Alpha Showdown FINAL ROUND: Jace vs. Barrons


VBC Presents: ALPHA SHOWDOWN 2011It’s been a bloody two weeks. We’ve seen an angel fall, a necromancer sent to the grave, vampires drained and even a Beast Lord left in pieces. And now only two alphas are left standing: Jace Wayland from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series and Jericho Z. Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series.

Before we kick off this battle, thank you. We always enjoy your comments and your interaction here at Vampire Book Club, and we can tell you had just as much fun with this Showdown as we did. And that rules. Today is our one-year anniversary of starting Vampire Book Club. Expect a separate post with highlights and one hella awesome giveaway.

To those of you who are new, we hope you’ll stick around after we announce the winner. We keep things pretty fun around here with features, reviews and author interviews, and your comments have been a blast to read.

All right. Enough of the sappy stuff. It’s time for a bloody, to-the-death battle between the YA hottie with angel blood and the enigmatic, powerful antihero.

The round is open for 48 hours. This means we’ll announce the Alpha Showdown 2011 champion on Friday, June 3. We will have a giveaway of books featuring characters from the Showdown. Take note.


City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra ClareJace Wayland

You know him from: The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare
First appeared in: City of Bones (review | get a copy)
Supernatural status: Shadowhunter

Championing for Jace: Ash from Smash Attack Reads

Snarky, Sexy, Steadfast Shadowhunter. Ok, so he’s not quite legal, but this matters nada to me! Jace is the epitome of awesome, in my eyes. Yes, he can be a downright pompous ass, and if you don’t appreciate witty sarcasm, then he will piss you off in a quick minute. His witty banter about himself provided some of the best lines of the series.

What I love about his narcissistic personality is the obviousness of it all: He acts this way to hide his true emotions. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s no doubt he truly thinks he’s hot shit (and, he is), but it is a complete defense mechanism. Beneath his animated exterior is a young man who is constantly suffering from his past experiences and lets out his feelings in the form of rage and vengeance.

His fighting skills are damn superb and he doesn’t let anyone forget that. :) His hard shell softens up after he becomes comfortable with Clary, and he finds himself feeling a new emotion. *swoon* Since he feels everything so intensely, his love for Clary is deep and powerful. And while Jace has some unlikeable qualities, he isn’t complete devoid of commendable ones.

He is strong, intelligent, fearless (not always a great quality!) and completely protective of Izzy and Alec, his “brother and sister”. Physically, Jace is perfecto! He uses his stele to apply magical runes all over his skin. Think seriously hot tattoos, ladies! He’s tall with lean muscle, wavy gold hair and long eyelashes. And, let us not forget that he has Angel blood running through his veins…

Jace has defeated: Dimitri Belikov, Anita Blake and Bones

Shadowfever by Karen Marie MoningJericho Z. Barrons

You know him from: The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning
First appeared in: Darkfever (review| get a copy)
Supernatural status: Wouldn’t you like to know? Just accept he’s ‘other’

Championing for Barrons: Bells from Hanging with Bells

BARRONS! This one word says it all. Just by seeing or reading his name causes women everywhere to conjure up images of red satin sheets, crimson and black tattoos, and dark and dirty seductive thoughts.  These thoughts run rampant when thinking of Barrons. Why is he the ultimate alpha? He is carnal. He is an animal. You want to be ravaged by him. He knows this, and so he has lots of swagger. He knows that you want him and he knows that you can’t handle him. He will be too much and not enough at the same time. He messes with your mind and afterwards he leaves you speechless and wanting more. You can never have too much of Barrons.

To put it all in a nutshell, Barrons is very dangerous. He’s been around for a long time and is a natural leader. Everyone fears him including the very powerful Fae. He cannot be defeated and trust me you want to be on his team. He is sin incarnate all wrapped up into the body of one man. Barrons does what he wants, says what he wants, and doesn’t care what you think or if your feeling are hurt. He is one bad mofo!

