Alpha Showdown 2018 Round 10 Curran vs. Kate Daniels


VBC: Home of Alpha ShowdownUpdate: Voting in this round is now closed. With an outstanding 79% of the vote, Kate Daniels is the winner. She will advance in the Alpha Showdown 2018 bracket. 

We’re into the quarter finals in our quest to crown the year’s Biggest Book Badass in the paranormal world. (Check out the Alpha Showdown 2018 bracket here.)

The remaining Alphas have been all battle tested and come out victorious. Now, we’re getting to the really hard matches.

Like, you know, married couples duking it out.

Curran and Kate both handily won their first rounds, but only one can move on to the semi-finals. Oh, and did we mention they are both previous Alpha Showdown champs?

Just like in the previous rounds, the polls will be open for 48 hours. Vote using the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of the post. You’ll also be entered to win this round’s giveaway.

Curran vs. Kate

Magic Bites by Ilona AndrewsCURRAN
You know him from: Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews
First appeared in: Magic Bites
Supernatural Status: Werelion shapeshifter—A Prime, carrying the essence of a god, extremely hard, neigh impossible, to kill.

Championed by Robin from Books of My Heart

Come one, come all, to meet the biggest baddest alpha of them all, and my Knight in Furry Armor: weighing in at a whopping 700+ lbs in beast form, the former Beast Lord, current MASTER OF THE MERCENARY GUILD, Consort and General to the Guardian of Atlanta, His Furriness Curran Lennart!

Only a true Alpha can rule side by side with another Alpha, but Curran does one better, because he not only accepts Kate’s Alphaness, he helps her thrive. All of that is enough to crown Curran King of Alphas IMO, but if you need more convincing, how about this: he chose his mate knowing full well that his Daddy-in-Law would be none other than the biggest Bad Guy of all, Nimrod, immortal magician, and megalomaniac extraordinaire (and you thought your family dynamics were hard).

His Furriness has been known to rock luscious locks to rival Fabio when the magic is high or when on a special diet. *whispers* He did eat something divine recently. Not to mention he has the sexiest eyes that shimmer golden when he’s “excited” *waggles eyebrows* or when the time has come to kick some ass.

“Curran’s eyes went gold. His clothes tore, falling in shreds to the street, as the massive meld of human and lion spilled out.”

He takes charge of any and all situations, and he gives and commands friendship, loyalty and respect. This means that when the trouble comes knocking, he is bringing a big ass army full of shifters to protect his family. But wait, there’s more, he’s added some Mercenaries, a frenemy *cough* Hugh *cough* and maybe a god or two as well. Curran’s good at covering all the bases.

There isn’t a Big Bad out there he isn’t willing to challenge, and it has been that way since he fought a Kodiak Shifter at the tender age of fifteen for control of the Pack. Which is nice for his Mate, because she knows that he will always come for her…Like that time she was stuck in a different dimension, or that other time she got roped into fighting (to the death) in secret gladiator-style games, or that other, other time she was held captive in a magical prison, or you know, whatever…Basically, he’s got it covered.

“I will always be there. I will walk across the whole planet if I have to.”

Other alphas might talk the talk, but this alpha walks the walk…He’ll show anyone he’s up against why other Alphas cower and fall to their knees when Curran roars.

Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews // VBCKate Daniels
You Know Her From: Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews
First Appeared In: Magic Bites
Supernatural Status: Magical Sword-wielding Badass

Championed by Amy from VBC

All Hail the returning Champion!!

That’s right folks, last year’s winner is back to defend her title!

So why vote for Kate again this year?

As if I even need to answer that question, but here we go:

It’s because everyone knows Kate is the only Alpha on this list who could easily best any of the other contenders. Vampire? Staked it. Shifter? Beat it. Mage? Ensorcelled it. God? Banished it. Etc., etc.

And as of this year we can add badass mother to this list! Nothing is fiercer than a mother and I think this new addition only adds another advantage for Kate. When the stakes are higher she’ll fight harder.

There is nothing that Kate has faced that she’s backed away from, no fight that she didn’t triumph. Even putting herself in the line of fire to protect the innocent and those she loves, and she’s got an equal number of people who support and love her right back.

We’ve seen her push back against her megalomaniac father and come out on top time and time again, and each time she gets stronger. But unlike her equally powerful father, Kate doesn’t let her power go to her head. She could probably build towers and be the precursor to the rise and fall of civilizations, but she doesn’t take that path. She remains humble and modest preferring to do what is right and just.

You obviously know Kate is worthy of the Alpha Champion title since last year she was the first female winner. Let’s give her another first and make her the Two Time Consecutive Alpha Showdown Champion! Has a nice ring to it huh? 😉


Cast your vote using the Rafflecopter form. (Once you log in, the poll is the first entry.) Your vote also unlocks additional chances to win. Voting in Round 10 enters you to win a copy of Sinless by Sarah Tarkoff.

Convince your friends to back your candidate using #AlphaShowdown and feel free to share your opinions in the comments.

