Alpha Showdown 2013: Nominations!


VBC: Home of Alpha ShowdownThe Alpha Showdown is my favorite event here at VBC, because readers get so involved. And they’re good-natured smack talk. Well, you will be happy to know it’s time to start the preliminary work for the third annual Alpha Showdown.

A quick explanation for those unfamiliar with our annual May shenanigans (Alpha Showdown 2011, Alpha Showdown 2012). We pit sixteen characters from novels published in the previous year (May 2012-April 2013, in this year’s case) in an NCAA-style bracket. Each day we’ll have great book bloggers championing for their character as he or she goes up against another fan favorite. Readers vote, only one advances. This continues until there is only one left. The first year our winner was Jericho Z. Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. Last year Ilona Andrews’ Curran took the top title.

It’s time to put the call out for nominations. Which characters do you think need to be in this year’s Showdown? Nominations will be taken via comments on this post through March 31. At that time, we’ll pick the top 16 to be placed into the Showdown (and we’ll need bloggers to champion each of them).


  • Leave a comment on this post. Tweets are, of course, encouraged, but only comments on this post will count as official nominations.
  • List up to five characters you believe to be the most alpha from books published May 2012-April 2013. (If you list more than five, I’ll only be counting the first five in your list for nominations.)
  • Encourage your friends to do the same. There’s no rule against telling everyone to come nominate your favorite alpha.

497 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2013: Nominations!”

  1. Libbie says:

    Acheron – Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters
    Kitty – Carrie Vaughn Kitty Series
    Lucien – Lynsay Sands The Argeneau Series
    Wrath – J.R Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood Series
    Faythe Sanders – Rachel Vincent The Shifter Series

  2. Jennifer says:

    1. Without a doubt… Reyes Farrow (Charley Davidson Series) Darynda Jones

  3. Maredith says:

    Loves Reyes Farrow…Son of Satan…he is so hot!

  4. Virginia Tang says:

    Vote for Secret McQueen

  5. Cassi Carver says:

    Sierra Dean’s Secret McQueen. 🙂

  6. Louise Jago says:

    1.Secret McQueen- Sierra Dean
    2.Rachel Morgan- Kim Harrison
    3.Maddy Black- Christina Henry
    4. Mercedes Thompson- Patricia Briggs
    5. Merit- Chloe Neill

  7. Andrea says:

    Sierra Dean’s Secret McQueen all the way!!!

  8. Jessica j says:

    Secret McQueen, from Sierra Dean’s series!

  9. Cortney Dye says:

    Bones, Curran, Reyes, Holden, Ryodan.

  10. Mike S. says:

    Sierra Dean’s Secret McQueen

  11. Nicci Ramsay says:

    Holden from the Secret McQueen series. Sierra Dean rules!

  12. Janie McGaugh says:

    I love a lot of other alpha characters that we’ve seen this year, but these two way out-alpha the others in the past year’s offerings that I have read: Andrews’ Curran and Moning’s Ryodan.

  13. Anastasia says:

    Ryodan from Iced by Karen Marie Moning
    Xcor from Lover at Last by JR Ward

  14. Ann says:

    Vasile — Quinn Loftis
    Bones — Jeaniene Frost
    Jericho Barrens — KMM
    Ethan — Chloe Neill
    Celia Graves — Cat Adams

  15. Murray M. says:

    Secret McQueen and Holden Chancery.

  16. Stephanie WR says:

    OK – just double checked to make sure my nominees were indeed released in 2012.

    Ethan – Chloe Neill
    Trent – Kim Harrison
    Khalil – Thea Harrison
    Atticus O’Shea – Kevin Herne
    Christian MacKeltar – Karen Marie Moning
    Ryodan – Karen Marie Moning
    Jason – Nalini Singh

  17. Melissa says:

    2) Kate Daniels
    3) Secret McQueen
    4) Eric Northman

  18. Teresa says:


  19. tlmfarmgirl says:

    I’d like to vote for Shay and Ren – Andrea Cremer,
    Zsadist and Rhev #BDB
    and Matthew Clairmont-Deborah Harkness

  20. Amy S. says:

    Reyes Farrow–Darynda Jones
    Jericho Barrons–Karen Marie Moning

  21. Amy S. says:

    Dmitri–Guild Hunter series–Nalini Singh
    Terrible–Downside series–Stacia Kane
    Judd Lauren–Psy/Changeling–Nalini Singh

  22. Lisa B says:

    Holden (Secret McQueen series) Sierra Dean
    Desmond ( Secret McQueen Series) Sierra Dean
    Zsadist (BDB) Jr Ward

    Lisa B

  23. Without a doubt, Sierra Dean’s Grave Secret character, Holden. Oh, and Sid. I have a thing for Sid.

    I also love, passionately, irrationally with all my heart the character Reyes Farrow from Darynda Jones’s Charlie Davidson series.

    Fourth has to be Rhage from JR Ward. ZOMG, Rhage. The things I want to do to him and…

    Vishous. He’s my fifth choice. Though he and Rhage are interchangeable. Or tied. Or something. (sigh)

  24. Lilian says:

    Acheron (I think Time Untime counts)
    Vlad Tepesh
    Raphael (Guild Hunter series)
    Eric Northman

  25. kiki says:

    Jericho Barrens — Karen Marie Moning
    Baltic – Katie MacAlister
    Christian Mackelter – Karen Marie Moning

  26. Gaëlle says:

    Curran (kate Daniels serie)
    Judd Lauren (Psy changeling)
    Zsadist (BDB)
    Ryodan (Iced)
    Hawke (Psy changeling)

  27. Jenny says:

    Eric Northman- Sookie Stackhouse novels

  28. Tabitha says:

    Of course the viking Eric Northman

  29. Lilly says:


  30. Judy says:

    Eric or Damon… in the end I will go with Eric

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