Barrons has defeated: King Dorian, Curran and Kate Daniels

In case you missed it above: We’ll announce the Alpha Showdown 2011 champion on Friday, June 3. We will also have a giveaway of books featuring characters from the Showdown. Take note.

250 Responses to “Alpha Showdown FINAL ROUND: Jace vs. Barrons”

  1. Jodie B. says:

    ::Sigh, shakes head::

    I supported Kate & Curran in the prior Alpha wars so I feel like a turncoat, but only someone who beat Kate & Curran could be Alpha. My vote goes to Barrons.

  2. BuffyxAngel says:

    I’ve read some of the previous comments and I love how people said no YA character could hold their own against the Adult character, Jace wins of loses aside, a YA character made it to the final 🙂

    And GO JACE!

  3. Katamano says:

    Definitely Barrons. Not a question.

  4. MrsWayland says:

    Go Jace!

  5. yael says:

    Jace? Is it a joke? Undoubtedly, Barrons is The ultimate Alpha!

    • Douxxx says:

      I think that’s a joke, because Jace has no chances in front of the strong and sexy Jericho Barrons !!!!

  6. Kate L. says:

    This is even worse than Jericho/me! 90/10!!!!

  7. Kim says:

    The numbers speak for there selfs. Go Barrons!

  8. maraki says:

    Jace???Is that a joke???????? BARRONS FOR EVER!!!

  9. Sharon says:

    like comparing boys to men….When you look up Alpha in the dictionary ~there’s a picture of Barrons!!!!

  10. Sabruhu says:

    Barrons!!!!!!!!! Who else???!!! Maniacs for ever!!!

  11. - says:

    BARRONS!!! The man is a god; a sex god!

  12. Bells says:

    I like Jace a lot, but we are talking about BARRONS here!!!! There is no questions who should win this round. BARRONS I LOVE YOU!!!

  13. Ari says:

    No contest … Barrons FTW!!! 🙂

  14. Christine says:

    Jace?? Seriously?? I read the first mortal instruments series and…meh…nothing special. Just whiny teenagers. Now Barrons…mmmm…I get goosebumps just thinking about him. Barrons all the way. <3

    • I think YA readers overran the last alpha male contest, because there is NO WAY that Jace should have won over Bones!

      • I think we were all a bit surprised with that one. The lesson: Never underestimate the power of teen fandom. The Frosties tried hard, but somehow Bones still lost.

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see the TMI fans hit this post hard later today. Moning Maniacs should prepare themselves.

      • Heather says:

        This round isn’t even going to be a true final battle. Barrons is owning.

        I would have love to see Bones vs. Barrons. I don’t even know who I would have voted for lol.

      • Same here, Heather. I love both Bones and JZB, so I’d be stuck in a quagmire as I tried to choose who to vote for.

  15. Kasiiia says:

    Yayyyy Barrons ;D srr Jace 🙂

  16. Yolande says:

    Barrons definitely! He is the ultimate alpha in a category all by himself.

  17. Frieda H. says:

    No person, monster or being can compare to Jericho Barrons. He is the ultimate Alpha male all in one package.

  18. Frieda H. says:

    Jericho Barrons is the ultimate Alpha male–super being,shape shifting dragon, sexy, sexy, and did I say sexy?

  19. Mariya says:

    no competition her. Barrons!

  20. Adriana C. says:

    Jericho Z. Barrons the alpha male all the way.

  21. Annie says:

    Jace against Barrons. That’s not even fair. Its like a Shitzu puppy going against a Pit Bull. Man vrs Boy, Barrons will eat Jace up for breakfast!

  22. Julie says:

    Are you kidding me here? If Barrons were to meet Jace (as much as I think Jace is a cutie), there is no question who would win. Barrons would just look at Jace and the little blond yummy-boy would quake. Barrons all the way!

  23. maraki says:

    I think Barrons is laughing now!!!Jace???LOL!!!

