Alpha Showdown Round 12: Eric Northman vs. Kate Daniels


Alpha Showdown 2012 at Vampire Book ClubBoth Eric Northman and Kate Daniels were able to take out foes with formidable fandoms in their first matches, but how will they fare against each other in the Alpha Showdown Round 12?

Viking vampire Eric Northman was able to slay a member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (Tohrment).

Kate Daniels took out ultimate enforcer Terrible.

Fangs or blade will take one of these two onward in the Showdown. You get to decide who gets the prize.

Read the pitches, then make the call. Who should advance to the next round in the Alpha Showdown? The poll at the end of this post will be open for two days (closing at 11:59 p.m. CST on May 26). Remember, alphas don’t share titles. Your votes decide who advances in the Alpha Showdown 2012.


Eric Northman

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine HarrisYou know him/her from: The Southern Vampire Mysteries (a.k.a. the Sookie Stackhouse books) by Charlaine Harris
First appeared in: Dead Until Dark (Buy it at Amazon)

Supernatural status: Vampire

Championed by: Kate from I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read! | @sithereandread

Luscious blonde flowing hair? Check. Piercing blue eyes? Check. Tall and broad shouldered? Check. One whose ass could win an international butt competition? Check, check, oh, hell yes, Check! But besides his drool-worthy good looks, this born alpha was a Viking in his human years, bringing his cockiness and strength to his undead status as a 1,000 year-old vampire.

And! He can fly! (How cool is that?)

His day–er–night job is Sheriff of Area Five in Louisiana. His status gives him quite a lot of power in the area, but keeps most of his time open for running the vampire bar Fangtasia. Eric Northman takes anything and anyone he wants. But in the case of Sookie Stackhouse, he wants more. He loves the only way he knows how to and gives her anything she wants, including her mortality.

So let’s recap: Strong, hot (hot hot!), able to fly, man with a job (hard to come by nowadays), and he has the capability of actually loving someone. This man is the epitome of an alpha so I encourage you to vote for the baddest and best vampire out there.

Kate Daniels

Magic Bites by Ilona AndrewsWhere you know her from: Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews
First appeared in: Magic Bites (VBC review, Buy it at Amazon)

Supernatural status: Magic-wielding badass

Championed by: Julie from Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks

Kate Daniels is the ultimate Alpha. Really that is all I should have to say to convince you, but I know that it is part of our makeup as human beings to doubt what is said to us outright – that it is in our nature to require more information before deciding on anything important. And seeing that choosing only one Alpha *whispers “Kate”* is probably the most important verdict you will have to make this year, I will grant you what you need: I will tell you exactly why Kate is the only Alpha and I will do so so thoroughly that you will not have a single doubt in your mind.

When you think Alpha, you think strong, loyal, dependable, smart and willing to die to guard those they are sworn to protect. Kate is all those things and more.

She can battle the creepiest vampires, monsters and deities you will ever see. She is loyal almost to a fault; throwing herself into impossible situations because she sees a threat to someone she cares for. Hell, she would die to protect even those she didn’t know just because she felt that standing up and fighting is the best thing to do. She has walked through fire and even stabbed herself in the stomach because it was the best way to save those around her. And if she wants an opponent dead, they will be dead, pure and simple. She is a skilled fighter and one of the most (if not the most) powerful magic users around. Her Power words are scary they are so potent. On top of all that, she has the entire shifter population bowing down to her as she is already their Alpha through being Curran’s mate.

Think about it: She has fought twenty-two shifters to keep Curran in his rightful place as Alpha. That’s no easy feat considering shifters are crazy badasses. So what does it make you if you conquered 22? The Ultimate Alpha that’s what!

I mentioned that she is Curran’s mate. She is a force to be reckoned with on her own, but with Curran by her side, she is even more unstoppable. She never uses him as a crutch nor does she rely on him to help her save the world – she can do that all by herself thank you very much. It’s just nice to have her BFF Andrea and her mate Curran by her side for support sometimes. She is loyal to them therefore they are loyal to her and they would walk into battle just because she asked them too. That right there is proof that she is an amazing woman and that she is capable of leading.

Men want to fuck her, women want to be her. She is fair and just. She can make you laugh and she can bring you to your knees. She is unbreakable, trustworthy, strong and totally kick ass. When voting, she is the best choice. The only choice. Why?

*queue lightning strikes and thunder claps*

Because she is Kate Daniels and she IS the ultimate Alpha!

What, too much? Never.


46 Responses to “Alpha Showdown Round 12: Eric Northman vs. Kate Daniels”

  1. Hannah says:

    KATE! Because she made a goddess back off in fear and spends her time dealing with Curran. C’mon. Anyone who can deal with Curran, regularly, and make him see reason and even back down? Bad. Ass.

    • Julie says:

      And her dearest Daddy created vampires, don’t forget that.

    • Curran says:

      Dear Hannah!
      What do you mean…. dealing with Curran?
      I am the sweetest, most affable, friendliest, most fluffy person ever! 😉

      • Hannah says:

        Your Affableness, I am sorry if I offend Your Majestic Fluffiness, but it is a sad fact of life that ripping the limbs off a person in enthusiastic greeting, excessive roaring to display your enthusiasm and erm, waiting in someone’s home in order to surprise them for the sheer joy of making them happy -because who would fail to be pleased to see you?- can make dealing with you just a touch trying.

