Alpha Showdown 2016 Round 3: Adam Hauptman vs. Ethan Sullivan


VBC: Home of Alpha ShowdownThe Alpha Showdown is underway, and already proving to be a good one. There’s stiff competition this year, just look at the bracket!

Once again, it’s coming down to werewolf versus vampire. This time we get long-time favorites Ethan Sullivan, from Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires series, and Adam Hauptman, from Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson series. There’s no question these men can lead their people, but can they dominate this match?

Who will advance in the Showdown, though?

We’ve lined up excellent bloggers to fill you in on why each alpha deserves to advance. Read the pitches, and then make the call.


You know him from: The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs
First appeared in: Moon Called (VBC ReviewAmazon)
Supernatural status: Werewolf, Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack

Championed by: Suzanne from Under the Covers Book Blog

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs // VBC ReviewIn the world of romance you can’t swing a cat (shifter or otherwise) without knocking down a few ‘alphas’, they are created and stuffed into almost every book in the genre. You read one…you forget about him…you read another, yep he’s disappeared from memory as well. Then you come across the Mercy Thompson series and Adam Hauptman…and you remember.

So, what makes Adam so different from all those cookie cutter, chest pounding, over bearing alphas that romance readers and authors love so much? Adam is one of the most powerful alphas in that world, he controls a large pack of half tamed, dangerous werewolves with the sheer power of his will alone. He talks, they shut the hell up and listen. And it isn’t just because he could wipe the floor with them in a fight, which, make no mistake he could, would and has. The man is intelligent and protective, aggressive but with an iron control. He also rocks a suit…or wearing nothing at all.

So, if you want a male that truly manages to encompass all the best aspects of an alpha; strong, loyal, smart and sexy…as well as that chest pounding arrogance, of just knowing he’s the strongest male in the room. Well then, pick someone you will remember, pick Adam Hauptman Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack.


Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill // VBC You know him from: Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill
First appeared in: Some Girls Bite (VBC Review | Saucy Wenches Fangirl Post | Amazon)
Supernatural status: 400-Year-Old Master Vampire

Championed by: Zee at The Saucy Wenches Book Club | @SaucyWenchesBC

It is an honor to champion this alpha after getting to know him for twelve glorious books. To witness his amazing evolution from sexy vamp to unbeatable Master to the Sullivan we know today. A Sullivan who is so much more than anything we could ever have imagined him to be.

Here’s an alpha who maintains his spot on top of the food chain with a lot more than brute strength and toughness. An alpha who relishes a good challenge. An alpha who doesn’t need to be mean and intimidating because he’s a whole lot more effective with his quiet authority and sureness. An alpha who inspires the kind of loyalty and respect kings and emperors would covet, yet never attain. And one who is ALWAYS willing to humble himself in front of those he cares for. Alpha pride is NOT one of his weaknesses, unlike some of the others here.

It’ll take you barely a few pages before you realize he’s a more advanced species of Alpha. None of that neanderthal-like behavior here. Ethan is pure class and sophistication. And the one thing that I will never get over is the fact that just when you think Ethan cannot get any sexier, any more powerful, any more spectacularly Alpha, he goes and proves you wrong. You’ll swoon and sigh your way through so many amazing scenes where Ethan is the perfect Master vampire, the perfect guy, the perfect leader, and just all around perfect.

He’ll seduce you with his beautiful and meaningful words, with his amazing actions, his very awesome sense of humor, and not to forgot, his spectacular good looks. “Irresistible” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to Ethan.

Ethan Sullivan defines being a Master vampire. There is no competition. A man worthy of the title Sire. A vampire who masses will blindly swear loyalty to. A man worthy of a Sentinel’s love and devotion. A man worth the tears and the pain. And a vampire whose silvered eyes and fangs could be the last thing his opponent would see if their paths crossed in battle.

I’m rarely good, Merit. But I’m often spectacular.


Who are you putting your money on: the pack alpha or the master vampire?

At the request of Alpha Showdown voters, we’re leveraging traditional polls for the voting, but also keeping reading for your chance to win awesome books. Your to-be-read pile could always use more. Trust us. Each poll will be open for 48 hours.


Participating in the Alpha Showdown is all about fun, and free books equal fun, right? We hope you’ll find lots of great new reads during this year’s Alpha Showdown, and to help that along, we’re giving away some stellar reads.

For Round 3, you can enter to win a copy of Viola Carr’s first Electric Empire novel The Diabolical Miss Hyde. VBC’s Amy gave this novel a big thumbs up. Check out her review. 

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54 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2016 Round 3: Adam Hauptman vs. Ethan Sullivan”

  1. Jessie H. says:

    Oh! This is a hard choice! I love them both! I’m going to have to go with Adam though.

  2. Kinga says:

    I have voted for Ethan Sullivan. 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    As much as I enjoy Adams character in the Mercy Thompson series, I’m really surprised at how far he got in these polls. Ethan Sullivan just seemed like the obvious answer, I mean this in a competition for who would win in a showdown. It’s also about who the better alpha is and I’d say Master Vampire of the second oldest vampire house in Chicago and ruling 380 vampires trumps pack leader of a paltry 15 werewolves. Ethan has strength, speed, skill, strategy, and brilliance. He’s been able to get himself and others out of messes that seem way over his head, he’s fiercely possessive, protective, and loyal. You can’t be Master of an ancient vampire House without major skill and he fights with honour, something that may seem like a weakness but is actually a strength as it takes a lot more then brawns to make an alpha. He’s beloved, respected, feared and has the favour of the most strongest vampire in the world. He’s a wicked artist in combat and a true warrior; brave and experienced while embracing compassion and discipline. He’s made mistakes down the road but no one is perfect and he learns from these mistakes, using them to make him stronger. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read both series and like both characters but if it were to come down to it, there’s not a single doubt in my mind that Ethan would trump Adam.

  4. Jim says:

    Voting was closed when I found this but for my money I would have picked Ethan Sullivan.

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