Alpha Showdown 2016 Round 10: Charles Cornick vs. Vlad


VBC: Home of Alpha ShowdownWe’ve made it to the semi-finals in the sixth annual Alpha Showdown. We’ve had some intense battles, and some big surprises already. Want to know the current wins/losses? Take a look at the bracket!

Charles Cornick already defeated one vampire, can he handle the original? Vlad took out Simon Wolfgard in the first round, and we know he’s good with the pyrotechnics. Who will win the Alpha Showdown Round 10?

Your votes will decide!

We’ve lined up excellent bloggers to fill you in on why each alpha deserves to advance. Read the pitches, and then make the call.


You Know him From: The Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs
First Appeared In: Charles first shows up in Moon Called (VBC Review | Amazon), the first Mercedes Thompson book, but later appears more prominently in Cry Wolf (Amazon)
Supernatural Status: Werewolf shifter

Championed by: Felicia from Geeky Bloggers Book Blog | @TheGeekyBlogger

Charles Cornick=Sexiest Werewolf EVER!

Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs // VBC ReviewI mean who can resist the strong silent type when they are part witch, natural shifter, former assassin, and all heart? He is the enforcer of the North American werewolves. He has that methodical get-the-job done attitude but is all heart. He is Native American, Werewolf, and so deeply in love with Anna that you just melt in his presence. So…..

Why I love Charles and you should too: (I am a list girl so you guys just go with me)

  • Strong in both character and strength. He is the kind of man that protects you from the bad guys and makes decisions based not just in the heat of the moment.
  • Smart! I am not talking just average smart but the guy is a freaking financial genius. Add that he is brilliant at executing plans and he is just an off the wall smart. Smart is sexy y’all!
  • Anna is his heart! Who doesn’t swoon over a man who has the ability to have a grown ass relationship with the woman he loves. He listens to her. They compromise. They stay and hash things out. Swoon to the nth degree right there!
  • Loyal just ask Bran (I love the man but he doesn’t hold a candle to his son)! Once you are in Charles’ sphere of protection, he has got your back. Doesn’t matter when or where. He will be there!
  • Family First always even if he doesn’t always agree with the decisions they make. Trust me his family makes some decisions that make you scratch your head.
  • Sexy in a “can’t handle the sexy oozing from the page” kind of way. You know what I mean! The kind where it isn’t just how they look but act and think too. He is a complete package!

So basically you should vote for Charles because really he is the man/werewolf for the job. He is a complete package and really what more could you ask for?


You know him from: the Night Prince series by Jeaniene Frost
First appeared in:
As a side character in At Grave’s End (Night Huntress #3), as the main character in Once Burned (VBC Review | Amazon)
Supernatural status: 
He is the OG vampire

Championed by: Scandal of Scandalicious Book Reviews

Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost (Night Prince #1)In a world of cold, pasty vamps, Vlad Tepesh is hot, like pyrokinesis hot—he can control fire. Vlad is literally smoking hot, all the time. He lights up a room, he’ll burn down the house, I swear, the jokes just write themselves here. Sadly, Vlad would not enjoy my humor at all. He’s so alpha, he scoffs at silly humor. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so intimidated by a character’s masculinity as I am by Vlad Tepesh. Vlad wins the alpha contest because he is, is the epitome of old school badass, in fact, he may have originated the concept of alpha. I think the best way to show you how alpha this guy is to let him tell you himself. He might be smoking hot on the outside but he is stone cold alpha badass on the inside. Vlad learned very early on not to show emotions. Emotions can be used against you but the love of a good woman, makes this Alpha say things, protective, intense things like this…

“I want no misunderstanding between us. I am everything you think I am, but I love your daughter, and what I love, I protect with all of the violence in me, which, as you’ve guessed, is considerable.”

Another quality of a strong alpha is his ability to love, and express his love. Don’t get me wrong, Vlad doesn’t shy away from the evil glares and grunts, but when he feels, he feels it deep and makes all of the ladies swoon.

“When I heard the ghouls coming for you, all I cared about was reaching you in time. How often must I tell you that you mean more to me than vengeance? I can live without defeating my enemies, but I cannot live without you…I love you, which is why I intend to lock you inside the house as soon as we’re home.”

Priorities people, priorities. But hey, if you disagree with my assessment of Vlad’s level of alpha badassery, feel free to take it up with him, I’m sure he has a stake with your name on it. Vlad Tepesh can’t be beat.


Who are you putting your money on: Charles or Vlad?

At the request of Alpha Showdown voters, we’re leveraging traditional polls for the voting, but also keeping reading for your chance to win awesome books. Your to-be-read pile could always use more. Trust us. Each poll will be open for 48 hours.


Participating in the Alpha Showdown is all about fun, and free books equal fun, right? We hope you’ll find lots of great new reads during this year’s Alpha Showdown, and to help that along, we’re giving away some stellar reads.

For Round 10, we’re giving away Blood Kiss by J.R. Ward. It’s the first in her spin-off of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and reminded us of the early BDB books.

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