Alpha Showdown 2016 Nominations are Open!


VBC: Home of Alpha ShowdownThis year is flying by, and that means it’s already time to start talking about the sixth annual Alpha Showdown. We’ve been doing this for years and years, and it just gets bigger, better, and more fun each time.

What can we say? We like playing favorites.

For those uninitiated—hi, new subscribers!—every may VBC hosts a little battle royale with your favorite alpha characters with tons of giveaways and lots of fun. It’s the VBC version of March Madness, and happens in May each year.

Here’s how it works: VBC readers nominate their favorite characters who exemplify alpha status—leaders, warriors, general badasses—and we place the top 16 vote-getters into an NCAA-style bracket. We’ll have book bloggers champion the nominated characters and matches will be posted on this site where readers will vote on which character advances.

Previous Alpha Showdown champions include J.R. Ward’s Wrath, Darynda Jones’ Reyes, Karen Marie Moning’s Ryodan, Ilona Andrews’ Curran and Moning’s Jericho Z. Barrons. This year’s alphas will need to be fierce to stand alongside our previous champs.

You may nominate any character from any book, regardless of publication date, to the Showdown provided he or she is a central character in a novel with paranormal or supernatural elements (a.k.a paranormal romance and urban fantasy, mostly).

Also, we will have giveaways alongside every step of the Alpha Showdown. We aren’t changing that! (Authors/publishers, ping us if you’re interested in offering prizes.) We utilize Rafflecopter widgets to handle nominations (below!) and the actual voting when the Showdown happens.

To kick off the giveaway action, we’ll pick three people who nominate characters for the Alpha Showdown 2016 to receive their choice of any book VBC has listed in a new release post (all linked here for your prize perusal). Not too shabby, right? (And, yes, it’s open internationally provided the Book Depository can ship to your location.)


  • You can nominate up to three characters.
  • We’ll accept nominations through April 6, 2016.
  • Comments are encouraged (convince people to nominate your favorites), but do not count as nominations. Only those submitted via the Rafflecopter form will be considered.


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90 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2016 Nominations are Open!”

  1. Maggie says:

    I accidentally only entered one nomination. Luckily it was my #1 Alpha! Great comp!

  2. R. Vance says:

    I do this every year but I always hope that Jane Yellowrock and Gin Blanco never end up in the same bracket so Im not forced to decide between them.

  3. Tammy M says:

    Jane Yellowrock kicks butt while protecting the innocent, and has plenty of snark while she’s at it! I love the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter. Great plots and character development that don’t drag out. They grip you from the beginning, and you don’t want to put them down!

  4. Crystal Fairchild says:

    Jane Yellowrock. Faith Hunter is the writer of this series.

  5. I nominated Adam from The Mercy Thomson books by Patricia Briggs

  6. Stephanie F says:

    I nominated Simon Wolfgard (The Others series), Jane Yellowrock and Adam (Mercy Thompson series).

  7. Suzanne RW says:

    My vote goes to Jane Yellowrock, Cherokee skinwalker extraordinaire! For any that don’t know her character, Jane is a shape-shifter who shares her soul with that of a mountain lion. She works in New Orleans, hunting rogue vampires. She is an incredibly strong and complex character. Faith Hunter’s latest novel in this awesome series is coming out next week! Shadow Rites!

  8. Arlis says:

    Maybe we should just have a Female Alpha contest. There are a lot of great strong females out there.

  9. Brad says:

    I voted for the following:
    1. Kate Daniels (I. Andrews/Kate Daniels) – Ilona and Gordon have done such an amazing job with both Curran and Kate Daniels. I love how Kate continues to grow in power but she is still afraid what that power may make her.

    2. Celaena Sardothien/Aelin Galathynius (S. Maas/Glass Throne) – Mrs. Maas has done a great job of expanding Celaena from a teen Assassin with a mystic past to a young, powerful, Queen willing to take on the big bads of her universe to set her people free.

    3. Sydney Sage (R. Meade/Bloodlines) – I really enjoyed the ride Richelle Meade took the readers on with Sydney Sage. How she went from a scared Alchemist who could not sleep with a Dhampir in the room in book 4 of Vampire Academy series. To an ex-Alchamist now witch married to a vampire. In many ways I see Sydney as the personification of what an Alpha should represent.

    If I had a 4th vote I would go with another dark horse Meg Corban. She to me is an Alpha but in a completely different way then all the others that will be nominated. Ms. Bishops character development in the Others series puts it in the elite status for me. From Tess, and the Elementals, to Namids “Teeth and Claws” and how they interact or react when they meet the “Non” Alpha Meg Corban.

