What questions do you need answered in Shadowfever?


2011 Winter Book Preview: Vampire Book ClubIf you’re a regular reader, you know we fell into an addiction with the Fever series. The urban fantasy series is an enticing blend of dark fantasy, a strong heroine, a cryptic (and often frustrating) hero, adventure and mystery.

The final novel in Karen Marie Moning’s series focusing on MacKayla Lane and Jericho Barrons, Shadowfever, comes out on Jan. 25, 2011, and we’re dying for answers. And with the way things ended in Dreamfever, there are numerous questions left dangling.

Shadowfever by Karen Marie MoningOur question for you: What one question do you most need answered?

For us, it’s easy. We want to know just what Barrons is. We know he’s not what we thought, but the man has refused to give us even a hint. (Second choice question would be just who/what was killed at the end of Dreamfever?

This may be crazy talk, but in the event you have yet to pre-order Shadowfever, both the Book Depository and Amazon are offering stellar pre-order prices.

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Also, Hanging with Bells is putting together a post on what others are planning for the Shadowfever release. If you’re making arrangements to take off work and read the whole day, make sure to hit Bells up.

5 Responses to “What questions do you need answered in Shadowfever?”

  1. Cindy McCune says:

    I think you nailed it: WHAT is Barrons? Is he good guy for Mac or bad guy in the grand scheme of things?

  2. Bells says:

    OMG OMG OMG! I cannot wait to finally know who Barrons really is! Maybe learn his real name and learn about his past! Is he the Unseelie King and what happened during that time. Why does he keep going into the silvers? Is he going back in time to be with her? I am obsessed I tell you, OBSESSED!!!

  3. srbastian says:

    I think more than anything else, what the heck is Barrons (other than totally and ridiculously hot!)? Also, who actually killed Alina?

  4. I need to know what Barrons is, what was killed in the mirrors, and who killed Alina. That is all. 🙂


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