Win It Wednesday: Signed, Advanced Copy of Lost Souls by Chelsea Mueller


Lost Souls by Chelsea Mueller (Soul Charmer #3) // VBCThe third book in Chelsea Mueller’s Soul Charmer series comes out in a month. A month, y’all.

That’s my book. I always try to be upfront about this part. 🙂

Lost Souls brings a big punch of soul magic and even bigger changes at the Soul Charmer’s emporium. It’s always weird talking about your own books, though, so I’ll tell you that Kelly from Reading the Paranormal says:

“Gem City is dangerous and deadly and all sorts of other things and I’m enjoying my time here. Souls, a little bloodshed, and some darkly intricate plots have made this series a blast so far.”

She also used heart eyes when talking about Callie and Derek’s relationship in this book. Just sayin’.

So who deserves dibs on an early, signed copy of Lost Souls? A VBC reader, obviously. Y’all have been with me for damn near a decade. So I’ve got shiny paperbacks in my hands, and I want to sneak one out early to one of you. Standard Win It Wednesday deal here. Enter below. Open internationally. I’ll personalize the book to the winner and probably sneak some new swag into the package because that’s what I do.

…and if you can’t wait, pre-orders are super rad.


Get out of Hell free card? Not for Callie Delgado, Gem City’s newest soul charmer. Sin and salvation collide in this gritty and action-packed urban fantasy. 

Callie’s magic is finally her own. She and Derek dispatched Ford. They should have been able to breathe, but layers of sin run deep beneath Gem City. Another mob boss quickly rises, and his sights are firmly set on Callie–and her family.

Mobile soul rental shops begin to bite at the Soul Charmer’s business. His retribution is wicked, but the blowback threatens to crush Callie. If she can’t maintain the tenuous balance of souls in Gem City, more lives will be lost.

Only the more magic she uses, the more danger finds her. A break-in, pools of blood, and bare shelves at the Soul Charmer’s store force Callie to choose the fates of others.

But which can she live with? Losing her city, her love, her family …or her very soul?


One lucky winner will receive a signed, early copy of Lost Souls by Chelsea Mueller. Fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter. Standard VBC rules apply. You do not have to share on social media, but if you do you get bonus entries. Same goes for the email sign-up, which will get you VBC stuff, book recs, and book updates from Chelsea Mueller.

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15 Responses to “Win It Wednesday: Signed, Advanced Copy of Lost Souls by Chelsea Mueller”

  1. wendy says:

    Currently reading BR Kingsolver Chameleon series. Super good.

  2. Viki S. says:

    The Wicked King by Holly Black.

  3. Liz S says:

    Currently reading Redeemer by CE Murphy. Looking forward to reading Lost Souls!

  4. Aliyah says:

    So I am reading Truthwitch by Susan Dennard and hoping the end gives me some resolution (I know the next book comes out in February but waiting is hard) .

  5. JESSIE says:

    Summoned to Thirteenth Grave by Darynda Jones. I am gonna miss Reyes and Charlie so much! Wah!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Alien Bride by Tracy Lauren

  7. Tiffany Williams says:

    Currently reading Twelfth Grave by Darynda Jones.

  8. Betul says:

    The Ottoman Centuries by Lord Kinross.

  9. Dawn M. Roberto says:

    currently reading Leverage In Death to get in the mood for the next book, Connections In Death. Then The Last Second by Catherine Coulter and JT Ellison is next for review.

  10. Elaine G says:

    I am reading Triple Knockout by Jodi Redford

  11. Lynn L says:

    Amanda Bouchet’s NIGHTCHASER

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