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78 Responses to “Alpha Showdown 2018 Round 10 Curran vs. Kate Daniels”

  1. Beth says:

    Sigh. Kate

  2. Twiser says:

    Sorry Curran but I think Kate has got you

  3. Karol says:

    WTH I don’t know which oneee

  4. Betul says:


  5. Terry says:

    It would be close, but I think Kate–now that she has the power of Atlanta behind her, and can make blood armour, and has power words–could do it. But, neither of them would beat the other unless it was the only way the other would live.

  6. Cathy Brock says:

    I hate this one….Kate.

  7. Jeanann Stump says:

    This is hard because I love them both, but I have to go with Kate.

  8. Barb says:

    I love Curran but this one belongs to Kate, after all it is her series.

  9. Sarah says:

    Kate, both because she could win it if she had to, but also because Curran would just throw up his hands and walk out of the ring before he’d ever fight her. 🙂

  10. Amy Ryan says:

    I’d go with Kate in the last few books she’s coming into her powers more and more

  11. Elizabeth G says:

    I’ve gotta go with Kate

  12. sarafina says:

    This is a terrible choice, because I think Curran hung the moon but Kate fights to save everyone, while Curran is very pack-centric. KATE FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!

  13. Deva says:

    This was terribly hard but … KATE!

  14. MC says:

    That Is mean……. I pick Kate.

  15. Heather says:


  16. Yvonne A says:


  17. Mary says:

    As Alpha I had to go with Curran.

  18. Nicole Fobert says:

    This is the worst, like asking who ur fav child is.

  19. Sue says:

    Wow! Tough! But I went with Kate.

  20. JT says:

    Kate. Love them both tho
    I agree with Sarah that Curran would never fight Kate – she IS his world; but if it was to save the world, Kate would fight Curran.

  21. MaggieD says:

    Wow this is hard. I adore Curran, because he adores Kate. He’d want only the best for her. He’d want her to win. So…Kate!

  22. Star says:

    Kate 🙂

  23. Lisa says:

    I agree, I think it’s mean to make us choose between them …. but Kate, always. Curran would choose her too! ❤️

  24. Cassandra says:

    This is such a difficult choice, sorry Curran I love you, but all things considered, it has to go to Kate.

  25. Julie says:


  26. Lorie York says:

    This is just wrong. They’re a team. They have faced each other and Curran usually wins but I’m not sure if it’s because Kate holds back or if because Curran is really that badass. There was that one time that he made it through her shield but…. I think I’m going to have to go with Kate. This is a mean choices.

  27. Marty says:

    Kate, she wouldn’t want to, but if it was life or death over her child she would undo Curran

  28. snapdragon says:

    Sigh, Kate.

  29. BookAttict says:

    Hardest. Decision. Ever.

  30. gail kreis says:

    It has to be Kate. She is a Mom. Hard decision.

  31. Shannon says:

    Tough choice but we all know that Kate could kick Curran’s furry tail and enjoy it.

  32. Bradley Mason says:

    I went with Kate also, we also have another tough character face off by same author coming soon. Charles Cormic vs Adam Hauptmann in the Mercy Series.

  33. Caroljay says:

    I love them both….but….Kate! 😉

  34. CJ says:

    Sorry your furriness, but you’re mostly brawn. Until you met Kate, your life revolved around the pack. She’s had to pry you out of your keep and expand your horizons to think of more than just the good of the pack.

    Kate has it all. Magic, political savvy, fighting capability, & brains. She may not be able to out muscle you, but she doesn’t have to – she just has to seduce you 🙂

    • Rena says:

      While I went with Kate, I think you are selling Curran short. He had to be very politically savvy to run the pack. Plus he was really good at moving pieces around to get his way.

  35. Kirst says:


  36. Lorena says:

    You are breaking my heart. I vote Kate over curran, bc in the end she always put the rest before her. Curran choose kate over the rest.

  37. Lorena says:

    You are breaking my heart. I vote Kate over curran, bc in the end she always put the rest before her.

  38. Viki S. says:

    Hard – Curran.

  39. Liz S says:

    Tough choice but my vote is for Kate because she is sneakier!

  40. Ezisen says:


  41. Tais S says:

    Jesus, that’s so terribly mean, but, I mean, Kate has it all covered, sorry Curran

  42. Wendy says:

    “Here, kitty, kitty….”


  43. JennyW says:

    Kate, duh.

  44. Clarin says:

    Kate, even though we love Curran too

  45. ananuri says:

    kate, of course

  46. Jane MacDonald says:


  47. Alisa Harrison says:


  48. JESSIE says:

    Kate because Curran follows Kate’s lead.

  49. Putter says:

    Oh, nos. My favorite fantasy couple! There needs to be a provision to keep couples from being in the same bracket. I’m going to vote for Curran because he would let her win anyway. As far as I’m concerned, this is for the championship. None of the other survivors could beat ether of these two.

  50. Emma Walden says:

    I’m going with Kate. I’m thinking Curran would be happy with her winning.

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