VBC Wants to Know: Which supporting characters make you swoon?

Catcher Bell

Yep, that's how we picture Catcher.

When I read the first Chicagoland Vampires book, Some Girls Bite, Ethan Sullivan was not my favorite of the guys in the book. It’s hard to believe now, when Mr. Green Eyes is making our Top 10 Swoon-Worthy Heroes for 2011. Still, in the first book I had eyes for Catcher Bell. While Ethan had the alpha mentality readers often go for, Catcher is this blend of powerful and funny that’s just charming. Also, the series’ heroine Merit isn’t interested in him at all. He ends up dating her best friend, and she’s just fine with that.

Has this happened to you? While reading a novel you’re attracted to the hero, sure, but another character — be it a beta-type guy, a sidekick or even the villain — is the one you want to know more about. I know of many people, including our new reviewer Candace, who would fall over themselves for some alone time with Vlad from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series (and soon his own spin-off Once Burned).

It makes sense for this to happen in series romance where each book has a different hero and heroine, like the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. But what about stand-alone novels or series with the same heroine throughout?

VBC wants to know...

I would love to know just which supporting characters catch your attention, and would you want them to get their own spin-off series like Vlad?

30 Responses to “VBC Wants to Know: Which supporting characters make you swoon?”

  1. Barbara A. says:

    Yeah, definitely!
    Vlad, oh yes!
    Lassiter, from the BDB.
    Scott Grey and Catcher Bell, from CVS.
    Stefan and Samuel, from Mercy Thompson Series.
    Jim Shrapshire, from Kate Daniels Series.
    Ryodan and Christian MacKeltar, from the Fever Series.
    Illium and Jason, from GH Series.
    Carter and Roman, from Succubus Series.

  2. alex says:

    BDB: I liked darius from the start, but then Tohrment was my favorite brother
    Night Huntress: Spade, hands down; did not ever care for Vlad
    Grave Wtich series: Falin or even Death
    Fever Series: I am still in in love with Barrons
    sookie stackhouse: Alcid

  3. Christine says:

    Since it’s supporting (not main) characters, here are mine:

    Fever – Most definitely Christian (his one line in Shadowfever sealed it for me!!!)
    BDB – Have to agree with Lassiter, can’t wait to learn more about him!
    Night Huntress – Mencheres has always intrigued me (and lived up to my expectations in his NHW book!) I never thought of Vlad as a hottie, but the brief teaser that Jeaniene put out for “Once Burned” is giving me second thoughts!
    Demonica/Lords of Deliverance – Reaver (maybe it’s an angel thing?)

  4. Autumn M says:

    I think I fall for the supporting male characters more often than the main male roles.

    1. Jace – Shifters series (favorite of all time!)
    2. Pritkin – Cassandra Palmer series
    3 Trent – The Hollows
    4. Cormac – Kitty Norville
    5. Adrian – Vampire Academy
    6. Roman – Georgina Kincaid
    7. Cole – Mercy Falls Wolves

  5. Mel Thomas says:

    I have a tendency to prefer secondary characters even though I love the hero. Maybe it’s because you know less about them and it makes them more intriguing. Takes Bones for instance. He has it all; sex appeal, snarky attitude, mad skills in the bedroom and he’s a hell of a fighter but the second the Bloody Showhound walked onto the page I was hooked. Vlad just totally sets my world aflame and I can’t wait for his series.

    There are many secondary PNR characters I’m really looking forward to reading about (hello Lothaire!) but as far as UF goes (other than the yummy Vlad) I love Samuel from the Mercy Thompson series and think he deserves his own book. I know it won’t happen but a girl can always dream. I also have a thing for Ivy Tamwood from the Hollows and have been thrilled with the stuff written from her POV. Sometimes those secondary characters just need to be heard and I’m glad that some of my favorites have been given the opportunity.

  6. Coleen says:

    I have several favorites that match Autum’s:

    Pritkin – Cassandra Palmer series, Trent – The Hollows, Cormac – Kitty, Norville, Adrian – Vampire Academy, and Roman – Georgina Kincaid. But I also find these guys intriguing….

    Tate from the Night Huntress books, Shame and Terric from the Allie Beckstrom books, Stefan from Mercy Thompson, Jason from Anita Blake, and Adrian from the Fallen Angels.

