Alpha Showdown 2016 Round 1: Jane Yellowrock vs. Kane Malloy


VBC: Home of Alpha ShowdownIt’s the start of the sixth annual Alpha Showdown here at Vampire Book Club, and we aren’t messing around. Almost every year we’ve run this event, the Jane Yellowrock fans have come out for their girl. This year, though, Jane Yellowrock (from Faith Hunter’s series of the same name) had the most nomination votes of any character. Will this be her year? There’s stiff competition, just look at the bracket!

We have fresh faces this year, too, and one of them—Kane Malloy from Lindsay J. Pryor’s Blackthorn series— is going to try to take out Jane in round one. Can he do it? Who will advance in the Showdown, though?

We’ve lined up excellent bloggers to fill you in on why each alpha deserves to advance. Read the pitches, and then make the call.


You know her from: The Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter
First appeared in: Skinwalker (VBC Review | Amazon)
Supernatural status: Skinwalker

Championed by: Margaret from VBC

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter // VBCUrban fantasy is the genre for girl power. It’s dominated by female authors—in fact, all of this year’s Showdown contenders come from series written (or in one case co-written) by women. And it’s a genre full of powerful heroines. So why is it that we’ve never had a female Alpha Showdown champion? We have five ladies in the running this year, the most there have ever been, so this is the year to make it happen.

Let me tell you why Jane Yellowrock is just the woman for the job.

When we first met Jane seven years and ten books ago in Skinwalker, she was already a leather-clad, Harley-riding, vampire-hunting badass. But since then, she’s grown into a true alpha. Jane’s always been a little bit faster and a little bit stronger than human, but she’s become an expert fighter with blades and stakes stashed all over her body, even in her hair. She’s always had the ability to shift into animal forms, but she’s developed a half form with a big cat’s teeth and claws. And, as if she wasn’t already powerful enough, she’s gained the ability to stop time, which gives her an advantage in any battle.

Jane’s also built a team of equally badass people who all follow her lead. Soldiers, witches, vampires, and even the Master of the City, though he’d never admit it, all look to Jane for direction. They don’t follow her because she can kick their asses, though she totally could, but because she does what’s right and looks out for others. Jane’s grown from the “stake first, ask questions later” vampire hunter she once was into a leader who understands the supernatural community and its politics.

And if that’s not reason enough to vote for Jane, consider that you also get two alphas for the price of one. Jane has two souls, her own and that of an ancient mountain lion she calls Beast. Beast gives Jane extra speed and strength, cat-like reflexes, superior eyesight and a better understanding of her enemies even when she’s in human form. And just like Jane, Beast protects the weak. She has a particular soft spot for children.

Jane and Beast are formidable, they’re tenacious, and they’ve brought backup. They can take on any alpha and finally bring home a Showdown championship for the women.

Blood Shadows by Lindsay J. Pryor // VBCKANE MALLOY

You know him from: Blackthorn Series by Lindsay J. Pryor
First appeared in: Blood Shadows (Amazon)
Supernatural status: Master Vampire

Championed by: Tracey Rogers from Tracey Rogers Author

They say you always remember your first and you will remember this first timer. Step forward vampire, Kane Malloy. Not just any vampire, Kane, leader of the east side of Blackthorn, is a master vampire. A dual feeder, he’ll take your blood and your energy too. And you’ll thank him for it. With some serious skills, this bad boy can take down both the third and the fourth species.

Master vampire and a master of sex, Kane isn’t purely a vamp of action, he has the cunning label snagged too. He’s a game player, cleverly building his alliances and earning loyalty. He’s waited patiently in the shadows for years, plotting vengeance for the death of his sister, Arana, whilst remaining mindful of the Blackthorn prophecy and the looming war ahead. His enemies fear him and rightly so—with no soul, Kane will dare to go there. You want dark? Kane will go as dark as it gets.

Some say he’s a bad ass anti-hero, I say he’s a bad ass anti-hero—but maybe a little misunderstood. Fiercely protective of those he loves, he has his tender moments. So tender they’ll make you weep. He has a cobra tattoo guarding his heart, but still he let Caitlin in. But this vamp sure as hell doesn’t sparkle. He’ll have males fearing for their lives and females falling at his feet—with only his killer smirk. You’ll definitely want Kane on your side, you’ll want Kane all over you. Did I mention he has skills? Oh and a bow! Luscious navy eyes and a bow. Hello hotness.

‘I’ll make you feel as alive as I can. I’ll make your pulse race and your heart beat so fast it hurts.’ Blood Dark

You’re asking for an alpha—he’s here. Kane’s loyal to those who deserve his loyalty and ruthless to those who don’t. Please don’t underestimate this vampire, he’s already sussed out the competition and smirked.


Who are you putting your money on: the Skinwalker or the vampire?

At the request of Alpha Showdown voters, we’re leveraging traditional polls for the voting, but also keeping reading for your chance to win awesome books. Your to-be-read pile could always use more. Trust us.


Participating in the Alpha Showdown is all about fun, and free books equal fun, right? We hope you’ll find lots of great new reads during this year’s Alpha Showdown, and to help that along, we’re giving away some stellar reads.

For Round 1, we have a copy of Katie Reus’s Avenger’s Heat up for grabs. It’s from her paranormal romance Moon Shifter series, and VBC’s Jo loved it.

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59 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2016 Round 1: Jane Yellowrock vs. Kane Malloy”

  1. Sarah says:

    It amazes me how this showdown really makes clear to me just how strongly I feel about my favorite characters — and that I’m not alone! Go Jane! For this round anyway 😉

  2. dawn higgins says:

    Kane Malloy all the way as master Vampire

  3. Kane – no contest. Love that bad boy vampire

  4. Leona says:

    I haven’t read about Kane but Jane kicks butt!

  5. Vanessa N. says:

    Jane rocks.


  6. Carol Gilreath says:

    Jane Yellowrock Alpha all the way!

  7. Lori A Hill says:

    HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I missed the start and Jane loses? I’m so disappointed. I’m going to go to the water now, I have to rid myself of this anger.

  8. Kate says:

    Argh, hate having missed this poll. Jane all the way.

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