    Sorry for my long post.

  10. michelle botwinick says:

    Jane Yellowrock/Beast is most deserving of Alpha status. She/they fight the baddest of the bads, even if survival may not be an option. Protect the weak, build alliances, take charge. Yep, that’s Jane! Book 10 “Shadow Rites” is out in April, but her journey starts with”Skinwalker” by Faith Hunter.

  11. Zee says:

    I nominated Jane Yellowrock (Faith Hunter/Jane Yellowrock Series), Adam Hauptman (Patricia Briggs/Mercy Thompson Series) and Kate Daniels (Ilona Andrews/ Kate Daniels Series)

  12. Mindy Mymudes says:

    Jane Yellowrock (Faith Hunter/Jane Yellowrock) series, Gin Blanco (Elemental Assassin series, Jennifer Estep), Kate Daniels (Ilona Andrews/ Kate Daniels Series)

  13. snapdragon says:

    I chose Nevada Baylor from the Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews. Than I accidentally hit the enter button and I couldn’t enter my other 2 choices.

    Raphael from the Guild Hunters Series by Nalini Singh

    Kate Daniels from the Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews

  14. Brenda R. says:

    Jane Yellowrock is my favorite alpha. She kicks ass! And, she is protective of the weak or innocent, has a strong code of honor, and has a soft spot for her godchildren. She is a Cherokee War Woman and shape-shifter. She also shares her body with the soul of a mountain lion named Beast!

  15. Pam Blome says:

    Mine are: Jane Yellowrock by Faith Hunter, Curran and Kate by Ilona Andrews, and Adam and Mercy by Patricia Briggs. But there are several other favorites that are close behind!

  16. Mervi says:

    I nominated Charles Cornick from the Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs, Kate Daniels from the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews and Jane Yellowrock from the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter.

  17. Amanda says:

    I want this to be the year that Merit faces off against her Master, Darth Sullivan. Let’s make this happen!

  18. Linda Alcorn-Burg says:

    Jane Yellowrock for the win!

  19. Kimberly Curington says:

    Aden Kai, Raphael and Jane Yellowrock. Can’t wait to see who all ends up on the ballots!

  20. Lea Bourg' says:

    Gooood it’s soo hard to choose ><

  21. Jane Yellowrock (Faith Hunter/Jane Yellowrock); Rhiannon (Maggie Shayne/Wings in the Night Reborn); Gin Blanco (Jennifer Estep/Elemental Assassin)

    Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  22. Judith Bienvenu says:

    Jane Yellowrock of course!!

  23. Kit Colbana (Kit Colbana series) by J.C. Daniels (aka Shiloh Walker)
    Simon Wolfguard The Others series by Anne Bishop
    Julius Heartstriker from the Heartstriker series by Rachel Aaron

    Julius Heartstriker is a DRAGON folks. If you haven’t tried this series it is a lot of fun.

    There are some others that I love too, but others are already putting them in. I’m going to stick with some of the lesser known ones.

  24. vcajd says:

    Kate Daniels
    Jane Yellowrock
    Atticus O’Sullivan aka The Iron Druid

    I so look forward to this every year. I always do so much better than with my NCAA bracket 🙂

  25. Nancy says:

    I nominate Connor “Mad” Rogan Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews
    Simon Wolfgang The Orders series by Anne Bishop
    Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews

  26. Sarah says:

    Oh my dear lord, I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING ALL YEAR FOR THIS MOMENT!!!! Wow I absolutely cannot wait, this is my first time actually nominating characters. MAY THE BEST ALPHA WIN!!!!!

  27. I can’t wait for my alphas to kick some a$$!!!

  28. Liz S says:

    Adam Hauptmann-Patricia Briggs
    Jean Claude-Anita Blake series
    Alessi-Dark Promises

  29. Sarah says:

    1. Jericho Barrons from the Fever series because he is dark and mysterious and powerful, and yet his love for Mac is so touching even if his way of showing it is unique. I love how entrancing the writing is and how amazingly developed Karen Marie Moning made Jericho. He is so interesting to decipher and he’s a character I’ve never encountered before in all my reading (And believe me, I read a lot) I absolutely adore the Fever series and wow, the author really broke the mould with these books, I couldn’t read anything else for weeks and weeks because everything felt pale and pasty to the amazing and riveting writings of the Fever series. I really hope you all give him a chance and nominate him, he is absolutely superb!

