We cast the Vampire Academy movie

Sophia Bush

Could Sophia Bush be our Rose Hathaway?

Last week Richelle Mead announced Vampire Academy has been optioned for a film by Preger Entertainment. (You may all cheer now.) Options are just that, though. The film is in the baby phase of producers pitching it to studios. So, while it may or may not happen (read Richelle’s reminder about not getting our hopes up), we can all start thinking about our dream cast.

It’s time to play armchair casting director! We nudged a few of you on Twitter for your suggestions, added our own, and here are the top picks for actors to portray our three leads: Rose, Dimitri and Lissa.

Rose Hathaway
Dhampir. Fiesty. Stubborn.

1. Sophia Bush (pictured top right). You know her from the TV series One Tree Hill. (Shhh! She was also in that movie John Tucker Must Die.)

Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes as Dimitri? Maybe.

2.  Nikki Reed. Don’t be like that, readers. She is more than Twilight, and can be hard a la Thirteen. My only concern is she may not be able to look young enough. Remember, she’s naturally a brunette (see what we mean).

3. Missy Peregrym. She’s been on a slew of TV shows including Reaper and Life as We Know It and starred in the movie Stick It. (See a photo)

Dimitri Belikov
Guardian. Russian. Controlled.

1. Ben Barnes (pictured right). Prince Caspian could pull off that Eastern European accent, right?

2. Taylor Kitsch. You’ve seen him in on TV’s Friday Night Lights and the X-Men prequel movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine (he played Remy LeBeau). Enough talk, just view the picture.

Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron: From cheerleader to reluctant royal?

Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir
Moroi. Royalty. Spirit User.

1. Hayden Panettiere. The cheerleader from Heroes has the Moroi look (photo).

2. Julianna Guill. Lesser known, for sure. She’s been on TV in short runs and in movies like Friday the 13th, but we’ll but her in the maybe pile for Lissa. (See the photo)

3. Dianna Agron (pictured right). Another cheerleader, this time from Glee. While on the show her look is more fierce than Lissa would ever want, she has the right Moroi physique and can look very soft. If you’re going to be Lissa you need to be a bit willow-y.

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243 Responses to “We cast the Vampire Academy movie”

  1. b says:

    Chris Hemsworth for Dimitri. Watch him in Snow White and the Huntsman and tell me you disagree. He’s like 6’5 built, can pull off long hair in a ponytail and wear a long duster!!! Dimitri needs to look like a god and be intimidating, not a baby face like this ben dude.

  2. little says:

    I liked Sophia and Missy for rose. Dimitri Ben Barnes, and I really thought that Dianna looked like a good Lissa but can they pull of there character? Rose has a veryhard personality to matter and if played wrong the movie will suck. 🙁 and I don’t want it to suck..

  3. Kriss says:

    Rose Hathaway – Sophia Bush
    Dimitri Belikov – Ben Barnes
    Lissa Dragomir – Blake Lively or Taylor Momsen
    Adrian Ivaskov – Chace Crawford
    Sydney Sage – Claire Holt
    Mia Rinaldi – Anasophia Robb or Sasha Pieterse
    Eddie Castile – Josh Hutcherson
    Mason Ashford – Jeremy Sumpter or Dustin Milidan
    Janine Hathaway – Julianne Moore
    Natalie Dashkov – Emily Browning
    Jesse Zeklos – Jesse Mccartney
    Natalia Tasha Ozera – Zooey Deschanel
    Avery Lazar – Emma Roberts

  4. Kriss says:

    Rose Hathaway-Sophia Bush
    Dimitri Belikov-Ben Barnes
    Lissa Dragomir-Dianna Agron or Julianna Guill or Blake Lively
    Adrian Ivashkov-Chace Crawford
    They must be!!!!

  5. Rose says:

    Rose- Megan Fox
    Dimitri- Channing Tatum <3
    Lissa- Taylor Swift?
    My real name is Rose H. Crazy right?! And I have her features and attiude lol, so weird! And I picked this book up by accident…coincidence?

  6. Rosemary G says:

    Dimitri- Ben Barnes
    Rose- Nikki Reed
    Lisa- Maggie Grace
    Abe- Johnny Depp
    Queen Tatiana- Charlize Theron
    Adrian- Chace Crawford
    Christian- Logan Lermann
    Mason- Michael Welch
    Tasha- Elizabeth Reaser
    Victor- George Clooney
    Nathalie- Lucy Hale
    Sydney- Dakota Fanning
    Janine- Bryce Dallas
    Mrs carpe- Penelope cruz
    Mia-Anna Sophia Robb

    :):) love this cast!

  7. Britt says:

    Given the options, I decided with:
    Rose – Missy Peregrym, she’s tough and definitely looks the part and can pull off the fighting stunts as well.
    Dimitri – Taylor Kitsch, he can pull off the look and the stunts.. Ben looks more cute rather than intimidating.
    Lissa – Dianna Agron, looks graceful and like a princess..not sure how the acting will pull off.

  8. Ben Barnes-Dimitri <3

  9. Angel says:

    NO SOphia bush… NEVER …. Shes not 17 yrs old… Someone like Megan fox or Nina dobrev

  10. Katie says:

    I don’t have a clear idea in my mind of the actors who should play these characters, because the truth is no one will ever compare to who they are in my head. Richelle Mead has done a phenomenal job creating and evolving these characters who change constantly in my mind. Every time i re-read the books they are different because I’ve noticed something new or taken something in a different way.
    My major problem with many of the actors people have envisioned, is the faces and body types. So many of the actors people are looking at for Rose have the right hair and the right builds but their faces are too petite and perfect to portray Rose properly. Lissa is the petite one and people have started to choose busty curvy actors to play her.
    When it come down to it we need to trust that Richelle Mead who invented the characters and has her own image of them all in her mind will choose people we feel fit as well… I mean Suzanne Collins managed okay with the Hunger Games, right?

  11. jen says:

    OMG Chris Hemsworth would be perfect!!! Accent and tall and hotttt! Pleaseee cast him to play dimitri!!!!

  12. Jennifer says:

    I feel the Sophia doesn’t have the tough core act. Even though I love her as an actress, I felt that Lyndsy Fonseca is a better fit for Rose from seeing the way she acts in Nikita. And I think Diana matches Lissa perfectly, but I’m still unsure about Dmitri. I feel like no one can portray him exactly the way he was written. Although I haven’t seen Ben Barnes in action before, if he does get cast, and if the movie does get directed, I hope he does a good job. I hope they all do a good job.

  13. rosie says:

    rose-lyndsy fonseca
    dimitri-ben barnes
    lissa-amber heard
    adrian-hayden christian

  14. Tina says:

    Cant wait till the movie comes out!! Get to see it for my b-day!!

  15. Lexie says:

    Dimitri- Ben Barnes OR Ian Somerhalder(I know he’s not on there but he’s an amazing actor)
    Rose- Sophia bush
    Lissa- Diana agron

    Totally either Ian(plays Damon Salvatore from the vampire diaries) or Ben for the role of dimitri they both are great actors and fit the image I had for dimitri while reading the books.
    I think that Diana agron totally fits what I had for Lissa in the books.
    Adrien- chance Crawford


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