        I, on the other hand, think you’re adorable. Here kitty, kitty…

      • Caro says:

        Yes, you are.

    • Curran says:

      It’s my pleasure! <3 (Bring some milk next time)

      • Hannah says:

        Your wish, my command. But only is I can scratch behind your ears and rub your furry belly.

        Oh, and apropos of nothing, I totally read the champion @sithereandread as sith era android. Re read it and read sith era read. It took me a few tries to actually connect eyeballs to brain…

    • KateL. says:

      So sorry, but no behind ears scratching and no belly rubbing! ;-)MINE! (Bringing milk is OK …. he needs gallons of it!!! *grin*

      • Hannah says:

        No offense, Kate. I’m cat deprived, and the thought of a big, furry purry thing was so tempting…though admittedly, I prefer leopards and jaguars to lions. They’ve always struck me as rather lazy creatures, letting the women do all the work. (No offense your most Affable Majesty).

        Hmmm…I wonder where Jim is…*goes off of a cat hunt*

  2. marina says:

    (you got the meaning)

  3. Random Thoughts says:

    Blood magic. Sword fights. Magic. Shifters. Daddy issues. Witches. Vampires. Smart mouth. Attitude. Fights, fights, fights.
    What else do you need?

  4. Alison Robinson says:

    Yep, I used to love Eric (not so much in the last book – but then that could be said about the book as a whole IMHO) but Kate kicks ass and she tames Curran (yum)

  5. KateL says:

    Eric? Who is Eric? LOL

  6. Hanne says:

    I definitely used to like Eric, but he has nothing on Kate. Kate is just WOW 😉 She should win this whole thing, although she probably will lose against Curran even if she is more bad ass than him.

  7. Elenariel says:

    Defintely Miss Beast Lady!!

  8. Lege Artis says:

    Oh, come on! Kate can take Eric any time! Kate all the way!

  9. Melliane says:

    Even if Eric is a great character he compete be against Kate. Really, my choice for kate!

  10. Samina says:

    Even if Eric is hot I love Kate more.

  11. CdnMrs says:

    No contest, Kate!!

  12. Juliette says:

    Oh Eric, I love you, but Kate would kick your ass!

  13. Aneso says:

    Kate of course !

  14. Asfandancer says:

    Women heroins OMG, I hate books that feature strong women. Give me a gorgeous man any day, and Eric Northman is the bomb.

  15. Mariya says:

    This isn’t really a contest. Kate all the way! DUH!

  16. MsGhoulez says:

    Kate would kick his ass without using any of her powers. With her powers she would be able to control him. She is a necromancer and she has the use of power words. She would be able to take on everyone on this list.

  17. trixie says:

    Easy one…Kate pilots vamps…Eric would be her beyotch

  18. KATE DANIELS!!! Duuuuhhhh.

  19. Vikki says:

    I think considering she can take a big, roaring, angry Beast Lord and turn him into a cute purring little kitty, the lovely Kate will have no problems knocking Eric Northman on his arse 🙂

    Kate gets my vote!

  20. Shau'ri says:

    Voted for Kate!! I LOVE Eric but… Kate kicks some serious ass and she could take Eric down for sure. She’s can bend blod to her will…nough said!

  21. wont says:

    Kate could stomp Eric into viking dust! Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate….OK, you get it!

  22. Shelli says:

    I didn’t belive Eric’s losing over a stupid girl. Eric’s freaking 1000 yrs old & KILL EVERY BODY IS GET HIS WAY!!!!

    • Artem says:

      Kate’s blood has the power on tens of thousands of years. Poor viking would’ve been dead if he came anywhere near her blood. And let’s be honest here: screwing and sucking blood is all great Eric has been reduced to by Harris.

    • Keira says:

      Have you read the Kate Daniels series? Kate is DEFINITELY not some “stupid girl”. As Artem said, she can blend blood to her will, plus dozens of other badass powers. But Kate also has heart, a trait that’s valuable in an alpha and she’ll fight for anything she believes is right. Compassionate.

      She’s way more than a “stupid girl”.

  23. Jessica says:


  24. Felicity says:

    Come for the Eric, vote for the Kate. She sounds to me like a grade A hard-ass. Another stack to the TBR pile…

  25. Mel says:

    Eric I love you, I do, but girl power all the way!!!

  26. Chris Bails says:

    Definately Eric. I love the Sookie series and love the show.

  27. Juliette says:

    Can I just say, Kate Daniels used a vampire for a hole puncher! Kate Daniels wins every time!

  28. Julia L. says:

    Vore for Kate!!!

  29. Marina says:

    Kate is Kicking Viking ass!…….

  30. Kelly says:


  31. Lege Artis says:

    Oh, it’s not fair… If Kate win this, in next round is against Curran 🙁

  32. What have I learned from all this? I now have too many books on my TBR pile and I need to get off my rump and finish Magic Bites already! 😉

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