taught Aislinn several rules to live by and so far they’ve kept her safe. Unfortunately, her grandmother’s rules can’t keep her safe from the Summer King who has set his sights on her.

This book was a fast read and I loved every moment of it. It’s worth the read and definitely worth a re-read this summer. (Check out the VBC review of Wicked Lovely)

Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) by Charlaine Harris
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I’m sure most of our readers here are familiar with the Sookie Stackhouse novels, especially with True Blood season 6 on the air, but Dead Until Dark is such a great read that I thought it’d be a good idea to take it all back to the beginning. Sookie is just such an optimistic character. She’s like a little ray of sunshine on a sunny day, which might explain why the new vampire in town is so drawn to her.

Unfortunately, a rash of murders has broken out in little Bon Temps and it soon becomes clear that Sookie is a target. She will have to use all of her resources, including her ability to read minds, to stay alive.

Moon Called (Mercedes Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs
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Patricia Briggs is one of my favorite authors, so of course one of her books would make my list of poolside picks. Mercedes Thompson is a coyote shifter among wolves, but that doesn’t mean she’s going let them boss her around. Ever true to Coyote’s trickster nature, rather than fight for dominance among the werewolves, Mercy uses crafty and sly tricks to make it known that she’s not going to let some Alpha, no matter how sexy he may be, give her orders. When a new drug been found to successfully subdue werewolves, it’s up to Mercy to step up and save the Columbia Basin Pack.

I love Mercy. She’s a refreshing character. Being a VW mechanic, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. She’s not the type of heroine to sit around and let the big, strong man save the day. She may not be as powerful as the wolves, but that doesn’t mean she’s isn’t as headstrong. The ways she lets the Alpha know she isn’t under his thumb, like quirky banter and leaving a dirty, beat up, run down old car right in front of his perfect view, are just the sort of shenanigans needed to keep the book fun and give readers something to laugh about.

These books are just the start of their own series and I’d certainly recommend any of their sequels to fill the rest of your summer days. Enjoy your summer and make sure to use plenty of sunscreen!

2 Responses to “VBC Beach Reads: Amber picks Melissa Marr, Charlaine Harris and Patricia Briggs”

  1. Lee says:

    These are such wonderful picks! All three books I loved and all three books started an obsession in me to read the rest of the series which is perfect for a summer read.

  2. I’m convinced Dead Until Dark is the perfect poolside read. (Sookie would approve, you know.) Maybe it’s the Southern charm, but it has that sweet undercurrent, a bit of mystery and a handsome vampire. (I may be Team Eric now, but who didn’t like Bill in the first book?)

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