Alpha Showdown 2017 Round 1: Adam Hauptman vs. Cat Fisa


VBC: Home of Alpha ShowdownUPDATE: The poll has closed and with 82 percent of the vote, your winner is Adam Hauptman! He advances to the next round.

We’re coming hot out the gates with Alpha Showdown 2017. We have a long-time favorite alpha Adam Hauptman from Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series (which we loooooove) up against newcomer Cat Fisa, the heroine of Amanda Bouchet’s Kingmaker Chronicles (which scratches our fantasy romance itch every single time).

He’s got physical strength, wiles, and a seriously commanding style. She’s got the gods at her back and some serious magic mojo.

The competition is stiff this year (peek at the bracket), but the winner is all up to VBC readers. Each round is open for 48 hours. The winner advances.

ADAM HAUPTMANMoon Called by Patricia Briggs // VBC Review

You know him from: The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs
First appeared in: Moon Called (VBC ReviewAmazon)
Supernatural status: Werewolf, Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack

Championed by: Suzanne from Under the Covers Book Blog

In the world of romance you can’t swing a cat (shifter or otherwise) without knocking down a few ‘alphas’, they are created and stuffed into almost every book in the genre. You read one…you forget about him…you read another, yep he’s disappeared from memory as well. Then you come across the Mercy Thompson series and Adam Hauptman…and you remember.

So, what makes Adam so different from all those cookie cutter, chest pounding, over bearing alphas that romance readers and authors love so much? Adam is one of the most powerful alphas in that world, he controls a large pack of half tamed, dangerous werewolves with the sheer power of his will alone. He talks, they shut the hell up and listen. And it isn’t just because he could wipe the floor with them in a fight, which, make no mistake he could, would and has. The man is intelligent and protective, aggressive but with an iron control. He also rocks a suit…or wearing nothing at all.

So, if you want a male that truly manages to encompass all the best aspects of an alpha; strong, loyal, smart and sexy…as well as that chest pounding arrogance, of just knowing he’s the strongest male in the room. Well then, pick someone you will remember, pick Adam Hauptman Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack.

A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet // VBCCAT FISA

You Know Her From: The Kingmaker Chronicles by Amanda Bouchet
First Appeared In: A Promise of Fire (VBC Review | Amazon)
Supernatural Status: “Kingmaker” plus so much more

Championed by: Amy

Catalia “Cat” Fisa burst onto the scene last fall in A Promise of Fire and quickly gained a reputation as the new “It” girl in the Romantic Fantasy genre. Being voted onto the annual Alpha Showdown, readers clearly recognize this character’s powerful potential.

As with many heroines we love who wield great power, Cat began her time hiding under the guise of a fortune teller in a traveling circus. But even all the make-up and costuming couldn’t keep her true power concealed.

I think it’s safe to say that when you are forced to go into hiding in order to escape from a myriad of people who are looking for you, it’s because you pose some kind of threat to those people. With the power she has Cat certainly fits the bill. What we’ve already learned about her within the first two books, besides her quick wit and snark, is that not only is she naturally gifted with knives, she can syphon the powers of others and use it for a limited time, plus, she has the favor of quite a few Gods on her side. She definitely has a penchant for being able to get out of sticky situations.

But the biggest thing Cat has going for her is her loyalty. Once you earn her loyalty, as all the men of Beta Team know, she’ll fight until her last breath to ensure those she cares about survive. And they would equally fight for Cat without question.

She may be new to the Showdown, and she may still be discovering the extent of her capabilities, but as we’ve seen this is only going to continue to grow. Her sheer will and determination, coupled with her magical talents wielded just right make her nearly indestructible. She also has the knowledge to wind her way through the political world of Thalyria for situations that require mort subtlety than sword fighting allows.


Power – Check
Intelligence – Check
Loyalty (both given and received) – Check
Determination to succeed – Check

Without a doubt all these things, plus more, scream: ALPHA!


We’re making things extra fun this year. By voting in the poll, you’ll be entered to win a prize. For round 1 that prize is a copy of Jenn Stark’s super awesome Getting Wilde (our review). It’s the first book in her Immortal Vegas series, and the VBC team loves it big time.

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124 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2017 Round 1: Adam Hauptman vs. Cat Fisa”

  1. Amber says:

    Team Adam!

  2. Kassandra A. says:

    I am only familiar with Adam in this round but I back him without question 😀

  3. MC says:

    Adam !!!!

  4. JennaD says:

    Adam for the Win!

  5. Kandy says:

    Adam! ! !

  6. susan h. says:

    Team Adam!

  7. Renee says:

    Gotta go with Team Adam but I’m definitely interested in reading about Cat

  8. Brandy Cramer says:

    Adam!!!! I haven’t read the other series so this was an easy one for me

  9. Rae says:

    In this round it is Adam. No doubt what so ever!!!

  10. Dawn Roberto says:

    Cat!!! I love her when she is being feisty and determined.

  11. Andrea2 says:

    Adam for sure. Now if Charles shows up vs. Adam, I’d have a hard time picking.

  12. Billie Dee says:

    Adam – for the win!

  13. Eva Millien says:


  14. Kalliope D. says:

    Adam all the way!! 😉

  15. Jana Leah says:


  16. Sarah Brown says:


  17. Texas Book Lover says:

    As much add I liked Cat in A Promise of Fire Adam still gets my vote!

  18. Brenda D. says:

    Without a doubt, Adam!

  19. I liked Cat, but I’m always going to be on Team Adam.

  20. Lori A says:

    YAY! Thought I’d missed round 1, went to see winner and found that I had 2 hours left to enter!

    It’s Adam, of course. The problem is when Adam and Mercy go against each other. Really though there’s only one choice there too. I won’t say who, but she deserves it. ✋

  21. Jen Kyle says:

    Mmmmmmm Adam!!!

  22. Anna-Alexia says:

    I adore Adam he is my go to hero but I can’t just turn my back on Cat when she’s in need so let’s give it up for the girl with the unholy destiny

  23. Camila Villalba says:


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