Alpha Showdown 2012 Round 6: Curran vs. Hawke


Alpha Showdown 2012 at Vampire Book ClubSure, Round 6 of the Alpha Showdown 2012 pits shifter against shifter, but these are the kind of shifters that wouldn’t agree on anything. We have a lion lord and a wolf leader ready to scratch and claw their way to the Showdown title.

Curran from Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series enters the battle against Hawke from Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series. Two shifters go in. One comes out.

Read the pitches, then make the call. Who should advance to the next round in the Alpha Showdown? The poll at the end of this post will be open for two days, closing at 11:59 p.m. CST on May 20. Remember, alphas don’t share titles. Your votes decide who advances in the Alpha Showdown 2012.




Magic Bites by Ilona AndrewsYou know him from: Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews
First appeared in: Magic Bites (Kelly’s review at On A Book Bender, VBC review, Buy it at Amazon)

Supernatural status: Lion shifter, Bad-Ass Beast Lord

Championed by: Kelly from Reading the Paranormal | @soulswallo

When you hear about a character long before you ever pick up the series, you know they’re Alpha material. And Curran? He’s the Alpha-iest of them all. He commands legions! He has strength and cunning in spades! He is CURRAN! Hear him roar! That’s right, folks, he’s the Alpha’s Alpha and he’s not going to let anyone drag him away from that top spot.

Besides his physical strength, which is very impressive, Curran has stamina. *holds up seven fingers* He’s battled hordes of warriors, a really pissy secret society, and an army of demons and he still has time to romance his lady. The way he stalks his prey puts every other Alpha on the list to shame. He might not be the smoothest shifter on the block, but his technique leaves Kate swooning and I don’t hear her complaining.

Big, smart and ruthless enough to keep the largest band of shifters on the East Coast in line, Curran is more than deserving of the title of 2012 Alpha Showdown Champion!


Kiss of Snow by Nalini SinghYou know him from: The Psy/Changeling series by Nalini Singh
First appeared in: Slave to Sensation, but his book is Kiss of Snow (Sue’s review, Buy it at Amazon)

Supernatural status: Wolf Shifter

Championed by: DaVinciKittie from Grave Tells | @GraveTells

Other shifters tremble at the mention of his name, and those who encroach on SnowDancer lands come back out in pieces… if at all. The only “beast lord” in this den is badass, scary as hell Hawke Snow.

Mated to one of the legendary, extraordinarily lethal X-Psy, and commanding a team of alpha officers, each deadly in his or her own right, this is not a male you want to cross. As the most dominant changeling pack in California and the largest in the U.S., SnowDancer is ferocious, vicious, unforgiving and merciless to its enemies, and Hawke Snow has ruthlessly led his pack since tragedy devastated him at 15. Threatening this alpha wolf is the last mistake you’ll ever make.

But let’s be honest here. As sexy as it is to be bossy, badass and scary, being alpha is about more than that. A good alpha protects his people… but he’s also their rock, their father-figure, the heart and soul of his pack. Whether a pack member needs some TLC or a cub some hands-on lessons with his alpha, Hawke Snow is there in a heartbeat.

Kate got your tongue, Curran? How many lives do you have left anyway? You call those pitiful little nubs claws? Somebody get this kitten a scratching post. Seriously.

Don’t forget your vita-milk kitty cat, because this big bad wolf eats little beasties like you for breakfast.


24 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2012 Round 6: Curran vs. Hawke”

  1. Hannah says:

    Ok, ok, I love Hawke and all…but Curran’s a GODSLAYER. Like, really, he took out a god. In battle. While his people helped him battle said god’s immortal minions who kept getting back up. AND Curran’s a total freaking psycho. At his weakest, straight out of a coma and beat to hell, all he did was roar and the entire castle full of shifters wet themselves in fear. No, there’s simply no competition here.

  2. Margaret says:

    This one is hard because they are both so very Alpha but I think the Alpha needs to have a lot of heart also. While Curran can be loving he is also much harder so I gotta go with Hawker this time.