  24. MMF says:

    I voted for Jace… I mean, come on, he made it this far. However, he’s no match for the king of beasts. WTG, Barrons. 🙂

  25. Dani Nguyen says:

    Barrons. Without a doubt.

  26. GodlyPrincess00 says:

    Barrons all the way! The only character that could hold his own against JZB is Adam Black!

  27. Kate says:

    I vote yummy, delicious Barrons!!

  28. Akuna says:

    I’m sorry….Barrons would eat Jace for dinner.

  29. vovka says:

    i prefer brunettes, that’s all 😀

  30. jennachristy says:

    this is SO HARD! anyway, I really really love JACE, but there is no denying that BARRONS will win this one. I mean, come on who are we kidding? Barrons even trick his own author,haha. he knows things, he can even bluff Jace. lol.

  31. randa says:

    Jace is cute and sexy BUT barros is absolutly the alpha !!!

  32. Kymbreleigh says:

    It’s Barrons all the way baby. He is the ultimate male, protective, domineering, and the one that will never let you die. Who could ask for more? Well I wish I could find my Barrons outside the pages of a book lol.

  33. Tagore says:

    LMBO…seriously only three letters are need…JZB…sorry young fella…

  34. Joanna says:

    Barrons is going to win….so Barrons all the way

  35. Kristi says:


  36. Katamano says:

    Way to go Barrons!!!!

  37. Alicia says:

    I am disappointed that Bones didn’t 🙁 win the last round!! But BARRONS is definitely the Alpha!! No question JZB all the way!! 😀

  38. Marulett says:

    BARRONS all the wayyy!!!! We want that scene!!

  39. cher says:

    as much as i liked Jace, gotta go with Barrons. the only other characters i can think of that are even close to Barrons is Acheron and Stryker from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunters

    • Sobriquet says:

      Hear hear! If Acheron had been in this fight then I would have convulsed. That would be like choosing whether to breath my first or my last. Either way I was losing something.

    • Lana says:

      I feel you. It would be hard to chose between Ash and Barrons.

    • Pauline says:

      Oh, agree completely … what a showdown that would have been!

    • Dailyn says:

      Wow I was thinking the same thing. I am surprised that Acheron did not make it in this category.

    • TLS says:

      Ash and Barrons would have been a heck of a battle, but I would think Barrons would edge him out. Ash has too much morals to play as dirty as Barrons would.

      • Sobriquet says:

        Perhaps, but playing dirty isn’t what makes someone alpha. Ash is a godkiller. His destruction would mean the end of the world. How much more top dog is that? Don’t get me wrong, it would be painful to choose between the two, but thinking about strictly character wise… I think Ash might have to take it. I selflessly offer myself up as a consolation prize to whoever loses that competition, though. I win either way. 😀

  40. naomi says:

    JZB all the way, baby! Sorry, Jace, but you have much growing up to do in order to come even close to Barrons. 🙂

  41. Orey says:

    I’m a Barron’s Babe all the way!Jace needs to become a man first. And Cher, I agree with you!

  42. Elenariel says:

    You have to ask?! Barrons!!!

  43. Marcie says:

    There was never a contest to begin with 😉
    Barrons.. there is no one else

  44. ValHallaGirl says:

    Nobody can beat Barrons!

  45. cibele says:

    I like Jace, but this showdown is kinda funny. Barrons wins it hands down.

  46. Barrons is IT! Considering that this isn’t even tough (since BONES should have been in this contest with Barrons, NOT Jace), JZB is the ONLY way to go!

  47. Cay says:

    The KID doesn’t stand a chance

  48. Beth says:

    This would be a harder choice if Bones had made it to the final round. But honestly, Barrons versus JACE? It’s not even a fair fight!

  49. Cindu Sullivan says:

    Barrons..Barrons ..Barrons for sure!!!!!!!

  50. Jamie F. says:

    This is almost an insult…. Jace is a child… As barrons would say…. Just out of diapers. BARRONS!!! All the man I need.

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