    I’m sure there are more but I need to get back to work, LOL.

  7. Missie says:

    WOW! That’s the same guy I cast as Catcher in my BB post last week. GREAT MINDS!!!! And same here, I loved Catcher and even Morgan way better than Ethan.

    My all time favorite secondary character from last year was Leif Helgarson from The Iron Druid Chronicles. I’d love to see him in his own series. I bet it’d be fun,

  8. shannonB. says:

    I have loved Spade since the day Cat whipped his ass in Bones’ cave in Ohio!

  9. Marina says:

    Although I’m not a big fan of the Guild Hunter Series one of my favorites characters is Bluebell a.k.a Illium!!! But my all time – absolutelly – undisputed favorite side character is Derek from the Kate Daniels series!!! I love that tormented hero and I anticipate every mention of his name!

  10. Mandi says:

    Catcher! Bluebell!

    Lassiter *grins*

    But my most favorite secondary character ever – Bran from Patricia Briggs.

  11. Victoria Sloboda says:

    It’s Vlad for me as a secondary character. That will change soon when his book is released and he’s the main character :).

  12. Tori says:

    Oh, so many guys so little time.

    Of course Catcher from CVS. My bluebell & Jason (GH Angel) Vlad, Bran, Derek (KD), Rainier (Anne rice BJ series), Christian (KMM Fever), Von (Makers Song), Rex (Charlie Madigan)

  13. Pamela says:

    Shame from Devon Monk’s Allie Beckstrom series! LOVE HIM!!!!!!

  14. Oh Catcher makes me week 🙂

    that is all

  15. Ruby says:

    Forget Catcher and Ethan! It’s Gabe who makes me swoon. I love me some werewolf.

  16. Lesley says:

    My two are Derek from Kate Daniels and Trent from The Hollows, I swoon over those two hotties.
    I definetly don’t swoon over Bump from Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghost (honest I really don’t!) but I want to know more about him.

  17. Melanie says:

    I love Bump from the Downside series (might not be the best to look at, but I love him anyway)
    Adam from Mercy Thompson
    Vlad from Night Huntress
    Rhage and V from BDB
    I know people will bitch about this, but: Nathianal, Jason and Jean-Claude from Anita Blake
    Frost and Dolye from Merry Gentry

  18. Cynde says:

    Iron King series: Puck
    Night Huntress series: Spade
    Anita Blake series: Jason
    Succubus series: Carter
    Vampire Academy series: Adrian
    Sookie Stackhouse series: Sam as a friend (Although my fav for Sookie is Eric)
    BDB series: Blay

  19. Lu Dianni says:

    SPADE wins hands down! He’s totally my man and like others, I wasnt that drawn to Vlad. Spade is always in the room with me, he’s my monitors ‘wallpaper’ – he’s my hunk.

  20. Carol says:

    1. Trent from the Hollows
    2. Shame from Allie Beckstrom
    3 Stefan and Bran from Mercy Thompson

  21. Doreen says:

    Definetly Pritkin from the Cassie Palmer series

  22. Andie says:

    1) Night Huntress: Vlad
    2) Guild Hunter Series: Illium
    3) Blood Moon Trilogy: Lucien
    4) Vampire Academy: Adrian
    5) Merry Gentry: Galen & Frost

  23. Anne R says:

    Good question…I go weak in the knees over Spade! And as a bonus, Ian is growing on me a little more lately.

  24. Kayla Robichaux says:

    Fo some reason Im always attracted to the really bad ones~ Like when I first started reading JR Ward I was immediately in love with Zadist. And I just started Lara Adrian’s series, and Im already looking forward to Tegan’s book. I guess Im a sucker for the bad boys of the group.

  25. Deanna P says:

    Illium from Guild Hunter, Vlad from Night Huntress, Pritkin from Cassandra Palmer, Reaver from BDB, Paine from Rhyannion series by J.A. Saare

  26. Vanessa says:

    There most appealing/intriguing secondary characters for me have been:

    1. Trent from The Hollows
    2. Ian from The Night Huntress
    3. Christian McKeltar from the Fever series

    Also, I LOVED Rhevenge from his first mention in the BDB series.

  27. Vicki says:

    Definitely and always Vlad!!!

    Stefan from Mercy
    Jace from Shifters

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