  3. Curran, DUH! Curran is the definition of ALPHA! 🙂

  4. tolouse says:

    This was hard. Hawke is an alpha, but Curran is the beastlord and rules the alphas, so Curran wins

  5. Faith Hines says:

    I love both of these Alphas dearly, what a tough decision. In the end I had to go with Curran. How many times is he going to be beaten & then basically just get back up. He is ready to do whatever it takes to protect his people, no matter the cost. He is a Godslayer among many other things. Plus, when fully shifted into beast mode he is HUGE! As good as Hawke is I’m pretty sure even he would respect the Big Cat…

    I also wanted to point out that Curran & Hawke are very similar in their leadership styles, although Curran uses a bit of a heavier hand. It’s easier for Hawke to be a bit more personable with his changelings because he only oversees a few hundred our so. Where Curran oversees a few thousand or so…

  6. Julie says:

    Sorry Hawke – I didn’t even think twice when I saw the name Curran.

  7. CdnMrs says:

    Here kitty, kitty…
    I’m sorry is this called the Alpha showdown or the Alpha smackdown, because that is what’s about to happen here. Curran is Beast Lord, not the simply the Wolf Alpha. He’s Alpha of Lions, tigers and bears, hyena, wolves and weasels (don’t discount the weasels they’re wiley).
    Hawke may be gorgeous and loving and bla bla bla but Curran is king.

  8. Lady Jaye says:

    Wow. I love these two dearly…… choices, choices.

  9. kiera says:

    Gotta go with Curran. As others pointed out, he is the king of many Alphas, therefore, in an Alpha Smackdown, he is going to come out on top of any individual Pack’s Alpha. Yes, yes, Hawke is mated to an X-Psy, but Curran has Kate. Yes, Kate, daughter of what damn near amounts to a god. And she’s manifesting more of daddy dearest’s powers every time we turn around. So, sorry: Hawke and his X-psy, as wonderful as they both are (and I’d love to be part of their Pack, BTW), just aren’t going to cut it in a smackdown.

  10. Nicola O. says:

    Oh no, this is the first round where I had to choose between two favorites! I almost think it’s not terribly fair to pit a UF hero against a PNR hero — Curran has had more stage-time to show us what he’s got… in a bad-ass throw down, I think I’d have to go with Curran. Tough, tough choice though.

  11. Readsalot81 says:

    WHY!?!?!? Well the only scenario here.. is that basically it’s a WIN-WIN situation.

    I’ll LOVE whomever wins. That being said, I’ll have to go with his majesty, Curran. FTW! 🙂

  12. saji says:

    But they r two favorites! :O

  13. vinity says:

    Love me some Curran, I don’t see Hawke as even close.

  14. Marina says:

    That’s totally unfair!!!!!’

    How can I vote when I totally LOVE BOTH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I love Curran because he can make Kate purr like a cat and I love Hawke because he has a kink with pink handcuffs.

    I vote for Curran last year so this year I will vote for Hawke!

  15. gabbyg says:


  16. athena says:

    So has to be Curran he’s the alpha of all just not one group

  17. Susan A. says:

    I had to give it to Curran. Nobody can frighten the piss out of people like the Beast Lord. He’s one tough Alpha.

  18. Joanna says:

    Curran didn’t get the title of Beast Lord because he is a good kitty. Hawke may put up a good fight, but in the end only one Alpha will remain standing…Curran.

  19. LynK says:

    Oh my… this is kind of torture for me… how can I pick btw Hawke and Curran?!?!

  20. Peachy says:

    “go home, kiss your wives, hug your children, and put your affairs in order, because tomorrow i will burn your neighborhood to the ground. we will kill you, your families, your neighbors, your pets, and anyone who will stand in our path. an attack on my family will not go unpunished.” (Magic Slays, Curran laying down the smackdown) now don’t get me wrong, hawke’s a bad boy, but curran already had his name on it, lol

  21. KateL. says:

    I really do like Hawke, but there is no way he is more Alpha than Curran!
    I must know it! He is mine!

  22. Curran Lennart says:


  23. Judy Benson says:

    Curran is the best in all ways,,,, and I don’t have to skip over page after paage of his sexual exploits.

  24. Tammie says:


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