    2. Bones from the Night Huntress series. Bones is probably one of my favourite characters I have ever encountered, he is witty and smart, strategic, sexy, powerful, loving, passionate, devoted, and so much more. Jeanine Frost completely captured my soul with this character as I don’t think I’ve read anything more enjoyable since. This ultimate fighter and alpha belongs in this showdown and I encourage anyone who hasn’t read the books to give them a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed

    3. Cat from the Night Huntress. Cat is Bones romantic interest and is the POV in the novel, she is strong and defiant and an absolute warrior. She’s powerful, she’s beautiful, and she is THE alpha. She is my favourite female character that I have ever encountered and I adore her. Cat is a role model and an inspiration to me, she represents everything I hope to be and everything I want to become. I love her for her personality and nature, she’s strong yet she knows when to give compassion. She’s powerful but she doesn’t abuse her abilities. She is simply amazing and I can go on about her for days. If theres any female nominee that deserves to win the Alpha Crown, it’s her!

  30. erinf1 says:

    I nominated: Curran from the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, Adam Hauptman from the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs and Tyler Stone from the Wild series by Emma Hart. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Northwoman says:

    It’s very difficult to just nominate 3. I ended up with Jane Yellowrock by Faith Hunter, Kate and Curran by Ilona Andrews and Merit and Ethan by Chloe Neill. But there are more – Charles & Anna or Mercy and Adam by Patricia Briggs for example. Anne

  32. Eva Millien says:

    So many too choose from, definitely a difficult choice.

  33. Susan says:

    I picked my favorite 3 Alphas! Two women (Gin Bianco & Jane Yellowrock) and the uber-sexy, fierce yet romantic Ethan Sullivan.

  34. Theressa Griggs says:

    Had to vote for probably my 2 favorites Acheron and Lothaire. 3rd one was a hard decision because there are sooo many awesome alphas

  35. Alisha says:

    I really enjoy Mercy Thompson and her story; Anita Blake and her story; and Merry Gentry and her story, but I think Jane Yellowrock is tops in the Alpha list.

  36. Angie says:

    Like last year I’m stickig to my female favourites. The Spider Gin Blanco heading the no. 1 position. Closely followed by Shiloh Walker’s Kit Colbana and Shannon Mayer’s Rylee Adamson who so bravely fought until the epic conclusion of the Rylee Adamson series. I wish I could add a 4th with Larkspur of Mayer’s spin-off series “Elemental”. All these ladies are unique supernaturals and get the job done. I apologize profusely to my epic favourite Kate Daniels but I had to try to get the “underdogs” in position this year but I know she’ll bei nominated anyway. 😉

  37. Carol Gilreath says:

    Jane Yellowrock is definitely an alpha.

  38. Kinga says:

    Merit and Ethan Sullivan from Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill.

  39. Barb Kiser says:

    Slade from Teresa Gableman

  40. Betul E. says:

    I nominated:
    Simon Wolfgard + Vladimir Sanguinati From The Others series by Anne Bishop



  41. Leah says:

    I accidentally only did the one also, but it was Simon from the Others, love him!

  42. Sarah says:

    I look forward to this showdown! Is there a showdown for the female alphas? That would be fun!

  43. Kamelia says:

    1. Bones from the Night Huntress series
    2. Naasir from the Guild Hunter series
    3. Connor ‘Mad’ Rogan from the Hidden Legacy series

    • Sarah says:

      I’m so happy you nominated Bones!!! No one else has yet and its such a shame!!! He’s a fabulous character

  44. Dawn Roberto says:

    I absolutely loved Gail Z. Martin’s Ascendant Kingdom series and her reluctant hero, Blaine Macfadden. He went through hell, found he was the only hope after a cataclysmic event wiped out the magic in their world and more. I loved that he was reluctant to be the leader, the alpha male and make all these decisions and that right there cemented it for me. 🙂

  45. S says:

    Bones from Night Huntress, Celaena Sardothion from the throne of glass series, and Jericho Barrons from the Fever series

  46. Wattsy says:

    Jane Yellowrock (Faith Hunter/ Jane Yellowrock series), Gin Blanco (Jennifer Estep/ Elemental Assassin series)

  47. Bkeepr says:

    Jane Yellowrock, author Faith Hunter

  48. Crap. I hit enter thinking we would have 3 spots to enter nominations so I only got in one name. LOL

  49. Leona says:

    This is so exciting! I hope to find new alphas to add to my collection.

  50. Aliyah says:

    I want Derek Gaunt from the Kate Daniels series to win…

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